February 9, 2012 

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Greetings from Kindle Nation and BookLending.com!  


Once or twice a month we share a specially handpicked list of Five-Star Fiction chosen from the clients of bestselling author M.J. Rose, and today we're especially proud to suggest six titles that have already proven to be favorites among our growing community of the greatest readers in the world.

Some of these authors are household names like Kristin Hannah and Lisa Scottoline, and others are writers you may have yet to discover. We won't hit you over the head with a lot of verbiage, but we hope to offer just the right combination to whet your reading appetite with brief excerpts, reviews, and personal notes from the authors.


Steve Windwalker of Kindle Nation and 

Catherine MacDonald of BookLending.com



All rights reserved. No part of any excerpt included here may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.     

Julie Compton
by Avery Aames, $7.99
on Kindle: Click here to download a free sample or the entire book

 "Clobbered by Camembert...is deliciously fast-paced!"  


--Julie Hyzy, nationally bestselling author of the White House Chef Mysteries   


by Avery Aames
5.0 stars
Text-to-Speech: Enabled


A Note to Readers from the Author


Dear Reader:


Say cheese! CLOBBERED BY CAMEMBERT, the third tasty installment in the Agatha Award-winning, nationally bestselling A Cheese Shop Mystery series, comes out February 7th. Unexpected visitors, rumors of small-town urbanization, and a good man wrongfully accused pits cheese shop owner Charlotte Bessette against a killer willing to clobber her to bury the truth.


One of my main aims when writing this series is to touch on what it means to be part of a family. Charlotte loves the grandparents who raised her, but she also adores her extended family-her cousin, his daughters, her friends and coworkers. I hope you enjoy this aspect of each book. And I hope you take pleasure in all my "personal sacrifice" when researching the cheeses and foods I've included in each book. LOL


All my best,

Avery Aames 



Excerpt from the Book 


"I thought I'd seen a ghost, Charlotte," Matthew said.


"It wasn't Chip." I popped off the lid of another Tupperware box of decorations we had lugged from The Cheese Shop. "Chip lives in France, not Providence."


"He was blond, broad-shouldered, and fast."


"So are you."


"I'm telling you, the guy could run. What if it was him?"


I blew a stray hair off my face. "My ex-fiancé is not loping through the Winter Wonderland faire in the middle of February. Last I heard, he hated winter." And hated me, but that was water over the falls.


"I worry that he'll hurt-"


"It wasn't him. We have tourists. Lots and lots of tourists. One looked like him, that's all." A fog of breath wisped out of my mouth.



*     *     *




"[A] lovely Tour de Fromage. It's not Gouda, it's great!"


--Lorna Barrett, New York Times bestselling author


SCOTTOLINE   SAVE ME by Lisa Scottoline

SAVE ME by Lisa Scottoline,
on Kindle: Click here to download a free sample or the entire book
"A white-hot crossover novel about the perils of mother love . . . Scottoline shifts gears at every curve with the cool efficiency of a NASCAR driver."

--Kirkus Reviews
by Lisa Scottoline
Text-to-Speech: Enabled


A Note to Readers from the Author  


Dear Reader,


Thank you and a great big hug for giving my book a chance!    


I love being a writer and feel so very lucky, but being a mother is what is most important to me, and at its heart, SAVE ME is an emotional thriller that explores the power of mother love.    


In SAVE ME, Rose McKenna volunteers as lunch mom in her daughter's elementary school to keep watch over her bullied daughter. When the unthinkable happens, Rose must make a split-second, no-win decision that will alter her life and her family forever.    


The New York Times raves "you could get whiplash just turning a page."  


As a thank you, I'm giving away 20 free copies of SAVE ME, along with a classic tote bag from one of my previous books. Just write to me at lisa@scottoline.com to win.




*     *     *


 Excerpt from the Book  


Rose faced the table. "Amanda," she began, dialing back her tone. "You have to understand that teasing is bullying. Words can hurt as much as a punch."


"You're not allowed to yell at me! Mrs. Douglas said!"


Rose blinked, surprised. She'd be damned if she'd be intimidated by somebody in a Hannah Montana headband. "I'm not yelling at you," she said calmly.


"I'm going to recess!" Amanda jumped to her feet, startling Emily and Danielle.


Suddenly something exploded in the kitchen. A searing white light flashed in the kitchen doorway. Rose turned toward the ear-splitting boom! The kitchen wall flew apart, spraying shards of tile, wood, and wallboard everywhere.


A shockwave knocked Rose off her feet. A fireball billowed into the cafeteria.


And everything went black and silent.



*     *     *  


 Praise for Save Me    


"Are you a good mother if you save your child from disaster? What if it means sacrificing another's child? In Save Me, Lisa Scottoline walks readers into this charged moral dilemma and then takes them on an intense, breathless ride where accidents might not be accidents at all. You won't be able to put this one down."

--Jodi Picoult


"An emotionally riveting novel that explores the depths of one mother's love for her daughter. Powerful, provocative, and page-turning!"

--Emily Giffin

  CARLISLE  ONE BOOK in the GRAVE by Kate Carlisle

ONE BOOK IN THE GRAVE by Kate Carlisle,
on Kindle: Click here to download a free sample or the entire book

"A terrific read for those who are interested in the book arts."  


--Library Journal (starred review for Murder Under Cover)  


by Kate Carlisle
5.0 stars
Text-to-Speech: Enabled


A Note to Readers from the Author  


ONE BOOK IN THE GRAVE is the fifth book in my Bibliophile Mystery series. In it, bookbinder Brooklyn's chance to restore a rare edition of Beauty and the Beast seems a fairy tale come true-until she realizes the book once belonged to an old friend who died under mysterious circumstances. Brooklyn tracks down the book dealer who last sold the prized Beauty, but finds him murdered. Now Brooklyn must unravel a murder plot-before she ends up in a plot herself.


A lifelong fascination with the art and craft of bookbinding led me to write the Bibliophile Mysteries, featuring Brooklyn Wainwright, whose bookbinding and restoration skills invariably uncover old secrets, treachery and murder.




  *     *     *


 Excerpt from the Book  


Something glimmering caught my eye and my curiosity got the best of me. I grabbed hold of the back of the chair. Using its weight as leverage to keep from stepping too close to the body, I got a better look at the shiny object.


It was a bloody knife, oddly shaped, with a short wood handle and a four-inch squared off steel blade. I recognized it as a type of shearing knife used by bookbinders and papermakers. It was sturdy and inexpensive and sharp. I knew because I had several of my own that were identical to this one.


  *     *     *  


 Praise for One Book in the Grave 


"I only began reading cozy's last year and Kate Carlisle's Bibliophile mysteries was one of the series that got me hopelessly addicted to the genre. There isn't a single thing about this series that I don't love. From the characters to the unique plot lines, I can't get enough of these books. Murder Under Cover is the fourth book in this wonderful series and I couldn't devour it fast enough. The mish-mash of eccentric characters, from Brooklyn's hippie commune parents to Derek's secret spy past and Gabriel's mysterious origins, will have you feeling like you're visiting with your own friends and family. They will keep you hooked and craving more. As someone who loves books, learning about book binding is just the cherry on top of this perfect sundae. I hope this series has a very long run because I haven't nearly started getting enough of it!"

--Fresh Fiction

  FORMAN  BOCA DAZE by Steven M. Forman

BOCA DAZE by Steven M. Forman, $12.99 on Kindle:

"This novel is long on clever dialogue and character development. Mystery readers of all stripes will like what they find here."   


--Booklist (on Boca Mournings)



by Steven M. Forman
5.0 stars - 1 Reviews
Text-to-Speech: Enabled

A Note to Readers from the Author

Dear Readers,


It's 2006 and sixty one year old ex cop Eddie 

Perlmutter still fights crime. In Boca Daze he confronts a LibertyCity drug dealer and investigates an assault on a homeless man that leads to a corrupt Catholic priest. He attacks Florida's disgraceful pill mill industry and goes after the perpetrator of the largest Ponzi scheme in history. He tries to save sea turtles in his spare time using his Glock handgun proving it's never too late to be involved



Writing about Eddie is like reporting on a hurricane-not everything is destroyed but a lot gets blown away.


I'm giving ten books to ten readers who write me at smtp@formanmail.com. Eddie and I hope you win.






*     *     *

An Excerpt from the Novel 


Gunshots split the air and the crowd cringed. Big Dog saw the badly beaten white kid who hadn't been driving stagger backward with blood spurting from his body. When the barrage of bullets stopped, the boy crumbled to the street like a bag of bloody laundry. Big Dog didn't care. He felt nothing except for a sharp pain in his chest. He looked down.


Aw shit.


The front of his Overtown Outlaws gang jacket was leaking blood. He's been hit by a stray bullet.


Now that ain't fair.


Big Dog fell to his knees, crumbled face on the pavement and died. He was twenty one.


*     *     *


Praise for BOCA DAZE:


"The incomparable Eddie Perlmutter returns for another wild and wicked thrill ride across Boca Raton and beyond. I love this guy-and this series."


--Douglas Preston, author of Impact on Boca Mournings


"Boca Mournings is a riotous, ribald look into the wacky world of South Florida. Not since Hiaasen has anyone captured the pothole-marred, driving-impaired, and geriatric-dominated zaniness as well as the new master of the comic crime novel Steve Forman."


--Jon Land, bestselling author of The Seven Sins


"Mystery fans who like their operatives macho with an offbeat sense of humor will certainly enjoy this book and look forward to the next in the series."


--Library Journal on Boca Knights

 OKIMOTO   WALTER'S MUSE by Jean Davies Okimoto
by Jean Davies Okimoto. $6.99 on Kindle:

Click here to download a free sample or the entire book 

"...a delightful story told with wit and charm."



by Jean Davies Okimoto
5.0 stars - 1 Reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled


A Note to Readers from the Author


Dear Reader,    


I had so much fun writing about Maggie, a retired librarian. When she moves to an island in Puget Sound she meets Walter, a recovering alcoholic children's author who has a history with Maggie they would each like to forget¬¬--but a startling new chapter begins. Not only does her wealthy sister arrive uninvited with a disturbing announcement, but she finds herself entangled with Walter and the peaceful days she imagined seem more like navigating white water.


With all good wishes!

Jeanie Okimoto



   * * * 

An Excerpt from the Novel


By the third time Maggie heard the wail, she was convinced she'd really better check on Walter. At first she hadn't been too concerned; the odd noise sounded a bit like the foghorn on the Tacoma Narrows Bridge only with a higher note, like a falsetto foghorn. Maybe they'd been working on it and the horn had ended up with a higher pitch, maybe they'd installed some type of new fancy digital equipment. Or would it be analog?


She got all that sort of thing mixed up and frankly didn't know the difference. Then Maggie looked out at the water and realized this didn't make sense. There wasn't any fog.



 *     *     *  


Praise for Walter's Muse:


For those who believe in second chances in love and life...I hated to finish the last page.




Walter's Muse...revives in all of us a lust for life...


--Nina Sankovitch, HUFFINGTON POST, readallday.org author of Tolstoy and the Purple Chair



Okimoto portrays lightly and humorously the regenrative power of friendship: a joy to read!


--Rayna Holtz, Ret. librarian, KING COUNTY LIBRARY SYSTEM 


  HANNAH HOME FRONT by Kristin Hannah
HOME FRONT by Kristin Hannah,

$12.99 on Kindle:

Click here to download a free sample or the entire book. 


"Hannah's latest is a moving and realistic portrait of a complex and enduring friendship."   


--Booklist on Firefly Lane

by Kristin Hannah
4.3 stars - 53 Reviews
Text-to-Speech: Enabled


A Note to Readers, from the Author 



Dear Reader,


HOME FRONT is a timely and intimate look at the price of deployment on an American family. I really believe that HOME FRONT is the best and most emotional book I've ever written; it explores big emotions and big themes: love, honor, duty, commitment, and sacrifice. It's about doing our best and doing the right thing in the face of incredible odds. I hope you enjoy it!


I'm also giving away ten signed copies of HOME FRONT. For your chance to win, email sarah.goldstein@stmartins.com


Kristin Hannah


* * * 


An Excerpt from the Novel


From a distance, Michael and Joleen Zarkades seem to have it all: strong marriage, careers, children. But after twelve years together, the couple has lost their way. Then the Iraq war starts. An unexpected deployment will tear their already fragile family apart, sending one of them deep into harm's way and leaving the other home, waiting for news. An dramatic & intimate look at the inner landscape of a disintegrating marriage and the price of war on a single American family, HOME FRONT a provocative and timely portrait of hope, honor, loss, forgiveness, and the elusive nature of love.


 *     *     *  


Praise for Home Front:


"[A] rich, multilayered reading experience, and...an easy recommendation for book clubs."


--Library Journal, starred review on Night Road



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