October 2011

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We always keep our promises.

In fact, we try to over-deliver.

When we began our special monthly Five-Star Fiction newsletter with bestselling author M.J. Rose earlier this year, we made two promises:
  • first, and foremost, that we would share a small number of carefully chosen titles with you each week to help you separate the schlock from what rocks among the thousands of titles that are published every month; and
  • second, that we would never say goodbye without sharing a parting treat.
So, on #2, you'll have to read all the way to the end to see some (that's right, multiple) parting treats we have in store for you this month. (Hint: it will be worth it.)

But we can get started right away on #1 with some of our best selections ever of new Five-Star Fiction titles for a wide range of reading tastes:

Steve Windwalker of Kindle Nation and 

Catherine MacDonald of BookLending.com


P.S. - When we used that ubiquitous "bestselling" adjective above to describe our Five-Star Fiction partner M.J. Rose, we could of course have been talking about any number of her past books. But in fact we're referencing a major event for suspense readers: her release earlier this week of In Session: Dr. Morgan Snow with Steve Berry's Cotton Malone, Lee Child's Jack Reacher & Barry Eisler's John Rain. As we said even before the book came out, it doesn't get any better than this for suspense readers on Kindle. 


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WHERE ALL THE DEAD LIE by J.T. Ellison, just $5.25 on Kindle: Click here to download a free sample or the entire book

"JT Ellison gets her Hitchcock on, expertly ratcheting up the tension, twisting her finely honed plot, and just plain messing with her characters' heads until the superbly explosive end. Not to be missed!"  


- Lisa Gardner, #1 NYT bestselling author of LOVE YOU MORE





by J.T. Ellison
4.7 stars - 10 Reviews
Kindle Price: $5.25 

A Note to Readers from the Author


Dear Readers: 


Inspired by both Daphne Du Maurier's Rebecca and the Brother's Grimm The Snow Queen, this story shows a different side to my Nashville based

J.T. Ellison
J.T. Ellison

homicide detective. On September 14, 2009, I heard a song called "Welcome to England," by Tori Amos, and as I listened to the lyrics, I saw Taylor Jackson stepping off a plane at Heathrow into the waiting arms of James "Memphis" Highsmythe, the Viscount Dulsie. But what in the world could drive Taylor away from her home,   

her job, and her fiancÚ, FBI Profiler Dr. John Baldwin?

And how can Taylor trust Memphis, the man who has made his intentions toward her quite clear-he'd love to love her. Is his invitation for her to recuperate from a debilitating gunshot wound at his family home, an estate in the Scottish Highlands, sincere? Or is there an ulterior motive at work, one that could drive Taylor to the very edges of sanity?

A haunted castle, a forbidden love, and the past closing in... is Taylor losing her mind, or is someone, or something, out to get her?
Happy Reading!

All best,


Excerpt from the Book 


The Highlands
Dulsie Castle
December 22
A letter fragment from Nashville Homicide Lieutenant Taylor Jackson to her best friend, Dr. Samantha Owens Loughley

Dear Sam,

There's no doubt anymore. I'm losing my mind. The shooting is haunting me. I'm not sure how much longer I can stand to go on like this, trapped under glass, trapped away from everyone. I'm lost.

The walls here speak. Disconcerting at times, but at others, it's a comfort. The ceilings dance in the candlelight, and the floors shimmer and ripple with my every step. The mist settles like an icy shawl across the mountain's shoulders, and the road I walk grows close, like it's planning to share a secret.

I feel them all around me. All the missing and the gone. I can't see them, except for late at night, when I'm supposed to be asleep. Then they push in on me from all sides, stealing my breath. The room grows cold and the warnings begin.... 

"In my next life, I'd like to come back as my dog."


*     *     *


Praise for Where All the Dead Lie:


 "The growing suspense will keep readers glued..."
- Publishers Weekly

"WHERE ALL THE DEAD LIE is riveting! J.T. Ellison is in top form with this stunning novel of psychological suspense. WHERE ALL THE DEAD LIE is atmospheric, emotional, eerie and impossible to put down."
- Carla Neggers, NYT bestselling author of SAINT'S GATE

"This is one of those novels that grips you from the very first page. Excellent and intriguing with full-blown characters that come alive. It's a novel not to be missed."
- Heather Graham, NYT bestselling author of Ghost Walk

"What J.T. Ellison has done with the city in her award-winning Taylor Jackson books is magnificent... Lovers of mystery and suspense fiction could not ask for more." 
- Bookreporter  

 CARIOUSIXTY FIVE ROSES by Heather Summerhayes Cariou
Sixtyfive Roses
SIXTYFIVE ROSES by Heather Summerhayes Cariou, just $9.99 on Kindle: Click here to download a free sample or the entire book


"... Read this book.  Your life will never be the same."   

~ Storycircle Network



by Heather Summerhayes Cariou
4.7 stars - 23 Reviews

A Note to Readers from the Author


Dear Reader,
Heather Summerhayes Cariou 
Heather Summerhayes Cariou

When I was 6, and my sister Pam was 4, she was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis (which she pronounced "Sixtyfive Roses") a chronic, life-threatening genetic illness.  I promised to die with her.  When she'd lived to the age of 10, she promised me she would never give up.  Through the ensuing years, until she died at 26, she taught me how to live.  As she lay dying, she made me promise to write the story of what we had lived through together.  I hope this book inspires you to live your life fully, and to never give up!

Heather Summerhayes Cariou


from the Book....  


"I live where the river meets the sea, where push comes to shove, where love and anguish, blame and forgiveness, laughter and sorrow converge on the way to understanding."


*     *     *


Praise for Sixtyfive Roses:


     ...an astounding testament to the strength of family, but also to the reality of illness and a person's spiritual growth... ~ Miriam Greenspan, author of "Healing Through the Dark Emotions" 
by Paul Grossman,  $9.99 on Kindle:  

"The Sleepwalkers roars through 1932 Berlin like a Messerschmitt fighter."  


--Gregg Hurwitz, New York Times bestselling author 

by Paul Grossman
4 stars - 36 Reviews

A Note to Readers from the Author


Dear Reader:
Paul Grossman
It's the last days of the Weimar Republic. Beautiful girls are disappearing... sleepwalking through the streets of Berlin. Willi Krausmay be the most famous detective in Germany--but he's a Jew. And the Nazis are on the rise. He's seen some awful things in life. Fought behind enemylines. Captured serial killers. But his forays into the upper echelons of the Nazi Party lead to discoveries that shock even him....

... the darkest recesses of human depravity.

For a chance to win one of five free, signed copies and a special gift, please contact me through www.paulgrossmanwriter.com!

My very best to you. I hope you enjoy!

Paul Grossman

*     *     *


Praise for The Sleepwalkers:


 "A thrilling mystery" Washington Post

"A riveting debut novel" Boston Globe

Kirkus, Best Debut Fiction of 2010

NPR, Best Mystery list 2010

Library Journal, starred review

 "With wonderful stories like these to tell, Paul Grossman is assured a long future." --Olen Steinhauer, New York Times bestselling author 


 THE CONFESSIONS OF CATHERINE DE MEDICI by C.W. Gortner, $11.99 on Kindle:
Click here to download a free sample or the entire book

"Alison Weir and Philippa Gregory fans will devour this!"  


- Book List

by C.W. Gortner
4.4 stars - 58 Reviews

C.W. Gortner

Dear Reader,

She is known as history's villainess, the evil queen-mother who poisoned her enemies and oversaw a massacre. But, what if there is more to her story?

In THE CONFESSIONS OF CATHERINE DE MEDICI I reveal a far more fascinating, intimate side to one of history's most controversial and powerful queens, from her tumultuous youth as a papal pawn to her gift of second sight, her fight to safeguard France, and her secret passion for a man she must destroy. Filled with intrigue and opulence, told in the voice of a complex, engaging woman, you will be captivated by Catherine and her world.

C.W. Gortner

An Excerpt from the Novel 


 I am not a sentimental woman.

Even during my youth I wasn't given to melancholia or remorse. I rarely looked back, rarely paused to mark the passage of time. Some would say I do not know the meaning of regret. Indeed, if my enemies are to be believed, my unblinking eyes stare always forward, focused on the future; on the next war to fight; the next son to exalt; the next enemy to vanquish.

How little they know me. How little anyone knows me. Perhaps it was ever my fate to dwell alone in the myth of my own life, to bear witness to the legend that has sprung around me like some venomous bloom. I have been called murderess and opportunist, savior and victim. And along the way, become far more than was ever expected of me, even if loneliness was always present, like a faithful hound at my heels.

The truth is, none of us are innocent.

We all have sins to confess.

*     *     *


Praise for The Confessions of Catherine de Medici:


"Alison Weir and Philippa Gregory fans will devour this!"
- Book List

"Engrossing . . . an epic novel of an all-too-human woman."

 - Sandra Gulland, author of the Josephine B. Trilogy


$11.99 on Kindle:

Click here to download a free sample or the entire book  


"If Dennis Lehane was from Detroit, Motor City Shakedown is the book he'd write."


--Steve Hamilton, Edgar-Award winning author of The Lock Artist



by D. E. Johnson
5 stars - 10 Reviews


D.E. Johnson 


A Note to Readers, from the Author 


Dear Reader,

The Gianolla gang is waging a shotgun war with the Adamos for control of the rackets in 1912 Detroit, and they want Will Anderson's help. Motivation isn't a problem --Vito Adamo was an accomplice in the murder of Will's friend, and the Gianollas have sworn to kill Will's loved ones if he doesn't set Adamo up.

But the Gianollas want more - a lot more - and Will can't deliver.

Based on real-life events, Motor City Shakedown continues the series started with the award-winning The Detroit Electric Scheme, one of Booklist's Ten Best First Crime Novels of 2010.

D.E. Johnson


An Excerpt from the Novel



Sunday, August 6, 1911

My left index finger traced the shape of the little morphine bottle
through the outside of my trouser pocket. Nearly two hours had
passed since my last dose. Even though the pain in my right hand was
tolerable and my mind was still enveloped in the delicious fuzziness of
the opiate, I'd been fighting with myself for the last fifteen minutes--
one more taste before Moretti showed? I might not get another chance
for a while. But I couldn't take too much. I had to be sharp.


 *     *     *  


Praise for Motor City Shakedown:


"The scenes of Motor City, riding high on the industrial wave, are extraordinarily vivid-and best viewed from the front seat of one of those very snazzy cars . . ."
--Marilyn Stasio, The New York Times Book Review
 BARDBRAINRUSH by Richard Bard
BRAINRUSH by Richard Bard,Just 99 Cents on Kindle: 

Click here to download a free sample or the entire book  


"A terrifically entertaining thriller with three finely executed set pieces strung together with nice characterization."


- Publishers Weekly

by Richard Bard
4.8 stars - 92 Reviews


A Note to Readers, from the Author 


Dear Reader,
Richard Bard 

I was astounded to learn that there are a growing number of cases where ordinary people suffer a head injury and then immediately develop incredible mental abilities-like photographic memory, math skills, or artistic talents.

Doesn't that mean those "gifts" lie dormant in all of us just waiting to be unlocked?  When I discovered that scientists are developing ways tap into those abilities organically, the concept grabbed hold of my imagination.

What would it be like to be "gifted" with the flip of a switch? And what would happen if the wrong people had that technology? Brainrush was born.

Richard Bard 


An Excerpt from the Novel



One of the doctors said, "We are close, signore. Very close. But I'm afraid we'll need to examine another autistic subject before the next implant."
Battista was irritated by the doctor's cavalier attitude regarding an exam that would surely prove fatal to the child subject. But he chose to ignore the man's absence of compassion, at least for now. The more serious problem lay in the fact that finding the ideal set of traits in a candidate was getting more and more difficult.

They were running out of children.

 *     *     *  


Praise for Brainrush:

"Brainrush explores the bonds of friendship while pushing the boundaries of science, creating a compelling, action-packed thriller with a climax that's a knock-out!"
- CJ Lyons, New York Times Best-Selling Author

"A terrifically entertaining thriller with three finely executed set pieces strung together with nice characterization. Especially successful is Bronson, an amiable, low-key tough guy able to rescue his princess, survive brutality, and retain a sense of humor."
- Publishers Weekly




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