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January is National Stalking Awareness Month
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Women Helping Women 
Changing the World One Woman at a Time.
Women for Women International provides women survivors of war, civil strife and other conflicts with the tools and resources to move from crisis and poverty to stability and self-sufficiency, thereby promoting viable civil societies. We're changing the world one woman at a time.
Women's Self-Defense Institute pledges to donate 10% of all 2010 fees to Women for Women International.
If you're interested in helping other women, visit them at Women Helping Women  .
RAD 2010 Schedule Posted

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Our 2010 Rape Aggression Defense Classes are posted. 
Issue: # 8 January 2010
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I hope that the New Year finds everyone safe and you all had a joyous holiday!
2010 will be a year of leadership for the world - our individual search for it as well as our personal struggles to achieve it.  This is a year of personal growth and taking control of our own lives and circumstances.
At Women's Self-Defense Institute, we can help you take control of your personal safety, whether it's in-person training, webinars, online training or dvds/books, we have something for each of you.
Take advantage of what we have to offer you and become the leader of your own destiny and safety in 2010! 
Yours in Empowerment,
January is National Stalking Awareness Month
January is National Stalking Awareness Month, a time toNational Stalking Awareness Month focus on a dangerous crime that affects 3.4 million victims in one year. This year's theme, "Stalking: Know It. Name It. Stop It.," summons the nation to fight stalking by learning more about it. Stalking can happen to anyone, not just celebrities. And it's a crime in all 50 states. Stalkers are hard to stop, and they may hurt or even kill their victims.

The more you know about stalking, the more you can do to stop it. For more information, call or visit our website or visit Stalking Awareness Month.

Workout of the Month - The Card Toss
Silver CoinsLooking for some excitement?
I don't know about you, but I get pretty bored with the same workouts and the same routines everyone else is doing in the gym. 
I thought I'd add a new feature every month to help keep you motivated and focused in staying in shape during the winter months.  The goal here is to do the exercise daily for the next 31 days. 
The workout won't take you any longer than 10-15 minutes.  I would recommend doing it while you're listening to the news.  I guarantee you that you will have fun and feel great at the end of the 31 days.
So, the workout of the month is The Card Toss.  Check it out and have fun!
Weekly Self-Defense Training
Silver Coins
Thank you all for your interest in the weekly self-defense training program.  We officially kick off the training on Monday, February 1, 2010 from 6:30 - 7:30pm.  The training will be held in Edison, NJ.  The cost is $10 per week - pay as you go.
Training is structured so anyone can enter and participate in the class regardless of prior training level.

To finalize registration and ensure your spot, please register here
We look forward to seeing you.
Women's Self-Defense Institute is the national leader in educating and training women about their self defense and personal security options.  Call us for your next training or seminar needs.
Yours in Empowerment,

Angie M. Tarighi
CEO & Personal Safety Expert
Women's Self-Defense Institute
Angie M. Tarighi has been teaching women's self-defense for over 22 years. Her Certifications include:
  • 3rd Degree Black Belt in Kempo  
  • 1st Degree Black Belt in Combat Hapkido
  • Certified Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) Instructor
  • Certified International Police Defense Tactics (IPDT) Instructor
  • Certified Martial Arts Instructor - Cooper Institute
  • Certified Kid-Safe Network Instructor
  • Certified Women-Safe Network Instructor 
  • Certified Reiki Master

She is the author of "Practical Self Defense & Safety Tips for Today's Busy Female" and "5 Simple Steps to Becoming a Reiki Master."