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Our 2009 Rape Aggression Defense Classes are posted. 
Issue: # 5 April 2009 
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Spring is Here!  The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming and the days feel longer.  With all of that comes a sense of freedom as we end our hibernation and head back outdoors.
Take a peek at our Self-Defense Move of the Month against a Hair Grab.  The move is efficient and lethal.  
April is National Sexual Assault Awareness Month.  The theme for this year is Respect Works!  Each of us is able to make an impact in our own circle of influence.  Sexual Assault exists because of silence.  If you see behaviour that is unacceptable, speak up.  The more we highlight inappropriate behaviour and demand accountability, the more we will reduce its prevalance.
April also kicks of vacation season with Spring Break & Cruise Ship season.  We all experience this kind of nirvana when on vacation thinking that nothing bad can happen - it's vacation time right?  Unfortunately, that is when we are most vulnerable. Take a look at our Cruise Ship safety information and party with peace of mind.
Enjoy this month's edition.  If there is something that you would like covered, drop us a line and we'll see what we can do.
Enjoy the Spring!
Respect Works!
April is Sexual Assault Awareness MonthApril is National Sexual Assault Awareness Month.  The theme for this year is "Respect Works!"  This slogan highlights the role that respectful behavior, at both the individual and organizational levels, can play in creating and maintaining safe and healthy communities and workplaces. 
While working or on duty, U.S. employees experienced 36,500 rapes and sexual assaults from 1993 to 1999. This excludes the more than 12,000 annual reported acts of sexual harassment at work. Sexual violence that happens in the workplace is unfortunately common. All forms of sexual violence result in high costs for businesses and the economy. Sexual violence on the job correlates with decreased productivity, higher rates of absenteeism, and lower employee morale. Interrupted work, as a result of sexual violence, can also jeopardize the economic stability of individuals, families, and communities.
We hope that the 2009 campaign will serve as an opportunity for you to build partnerships with local employers, as well as a way to convey a message to the public about respectful and responsible behavior. By engaging in continuous dialogue and awareness & empowerment training, we do believe that we can make a significant impact in reducing sexual assault.
If you're interested in seminar for your employer, feel free to contact us.   

Legal Domestic Abuse eBook by Dr. Jeanne King
Silver CoinsDr. King is not only a seasoned psychologist with over 27 years of practice, but she is a domestic violence survivor and a survivor of the legal system.  She has dedicated her practice to assisting domestic violence survivors navigate the legal system and not be abused twice.
 Unfortunately, for most domestic violence survivors there's a one-two punch. One, admitting that you're a victim of domestic abuse and seeking help; and two, realizing that the "help" i.e. the legal system, is just as complicit in perpetuating the abuse.
The Legal Domestic Abuse ebook shows you the pitfalls of the system, the ploys of court agents and healthcare professionals, and the dynamics of abuse as they spill over from family to court.  If you're headed to court, then this ebook is your armour. 
We talk about Empowerment thru Education which, in self defense circles, translates to knowing your enemy.  The more you understand the process and what to expect, the more options you have in your own self-defense.  And that is what empowerment is about - creating options for success.
To learn more or to order a copy, please go to End Domestic Abuse . 
Cruise Ship Safety
Cruise Ship SecurityCruise ships are like a small city where passengers are encouraged to forget their troubles and realx once onboard ship.  It is natural for passengers on vacation to let their guard down, especially when out at seas in a resort-like setting.  My advice:  Don't let a false sense of security aboard a cruise ruin your vacation by becoming a crime victim.
So what are some of the dangers at Sea?
- Underaged drinking
- Theft at Sea
- Sexual Assaults and Rapes
- Inadequate Medical Care
- Abusive Treatment
- Passengers Overboard
Make sure on your next cruise, you have your safety card on hand to handle your Cruise SOS.
To print a copy, click here
Women's Self-Defense Institute is the national leader in educating and training women about their self defense and personal protection options. 
Call us for your next training and/or seminar needs.
Yours in Empowerment,

Angie M. Tarighi
CEO & Founder
Women's Self-Defense Institute
Sexual Assault Awareness
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Angie M. Tarighi has been teaching women's self-defense for over 22 years. Her Certifications include:
  • 3rd Degree Black Belt & Certified Instructor in Kempo  
  • 1st Degree Black Belt & Certified Instructor in Combat Hapkido
  • Certified Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) Instructor
  • Certified International Police Defense Tactics (IPDT) Instructor
  • Certified Workplace Violence Prevention Specialist
  • Certified Martial Arts Instructor - Cooper Institute
  • Certified Self-Defense Instructor
  • Certified Kid-Safe Network Instructor
  • Certified Women-Safe Network Instructor 
  • Certified Reiki Master
  • Professional Speaker

She is the author of "Practical Self Defense & Safety Tips for Today's Busy Female" and "5 Simple Steps to Becoming a Reiki Master."