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Mental Health Matters December 2007
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Helping Children Succeed In School
Groups and Seminars
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December Seminars:

Maintain Balance During the Holiday Season

The holidays can be a difficult time for many people, particularly with concerns about overextending or overindulging one's self. We will discuss strategies for dealing with a number of different issues people face during the holidays such as overeating, overspending, dealing with family, and time management.


Grief and Loss During the Holiday Season

At times the holidays can be a reminder of losses or traumatic events. We will discuss strategies for dealing with a number of issues people face related to grief and loss during the holidays.

January Groups and Seminars:

Women's Therapy Group

A variety of topics will be discussed depending on the group to include depression, general stress, relationships, and compulsive behaviors such as food, shopping, etc.


Substance Abuse Recovery Group

Are you interested in a supportive therapy group that emphasizes your personal recovery process? This group utilizes strength building and coping skill development with a focus on whole-person personal growth. We welcome people at all stages in the process of recovery with a history of any type of substance use.


Children's Social Skills Group

Through a series of fun activities, in a supportive environment, we help childrn learn social skills. Improving social skills for children who are shy, socially awkward, reserved, have difficulty making and maintaining friendships, or have behavioral problems in groups.


Parenting Dilemmas

Psychoeducational group for parents, offering expert advice on parenting issues. Runs concurrent to Social Skills Group for Children.


Finding the Voice Inside: Exploring Your Unique Feminine Spirituality

Through a series of brief, designated writing exercises, women are invited to name, honor, and explore their female experience.


Divorce Transitions Groups for Adults & Children

Aimed to help adults and children prepare for and cope with feelings related to divorce, and to begin to develop a positive outlook and plan for post-divorce life. Adult and child groups will run at same time.


Effectively Taking Care of Yourself in the New Year

We are encouraged as a society to work hard and play hard and taking time to relax is often viewed as an indulgence. Think this way no more!  In order to be your best at work and in your personal life, it is imperative that you take care of yourself, too. We will discuss effective strategies for relaxation and self-care to include exercise and diet.



Happy Holidays  

Happy Holidays
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Our Unique Location

We are very excited about our unique location! It is conveniently located just mile off I-40 near RTP and the Southpoint Mall. It is a perfect midpoint location for all areas of the Triangle, convenient to Chapel Hill, Durham, Cary, and Raleigh. And we think our facilities are as good as it gets!...


We have a host of accommodations for those we serve! While traditional talk-therapy works for most people, for those who need a different approach we have walking trails, outdoor therapy space, a pool table, a media room, and games. These resources are especially useful when serving teenagers and children and are a wonderful adjunct to our usual compilation of therapeutic games and activities. For example, the media room is useful for kids who can better express how they feel using media resources, such as DVDs, CDs, and the computer. We can also invite children (and adults!) to sit outside on the lawn and talk versus staying in the office. We back up to the American Tobacco Trail and can a walk while we talk. Some of our parents take advantage of the Trail and get their own exercise while their child is in session!


Helping Children Succeed in School

As the first part of the school year ends, many parents are faced with trying to understand their child's failing or poor grades. They face two major questions. "Why did my child fail or do so poorly?" AND "How can I ensure the rest of the year will be better?" We can help parents answer these questions.


Determining why a child failed: our comprehensive psycho-educational test battery can answer this question with certainty. Testing can distinguish between many possibilities, to include: learning disability, AD/HD, cognitive deficits, behavioral and emotional issues, giftedness, sensory-integration issues, Asperger's, sadness/depression, bi-polar, social anxiety, school anxiety, test anxiety, peer group problems, parent-child relational problems, substance abuse, sleep disorders, etc.


We use a comprehensive approach because limiting testing based on assumptions can miss the real problem. For example, most often giftedness is not considered when a child does poorly in school, but a gifted child can feel bored and start acting out and ignoring their work; AD/HD can be a conclusion drawn too soon when it could be test anxiety keeping a child from focusing; learning disorders can be missed when they are mild; etc. Also, it is sometimes a combination of factors contributing to problems at school, and a comprehensive approach allows us to identify all contributing factors, and thus design targeted, effective recommendations for intervention.


Ensuring the remainder of the year will be better: by identifying all factors contributing to the child's problems at school, we are able to design comprehensive, targeted interventions. We address interventions across settings, that is, we speak to what could be done directly with the child, what parents could do, and what teachers could do to help the child do better next semester.


We welcome phone calls and questions, and are happy to help parents determine if testing is the best course of action for their child.


(If someone you know - a client, patient, friend, colleague, or family member - might benefit from this information, Click Here for a printable PDF document of Helping Children Succeed In School.)


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