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September 2012 

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Parent and Family Programs 
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Important dates and reminders

Today: Bronco Bash


Sept 8: CommUniverCity; Bronco Football vs. Eastern Illinois


Sept. 10: Last day to drop/add classes

Last day to receive 100% refund 


Sept. 12: $100 late add fee begins

Withdrawals recorded as "W" on transcript 


Sept. 13: Last day to receive 90% refund for complete withdrawal


Sept. 17: Last day to receive 50% refund for partial withdrawal  


Sept 22: Bronco Football vs. UConn


Sept. 28: Last day to receive 50% refund for complete withdrawal 


Sept 29: Bronco Football vs. Toledo

Oct. 3: Course offerings open for viewing  


Oct. 5-6: Homecoming; Bronco Football vs. UMass 


Oct. 17: Spring semester registration begins 


Oct. 24: Last day to receive 25% refund for complete withdrawal 


Oct. 26-28: Family Weekend: Bronco Football vs. N. Illinois: Little Sibs Weekend, hosted by the WMU Residence Hall Association 


Looking Ahead  


Nov. 5: Last day to withdraw from classes


Nov. 21: Thanksgiving recess begins at noon. Residence halls open with limited service  


Nov. 26: Classes resume


Dec. 1: Last day to apply for spring semester graduation


Dec. 10-14: Final Exams Week


Dec 14: Residence halls close at 7 p.m. (will re-open on Jan. 5, 2013)

Dec. 15: Commencement

Dec. 18: Final grades available  through GoWMU late in the day

Dec. 24-Jan 1: Winter Closure Period - WMU closed except for essential services

Jan. 2: WMU resumes normal business hours

Jan. 5: Residence Halls open 10 a.m.

Jan. 7: Classes begin 8 a.m.  Tuition and fees due 


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calendar of events 


MyWMU Concierge Card

MyWMU Concierge Card
The WMU Family Connection business partner program is merging with with the MyWMU Concierge Card. As a current WMU Family Connection member, you can request a  personalized MyWMU discount card. This discount program will expand your discount opportunities when you visit Kalamazoo as well as offer additional savings.

Your WMU Family Connection membership remains your link to helpful information and date reminders.


Things to know...


What to do if your student says...

Addressing common areas of concern for new college parents and families

Being a parent or guardian may be different when your child is in college. First-year students are usually excited about their growing sense of independence, but there can be some anxiety mixed in with the anticipation. Your student will still turn to you when there is a problem, but it may hinder your student's growing independence if you take an overactive role in resolving the situation. Encourage your son or daughter to work toward solving his or her own problems, but know that your student does not have to do it alone. There is staff throughout the University who can be a resource to whom you can point your student.


Click here for valuable advice to offer your students about fitting in, peer relationships, academics, and finances.



Flu and Meningitis Vaccination Clinics    

The Sindecuse Health Center is holding six clinics this fall for Western Michigan University employees, students and retirees who want to protect themselves and the people around them from seasonal influenza and meningitis.

  Flu Patient

Flu and meningitis vaccinations also are available in Sindecuse on a walk-in basis. Protection against the H1N1 flu strain is included in the seasonal flu shot, so only one vaccination is needed.


The cost for student  flu vaccinations is $18. The cost for Meningitis shots is $108, although individual insurance plans may cover all or part of this cost.

Payment for vaccinations may be made by personal check, with cash or, in the case of students, charged to a University student account.  Sindecuse will bill insurance carriers for students who have provided insurance information. Credit card payments may be made only at the Sindecuse Health Center site.

For more information about vaccinations, click here. Questions may be directed to the center's nurse's station at (269) 387-3393.



Residence Hall Mail Service

Here is the correct way to address mail to your student:

Mail delivery cartoon


Student Name

Room # Hall Name (i.e. 125 Ackley Hall)

Kalamazoo, MI 49008-####


The "plus 4" zip code extension is specific for each hall:



Ackley/Shilling Halls.....5269

Bigelow Hall.....5449

Britton/Hadley Halls.....5270

Davis Hall.....5450

Draper Hall.....5367

Eicher/LeFevre Halls.....5271

Ernest Burnham Hall.....5370

French Hall.....5451

Garneau/Harvey Halls.....5273

Harrison/Stinson Halls.....5274

Henry Hall.....5452

Hoekje Hall.....5453

Siedschlag Hall.....5368

Smith Burnham Hall.....5369

Zimmerman Hall.....5455 



Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) 

As we welcome new students to campus, we often receive inquiries from parents and guardians who are used to having access to their child's educational information.  

According to FERPA (the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act), when a student begins attending a postsecondary institution regardless of age, FERPA rights transfer to the student. While you understandably have an interest in your student's academic success and progress, we are only permitted to provide you with directory information, unless a signed consent from your student is obtained. WMU has designated the following items as directory information:




    Telephone number  

    WMU e-mail address  

    Curriculum and major field of study  

    Dates of attendance  

    Enrollment status (full/part-time)  

    Degrees/awards received  

    Most recent previous educational agency or institution attended by the student  

    Participation in officially recognized activities and sports  

    Weight/height of members of athletic teams.


Students have the option of setting up Authorized User Access through GoWMU to grant third party individuals the ability to view certain academic, financial aid and account information. This does not allow faculty or staff to release information, but it does provide an avenue for students to give you access to select information on-line. Click here for more information