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May 2009
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May 15
John Kremer
June 19
Darren LaCroix

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Join us

 May 15, 2009
at the Westwood Club
in Richmond
for a great program!
Register online:
 by May 11th
Coming in June -
Virginia Idol Contest
with Darren LaCroix!

Outsell New York Times Bestsellers  
without Breaking the Bank
Presented by: John Kremer


This seminar will present a road map of the basic actions a writer needs to do to create a bestseller.
One of the greatest mistakes a writer can make is to think that everything needs to be done in the first week of launch. Publishing a book is a lot like having a baby and raising a child. You have to work on the publication every day and build it step-by-step to maturity.
How to Create a National Bestseller without Breaking the Bank
1. Roll out like a major book publisher (not recommended).
2. Start locally, then expand outward.
3. Roll out city by city.
4. Build awareness for the book slowly.
5. Get out there and speak, speak, speak.
6. Packaging is important (cover, title, inside).
7. Timing is everything.
8. Create a perennial bestseller.
9. Use the Internet to build awareness.
10. Work with bookstores to sell more books.

Note: this talk will be accompanied by many examples from smaller publishers and self-publishers who have created local and national bestsellers.
John is most known as the author of
1001 Ways to Market Your Book.
For more info and to see why you should not miss this meeting, visit: www.BookMarketing.com 

This & That!
New Slate of Officers Announced
Incoming President Tom Davidson has been preparing to take our chapter to the next level! Today he announced a great slate of officers ready to move us ahead starting July 1st. The officers will be installed at the June meeting.
Installed will be:
President: Tom Davidson
President-Elect: Christine Walters
Immediate Past President: Dorothy Erlanger
Vice President: Ron Chapman
Secretary: Coleen Kenny
Treasurer: Vickie Griffith
Librarian: Mindy Godding
Membership Chair: Smokie Sizemore
Public Relations Chair: Cathy Lewis
Technology Applications: Nhat Pham
Chapter Communications: Charlyne Meinhard
Member at Large: Susie Galvez

Congratulations are in order to all!

Teleconference Reminder
One of your NSA-VA member benefits phone callincludes membership in the NYNSA. They have a huge number of terrific teleseminars recorded in their archives for members' use. They air new teleseminars with awesome presenters regularly.
For a list of upcoming telecasts click on the link: www.nynsa.org/#telecasts      
The next one is May 7th at 6:30 p.m. when Dave Yoho presents: "Thriving, Not Just Surviving"
Blog Update
It is now easier than ever to click on our blog and to share posts or info with your friends and associates. There is now a "Bookmark" link which allows you to link to the site in various ways, including a bookmark on your computer, sharing it on various social media sites (like Twitter, LinkedIn), recommending it (Digg, Delicious), or sharing it with a friend. You can check it out at: www.nsaprofessionalspeaker.blogspot.com
You may also want to add it your websites and blogs!
Dorothy Erlanger 
And Now A Word From Your President...
Wasn't the April program a great example of adding humor, creativity and "rememberability" to your presentations?! Just think of the added impact your message will have by using some of Mikki Williams' techniques! 
For those of you who have recovered from the aching sides of too much mirth, make sure you come out for this month's program. If you've ever thought about writing a book and taking it to the top of the charts (or at least selling a bunch more copies of it), you'll be blown away by all the ideas our May speaker has to help you do just that. John Kremer has been known for years as a book marketing specialist. Now we'll have him LIVE! to help us chart a path to wherever we want to go in marketing our books!

This year has flown by! I also urge you to mark your calendar for the next program -Friday, June 19th in Chesapeake. Darren LaCroix will be our Virginia Idol Contest judge, as well as share some great tips on using YouTube to get more exposure for your expertise. 
We look forward to seeing you soon!