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Movember 2008
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Lois Gallo
Thanks to Jean Austin for all your assistance!

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Friday, November 14, 2008
in Richmond for a great program
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Promoting You as Expert Speaker!
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November 14
Experts' Roundtable
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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Speaking...
You Now Get a Chance to Ask!
____________ round table

Experts Panel & Roundtable Discussion

Once a year we usually have a special opportunity to bring together a group of our own experts on key topics to help you grow your speaking business.
This is the month! Our four experts will be Harold Wood, Ron Chapman, Nhat Pham, and a Gloria Thomas.
Specialty topics include Crafting a Keynote, Training, Making Technology Pay, Marketing, Promoting, Publicity and Branding, Ideas to Getting More Speaking Engagements, Creating your Signature Story, Running Your Business, and much more!
Tap into this wealth of experience, information, and ideas! Not only will you have an opportunity to hear the speakers in a panel format, but they will then rotate to different table-top groups. This face-to-face time will allow you to get more of your questions answered for your specific area of need. All you have to do is ask away!
In fact, your questions are requested in advance. Email them to jean.austin@comcast.net by November 12th so we can address them in the main panel session.
Join us for the November program with the Experts!

Register at the NSAVirginia.org link in the sidebar. Notice deadline of Tuesday, November 11th.

Promoting You As Expert Speaker! 
This past month several of our hardworking members Mtg Plnrs Trade Showrepresented you to a trade show of Meeting Planners at their national convention in Richmond.
Response was terrific! As Tom Davidson shared with me: "This was our first exhibit in the Fall Marketplace, which attracted about 300 meeting planners.  Gwendolyn Hudson-Henderson, Christine Walters, Susie Galvez, and I greeted nearly 100 visitors personally.  The theme of the booth was "NSA Virginia - We Make Meeting Planners Look Like Stars," which included an exhibit, give-aways, and a game for a drawing for nine prizes donated by NSA-Virginia members. They also distributed the latest NSA-Virginia Directory, literature from NSA for meeting planners, and "magic Holiday glasses" that turn points of light into star images. "
You've been hearing about great opportunities recently the chapter has been involved in.
The objective of our participation in Richmond and a comparable event in Norfolk (sponsored by Inside Business), was to promote chapter members as a resource for outstanding speakers to the meeting industry. From the immediate results, I can add "well done!" and let's continue to look for further ways to market ourselves.
In the meantime, to better measure the results, let us know if you receive a booking from those who found you through our outreaches.

Mtg Plnrs Trade Show Stars

 Three of our stars at the trade show!


Nhat PhamThe IT CORNER:
Linking Up to LinkedIn
By Nhat Pham
Technology Chairperson 
Nhat answers the question about LinkedIn - a Social networking Platform - and one  NSA-Virginia members can connect to. Why should I use it?
"This initial roll out features productivity applications that range from gathering information that professionals around you are generating to enhancing your abilities to collaborate and communicate more effectively," Reid Hoffman, chairman and president of products at LinkedIn wrote in a blog. "You'll be able to work much more closely with your contacts on LinkedIn with tools such as file sharing, project management, business trips and many more."
You will be able to set public and private controls as well as being notified when information is pulled or shared. These new applications will allow users to stay nimble, competitive and in-the-know for this ever-changing business climate.
Many of my clients use LinkedIn to stay in touch with former clients & colleagues; get referrals & introductions; and add value as experts.
Still wondering why Linkedin? Why should Social Media be part of my plan? Who is using it? How to use it?

This & That!

Special Recognition:
In case you were wondering who won the contest for bringing in the most new members by June this year, it was...(drum roll, please!)... Sandy Dumont! She brought in eight new members during the year. Congratulations, Sandy! Let's all continue to spread the word about our great organization to everyone we meet who could have an interest.
Welcome to Newest NSA-VA Members!
Be sure to welcome those who have most recently joined our ranks as you see them during the meetings. These are those who have joined since June of this year: Vickie Beach, Yvonne Williams, Sandra Crocker, and Edmond L. Boullianne  
Attention Speakers! Share Your Good News with the Members!
If you have speaking engagements, a book coming out, some interesting things happening in your business or your life you think would be interesting and encouraging to the members, just email me at loisgallo555@yahoo.com with the details and I'll pass them on. Thanks!
Dorothy Erlanger 
And Now A Word From Your President...
As many of you know, I participated in a triathalon this month. It has got to be the hardest race I've ever been involved in!
After driving the course the day before, I was ready to pull out. But I had a wise coach who told me it looks worse when you're driving it than when you're actually on it. He reminded me not to think about conquering the whole course, but just to deal with the few hundred yards in front of me. I share this with you because it reminded me of how we need to live life and run our businesses more effectively and that we so easily forget!
Although I couldn't make it to the October meeting. the feedback has been great! Bill Lee  gave some practical working solutions to focusing on a niche market and quickly becoming the industty expert.
This month we have our own niche marketers in the professional speakers industry coming to you in the format of an Experts Roundtable. Be sure to come for some more great ideas and to get all your questions answered.
Mark your calendar for December's meeting Friday, December 19th in Chesapeake.  Ford Saeks will be sharing
"Innovative Marketing Mastery for Professional Speakers." You won't want to miss this!

I urge you to take what you need for your "next few hundred yards" from these great program offerings! We look forward to seeing you soon!