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October 2008
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Lois Gallo
Thanks to Jean Austin for all your assistance!

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Friday, October 17, 2008
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Bill Lee, CSP
Entrepreneur, Author, and Professional Speaker
_________________________________________Bill Lee, CSP____________
How to Become a Household Name in the Industry of Your Choice

The greatest challenge most speakers face, lies in their ability to sell themselves.
  • Are you getting as many bookings as you would like?
  • Are you qualifying for increasingly higher fees?

For many speakers, the ULTIMATE  key to success has been earning expert status in a particular niche or industry.

Bill Lee is known by his fellow NSA members as THE speaker who has generated the MOST income in the SMALLEST, most UNLIKELY niche. Bill is going to share his secrets with NSA-VA on how he built a $1 million speaking business in just five years by dominating his niche market.

Bill Lee is president of Lee Resources, Inc., a consulting and training firm he founded after selling his interest in 1987 of startup Builder Marts International.

In 1993, Bill earned the designation, CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) from the National Speakers Association. He is also a charter member of Master Speakers International.  

For further information and to view podcasts, visit: http://www.billleeonline.com/   

Join us for the October program with Bill Lee!  

Register at the NSAVirginia.org link in the sidebar.

Guess Who's Coming for Dinner?!
By Gloria Thomas, Wizard Workforce Development, www.wizardinc.com
There's a fantastic NSA-VA benefit you may not have experienced before: dinner with our guest speaker. 
Speakers love to eat and at NSA-VA we pride Annetteourselves on treating our special guests well. So, our volunteer host works with our guest to plan dinner the night before each month's program. The guest speaker often extends an invitation to all chapter members. It's always an unforgettable evening.
I was fortunate last month to attend the Sam Silverstein dinner. As our new NSA president, Sam shared stories of the road, his vision for this year and how he came up with his theme: Keep It Real.
He emphatically stressed the importance of each association member developing relationships with others, in order to build strong practices and businesses. He shared that most of the people he counts as his best friends are NSA members. Sam added that no matter where he might be in the United States (as well as many foreign countries) he could call on an NSA or International Federation member to help him, if he had a flat tire or some other emergency.
Sam wondered whether close relationships could develop simply through attending monthly programs. I believe they can begin there. But for me, the friendships I've made with NSA members that are the closest and most enduring were deepened working on a chapter project, serving on the board or over a cup of coffee (okay.... ...Frappuccino), because in these instances, there's more time to talk and share. 
meetingNSA relationships are uniquely caring and supportive, in part because we share the pursuit of success in a wonderfully complex and demanding business. In addition, I believe NSA members are the most interesting, dynamic individuals you could ever find in one place. 
Great programs are motivational and full of insightful take-aways. Equally important to the care and feeding and success of the whole speaker is building and nurturing mutually supportive relationships. If you have an opportunity to join our guest speaker at dinner, you won't just be getting to know our guest better. It's also a terrific way to get to know other members.

Members, watch your emails for invitations to upcoming dinners!

(Note: download a free self-assessment tool to help YOU keep it real in every part of your life - www.MyNSA.org/keepitreal)
Nhat PhamThe IT CORNER:
Technology Tips 
By Nhat Pham
Technology Chairperson 
NSA Virginia has leveraged some of the Social Media tools in the marketplace to distribute information, add value and gain visibility for you and our organization.
Visit the following groups & join in, post your questions/comments, contribute content and help each other learn & grow.
Youtube    www.youtube.com/nsavirginia
Facebook   www.Facebook.com search: NSA Virginia
Plaxo         http://nsavirginia.plaxogroups.com  
Linkedin     www.LinkedIn.com Advance Search: Groups: NSA Virginia
More to come - so stay tuned!

Who's In The News?!

I didn't receive  much news from speakers this month. If you have speaking engagements, a book coming out, some interesting things happening in your business or your life you think would be interesting and encouraging to the members, just email Jean or me with the details and we'll pass them on.
Here's what I do know:
I know Susie Galvez had a great time with her debut on Home Shopping Network this past month. If you missed her on TV, you can catch her at: http://www.susiegalvez.com/index.php - just follow the links to HSN and click on the video on the product page. She was awesome - a real natural!
Sandy Dumont's
schedule is on her website at:
www.theimagearchitect.com. I know she's been travelling quite a bit, with trips to Europe, to Maui for the Maui Writers Conference, and to Florida.
Here are a few of the radio or TV shows I know our members have that you may want to check out. If you have one or will be making any guest apearances, let me know and I'll add it to the list.

Keep me posted at loisgallo555@yahoo.com or send your info to jean.austin@comcast.net 

Dorothy Erlanger 
And Now A Word From Your President...
Our first meeting with the NSA President, Sam Silverstein, was great! Sam spent lots of time answering our direct questions about the speaking business, including marketing, product creation, sales strategies, and networking.
Part of the success in this business is realizing you can't do it all alone. Building up networks of people, resources, coaches, mentors, and friends are invaluable and critical to one's success. Step one of his advice would be to regularly attend the local chapter and become involved. 
Sam also gave us a good overview and reasons to attend all the upcoming conferences and the annual national conventions. He has built friendships internationally through this approach and it has contributed to his ongoing business success.
I encourage you to reach out more and make more of a commitment to attend the local meetings as well. Our October program promises to build on the various tools and strategies for success.
No matter what avenue you approach speaking, we have chosen a variety of program topics that will be of interest to most. If you are new to the idea of the speaking business
we encourage you to explore the many opportunities available. 
We look forward to seeing you soon!