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September 2008
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September 19
Sam Silverstein,   President  of  National Speakers Association 2008-09  
October 17
Bill Lee
November 21
Experts' Roundtable
December 19
Ford Saeks
January 16
David Nour
February 20
Manny Steil
March 20
Patricia Fripp
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September 19, 2008
in Richmond for a great program featuring
Sam Silverstein
President 2008-09
National Speakers Association
We thank our Sponsor
The Hampton Roads Business Journal

Sam Silverstein, MBA, CSP
Entrepreneur, Author, and Professional Speaker

Sam Silverstein

Your Speaking  Business - Keep It Real™
Is your speaking business thriving?  Have you created multiple streams of income?  Have any excuses for why things aren't going the way you want them to?
Come hear NSA President Sam Silverstein, CSP speak as he shares what he has learned from 30 years of observing people and businesses.  His list of the 10 reasons people fail will open your eyes to new possibilities.  And this is no canned program.  You will have input on the direction he takes this conversation on business.  Whether you want to learn more about thinking strategically in your business, creating more products, technology, or sprucing up your marketing program there will be no holds barred in Sam's frank approach to building successful businesses.

Sam is currently the President of The National Speakers Association.  He and his wife Renee have four children and live in St. Louis.
For further information and a great video clip from the TV show "The Big Idea," visit: www.samsilverstein.com.
NSA-NY Convention 2008 
New York Rocks!
The NSA National Convention was attended by 15 Virginia members. Several were first time attenders.
First-timer Christine Walters raved about the networking and synchronicities that ocurred throughout her time there. There was much practical information she took away as well...
"The NSA convention was amazing. It has helped me gain sight and knowledge as to where I need to focus my attention and business in the next year. Since returning, many of the lessons I have learned are being added to my programming, and business model, and I am more inspired than ever to move forward with this career."  - Christine Walters
Susie Galvez shares some pictures that she and her friend Mary Foley took. You can get an idea of the fun you missed if you were not there! The photo album direct link is at: http://tinyurl.com/nsany08  
Start making plans to be at next year's national convention, to be held in Phoenix, Arizona from July 18 - 21, 2009.
Susie GalvezThe NSA Virginia Idol Contest Winner
Susie Galvez was the winner of the ProTrack Academy contest held in June. 
Susie is on her way to Orlando, FL to spend 2 days with Darren Lacroix for his Champ Boot Camp on storytelling as her prize as the ProTrack Idol Contest winner. 
Nhat Pham was the second place winner.
Nhat's prize is an Image Makeover from the expert, Sandy Dumont. 

Gwendolyn Hudson-Henderson won third place.

Gwen will receive 12 hours of coaching from the master, Tom Davidson. 

Who's In The News?!

Congratulations to 2007-2008's Award Winners:
In case you weren't at the June meeting, awards were given to:
Member of the Year - Pat Raymond
President's Award went to: Terrie Glass, Linda Cardone and Tom Davidson.
Gloria Thomas -
As part of the University of Richmond's School of Continuing Education, Gloria will be Presenting Diversity and Communication: How to Discuss Anything with (Almost) Everyone
Dates: 2 consecutive Tuesdays Sep 23-Sep 30
Time: 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Fee: $129 - Location: University of Richmond
Call 804.289.8133 for more information or to register.
Charlyne Meinhard -
Charlyne  was the program speaker at the June 10, 2008, General Body meeting of Urban Financial Services Coalition at SunTrust Bank.
Charlyne Meinhard and her change leadership company, Next Level Consulting, have recently begun a new strategic partnership with Managed Benefits, Inc., a comprehensive employee benefits provider.  Next Level Consulting will use Charlyne's ever-growing network of consultants to provide training and services to the managers, HR professionals, and owners of client businesses

Sue Cunningham -
Susan Cunningham, President of Senior Resources Group, Inc.,  will be training the employees of the City of Virginia Beach on September 10. 
Sue will also be presenting to the Medical Society of Virginia in Williamsburg on October 11. The title of her presentation is "The Sandwich Generation: Adult Children Maintaining Balance and Sanity While Caring for Aging Parents." 
Susan will be presenting to FREDDIE MAC in Washington, D.C. on November 13.  
Wade Randolph -
Wade  "The MORE Guy" , was the keynote speaker for Virginia Association of Correction Educators held in Norfolk,VA on August 21,2008. 
Cindy Calhoun -
Cindy spoke at the Richmond VA West Women's Connection and presented a program on "Identity Theft  -  it is Beyond Your Control."  It was held on August 12th at the Richmond Country Club.
Cindy will be speaking on a 30 minute live morning radio show WINA  in Charlottesville in September.  The topic, related to Identity Theft, is FACTA 2003 and the recent passing of sections 113 and 315. 
Cathy Lewis -
Cathy has been invited to speak to the Hampton Roads Partnership Retreat in September.  Her address will be followed by remarks by Governor Tim Kaine.
Smokie Sizemore and Olivia Lockwood -
Smokie and Olivia will be presenting "Unlock Your Potential and Maximize Your Personal Strengths" in 5 sessions beginning Oct. 1.  To see the details and sign up go to www.smartwomansclub.com/classes.asp
Beverly Outlaw and Kristen Hartman -
Beverly and Kristen are speaking to businesses, citizen groups and others  about the simple steps businesses, organizations, individuals and families can take to make sure they are prepared in the event of an emergency.   September is National Preparedness Month, and Beveraly and Kristen will be busy trying to educate and empower our communities to prepare for and respond to emergencies that may include potential terrorist attack and natural disasters.
Pamela Turner Rambo -
Pam retired in  July from the Access College Foundation in Norfolk and is now working as a consultant from her home in Williamsburg.
Susie Galvez -
On Thursday, September 11, Susie will be making her debut on Home Shopping Network for her skincare line Hello Beautiful.   Susie did a photo shoot for Boomer Life magazine, and will be doing a radio interview on B103.7. She started doing her own radio show on Thursday August 28th.  Listen to B103.7 at about 7:04 AM - as her messages are fitted between songs, weather, traffic, etc.


Promoting YOU!
We are getting the word out about NSA-Virginia and our talented and diverse speakers - that would be YOU!
Several events are helping us do that.  A recent trade show in Norfolk through Inside Business publications increased our visibility with the community as professional speakers. Besides attracting prospective new members or visitors and organizations who would like to use our speakers, the booth attracted a lot of attention and good feelings about professional speakers.
Tom Davidson's perceptions were:
"There were a good amount of booths there all giving away this gadget, or that gizmo. We gave away an experience. The attendees that we asked all replied that they enjoyed our attitude and presences and that is what drew them to the booth. I think the experience made a great impact on people, and helped educate people about NSA and the value of an NSA speaker."
Gwendolyn Hudson-Henderson worked at the booth and observed:
"I think the trade show was a great opportunity to raise awareness about the resources and benefits that NSA has to offer event planners and prospective professional speakers. I was shocked to hear the number of people who had no idea what NSA was or how we could help them find the perfect speaker for their event. The lunch time speakers did a great job of driving traffic to the booth too. I received a lot of excited enthusiastic inquires after that presentation at the booth."

The opportunity for us to actually do a workshop on speaking skills came through Will Turner's connections. HYPE (Helping Young Professionals Engage) was the organization.
Gwendolyn was one of five presenters at the event. She  talked about creating your signature story and got great feedback on her participation, as well as on the whole experience from HYPE members.
"I think the format Will developed worked well! He showcased the different passions of his peers in service to the attendees."
Coming up in October, some of the members will promoting us at an event exclusively for meeting planners. The latest directories of our members will be given out at the booth to those in attendance.
These are just some of the ways NSA-VA is working to provide enhanced membership benefits to each of you. If you have any ideas or opportunities for further promotion, please let president Dorothy Erlanger or any board member know.

Dorothy Erlanger 
And Now A Word From Your President...
With all the activities mentioned above, as you can see, we have had a busy summer! We have not just been resting on our laurels or sitting our duffs! And we have lots more great things coming up this year.
I am very excited about the premium speakers we have lined up, as you can see in the Calendar. There are a variety of topics that will be of interest to people approaching speaking from many different avenues. Our meetings are open and encouraging to anyone who wants to explore the many opportunities available in the world of professional speaking.
Let me assure you that you don't have to be a professional speaker in order to benefit from our organization. We welcome trainers, teachers, coaches, writers, executives, professionals and experts on any subject. If you are interested in interacting with our members, hearing a particular speaker, or learning more about the business of speaking, then you are most welcome to attend. I look forward to seeing you soon!