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June 2008
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June 20
Darren LaCroix
 in Richmond
 (back by popular
 demand to judge
 NSA Idol Contest)  
September 10
Sam Silverstein,   President  of  National Speakers Association 2008-09  - Richmond 
October 17
in Chesapeake
Bill Lee

Shirley T. Burke -
On June 1, 2008, Shirley spoke at Colonial Place Christian Church.  The
adults gathered in the Fellowship Hall  to hear  "Shirley T."  share some of her life's journe when she spoke on  "Turning M&Ms into Lifesavers." Her talk was designed to help us ease the stress of everyday life.
Debbie Bowie
Smokie Sizemore and Gloria Howell 

Debbie, Smokie and Gloria recently joined National Speakers Association 


Wade Randolph-

Wade Randolph spoke at the Annual Foster Pride celebration in Temple Vallejo, CA. on May 31,2008.  The event  recognizes the accomplishes of current and former foster youths from the California area.     


Visitors are always welcome

Advance Registration is appreciated

Join us 

June 20, 2008
in Richmond for a great program featuring
Darren LaCroix



It has been such an honor to serve as President of NSA VA the past year. We have achieved a lot. Our website is marvelous, and membership has increased. None of these things would have been possible without the extraordinary committee that I served with this year. So many members of the committee have worked behind the scenes and I would like to thank everyone for the dedication to NSA Virginia and all their efforts. Thank you, of course to all of our wonderful members and I hope to see you at the meeting in June.



June 20, 2008
 Darren LaCroix 
To register for this program go to www.nsavirginia.org 

What could you learn from someone who quit their day job and survived on product sales alone?
What if he tracked every product sold, at every presentation, how many attendees, and the dollars earned per 
head for the past five years?
Currently 70% of Darren LaCroix's income is derived form product sales and does NOT sound like an infomercial 
while on stage. He is also the 2001 World Champion of Public Speaking.

You'll discover Darren's 12 Marketing Musts, his two "they don'ts",  and the one "they want to." His ideas will change how you think about product and how it should be an intregral part of any professional speakers business no matter what level you are at! Some ideas will earn you money, some ideas will save you money, which would you prefer?

For more info on Darren:

A Few Words From the Administrator
NSA Virginia has a new phone number
Our web site has been modified.  If you have any trouble with it, please contact the administrator (jean.austin@comcast.net) 804-439 -0639


NYNSA will send new members their user name and password which enables them to enter and edit their profile information on the website.  Please complete the profiles. 

As NYNSA's automated system continues development and implementation, they will be  streamlining other member services as well.

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