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Kolbe A™

The Good news -- We still have a few Kolbe Surveys available at $25 (half price). 
All surveys should be completed by February 4th to have maximum results for the February 8th program.
Take advantage of this bargaim  price -- go to www.nsavirginia.org, under Event Calendar, click on Kolbe (Jan. 15th) and sign up.  Dr. Berry will send you survey instructions in a couple of days after you sign up.

February 8
    Elizabeth Berry
    in Chesapeake
February 15
   NSA Speake
  in San Francisco
March 28
    Glenna Salsbury
    in Hampton Roads
April 18
    Mark LeBlanc
    in Richmond
May 18 
    Experts Round
June 20
     Darren LaCroix
     in Richmond
   (back by popular
   demand to judge
   NSA Idol Contest)


February 14-17, 2008
for information

Visitors are always welcome

Advance Registration is appreciated

Join us 

February 8 th
at Greenbrier Country Club 

Chesapeake, Virginia

for a great program featuring
Dr. Elizabeth Berry
Glenna Salsbury
the speaker for the
NSA Virginia meeting on March 28, 2008
will hold an intensive workshop in Norfolk at the Tazewell Hotel
245 Granby Street
Norfolk, VA 23510
beginning Friday night March 28 and ending at noon on March 30, 2008
Limited to 12 persons
for more information contact Glenna at
1-480-483-7732 or ISpeak4u@aol.com
Registration desired by Tuesday Feb. 5, 2008 at 5:00 P.M.

Register now at www.nsavirginia.org  for





Greenbrier Country Club

1301 Volvo Parkway

Chesapeake, VA 23320
Phone: 757.547.7375


check www.mapquest.com for directions



The Kolbe Index

The way people act while trying to achieve goals


The NSA program will feature Dr. Elizabeth Berry speaking about the Kolbe System, a unique set of instruments that give insight into our natural talents and has wide application to your professional and personal lives.  The Kolbe A™ index is an instrument that measures conation or a person's inherent talent or natural way of doing things and predicts what a person will or will not do, given the freedom to act.  Whereas intelligence tests measure I.Q. and personality tests measure values and preferences, the Kolbe index measures the conative, the way people act while trying to achieve goals.  It is truly a powerful and innovative instrument that will enrich your understanding of yourself and your audiences. 

March 28th  Program Features
"As a professional speaker, author and consultant,
Glenna Salsbury...
provides life-changing insights and inspiration to organizations who want to grow personally and professionally
holds a BS from Northwestern University, MA from UCLA and an MA from Fuller Seminary
is featured on many radio and television programs including
Good Morning America

authored The Art of the Fresh Start, is featured in the first edition of Chicken Soup for the Soul, is a contributing author in Meditations for theRoad Warrior"

A New Forum Comes to Town
Stevie Ray
Member-NSA Minnesota Chapter

It was late at night last November and Jerome Mayne, a speaker based in Minnesota, was doing what a lot of us do. He was sitting in his office, by himself, wondering whether he was doing "the business" right.  Even though he had developed his speaking business for over five years, he still felt like, in some areas, he was operating blind.  Too many questions were answered by assumption instead of fact.  Were his fees appropriate for his service?  How could he get two engagements out of one?  How could he expand his market?  He made a few phone calls and sent a few emails, but didn't hear back right away.  Jerome shared the same frustration that many professional speakers face, he was alone.  He worked alone in his office.  Traveled alone.  And spoke alone. 

As a member of NSA he got a lot out of meetings and seminars, but there wasn't always enough time to talk with other speakers.  Sometimes it was impossible to attend meetings since he was often traveling to speak.  He also felt like there were so many speakers to connect with from around the country or across the ocean; not just in his local chapter.  He thought, "If there were only a way to communicate with all of them, I'd certainly get answers and ideas." And he might not feel so alone in this business.

The next day he went to work on his computer and created Speakers Outpost (www.speakersoutpost.com), an online discussion forum for the speaking industry.  He started contacting speakers, asking them to join.  He certainly didn't expect the response he got.  Launched in early December, the forum already has over 150 members from the United States, Canada, England, Germany, Spain, Israel, Australia, South Africa, and Singapore.  The forum is not affiliated with the National Speakers Association, so members include those from within NSA, as well as speakers and service providers from elsewhere in the industry.

The concept is simple.  Membership is free, and after registering, members can post questions or reply to other speakers' posts.  Comments can include any subject from negotiating fees, to marketing tips, speaking internationally, client management, even attractions not to miss when speaking in a new city.  The feel is informal and friendly, and as such, self-promotion is discouraged.

Part of the success of Speakers Outpost is the variety of members.  You not only connect with new and experienced speakers, but service providers, speakers' bureaus, publishers, and clients.  Early response to Speakers Outpost has been very positive. 

"Thanks for putting a Web 2.0 site into play for Professional Speakers. As an NSA professional member well past his 10 year pin I have to say that the site embodies the vision of the wonderful NSA members it has been my honor to meet."     Jerry Fletcher, NSA Member, Portland, Oregon

The goal of all speakers is to grow their business and create an impact on the audiences they serve.  What better way to do that than to connect with hundreds of fellow speakers from around the world and share-or debate-the issues that affect us all.  You are encouraged to go to Speakers Outpost and share your wisdom, post a question, and help the speaking industry stay connected.  Who knows?  Someone from across the ocean may have an idea that gets you booked right next door.

Ron Chapman
Ron Chapman and 5 Star Performance Solutions received a contract to develop and deliver a training program to prepare supervisors to conduct on-the-job-training (OJT) at Northrop Grumman Newport News (NGNN).  The program is a modification of the Train-the-Trainer program they've provided for more than 250 instructors at the shipyard.  The program is recognition that supervisors are becoming more responsible for the training of their employees.  Ultimately, the program will be offered to the 2,000 plus supervisory personnel in the shipyard. 

Charlyne Meinhard 

Charlyne Meinhard was one of 4 Richmonders featured in the article "Boomers Giving Back" in the December edition of Boomer Life magazine.  Meinhard emphasized that using your talents is a commitment to helping others throughout the year, not just during Christmas or holidays.  She comments, "I'm surprised at the number of people who have told me they read the article-- I had no idea that some of these people would be reading a magazine for baby boomers!  When you are active in the community, you never know the different ways you may influence someone to use their gifts."
Christine Walters
Christine Walters and Comedy Sportz is featured in the Jan/Feb 2008 edition of West End's Best magazine.  Read the entire article at www.westedsbestonline.com