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January 18
    Ron Culberson
    in Richmond
February 8
    Elizabeth Berry
    in Richmond
February 15
   NSA Speake
  in San Francisco
March 28
    Glenna Salsbury
    in Hampton Roads
April 18
    Mark LeBlanc
    in Richmond
May 18 
    Experts Round
June 20
     Darren LaCroix
     in Richmond
   (back by popular
   demand to judge
   NSA Idol Contest)


February 14-17, 2008
for information

Visitors are always welcome

Advance Registration is appreciated

Join us Januaray 18, 2008 in Richmond for a great program featuring Ron Culbertson

Glenna Salsbury
the speaker for the
NSA Virginia meeting on March 28, 2008
will hold an intensive workshop in Norfolk at the Tazewell Hotel
245 Granby Street
Norfolk, VA 23510
beginning Friday night March 28 and ending at noon on March 30, 2008
Limited to 12 persons
for more information contact Glenna at
1-480-483-7732 or ISpeak4u@aol.com

Register now at www.nsavirginia.org  for





Westwood Club           (804-288-6028)

6200 West Club Lane

Richmond, VA  23226


check www.mapquest.com for directions


HumorPalooza:  How to Discover, Develop and Deliver Rock-Solid Humor


Ron Culberson, Director of Everything! at FUNsulting, etc., is a former hospice social worker, middle manager and senior manager whose mission is to help healthcare staff and leaders achieve a new level of excellence through humor. As a speaker, humorist, columnist and author, he shows people how to have more fun while maintaining the integrity of the work they do. Ron is also a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), the highest earned award from the National Speakers Association. He has provided entertaining and informative programs to over 90,000 people in more than 700 associations, government agencies, non-profit organizations and Fortune 500 companies. Join Ron at NSA Virginia on January 18, and you will learn:

     Why Humor?

     Preparing Yourself to Receive and Capture Humor

     Seeing the Humor that's All Around You

     Writing Humorous Material

Ten Ways to "Deliver" Humor in Your Presentations


Kolbe A™

Great news -- We  have an additional 20 Kolbe Surveys available at $25 (half price). 
All surveys must be completed by January 15th.
Take advantage of this bargaim  price -- go to www.nsavirginia.org, under Event Calendar, click on Kolbe (Dec. 15th) and sign up.  Dr. Berry will send you survey instructions.
February 8, 2008 Program
Dr. Elizabeth Berry, Professor Emeritus of Communication Studies at California
State University, Northridge, and 
president of Elizabeth Berry and Associates, a business and educational consulting firm will be our speaker.  
Dr. Berry brings wit and wisdom to the speaking platform and will be teaching us about the Kolbe A System

Reuse and Recycle those VOEs


NSA Virginia needs your old VOEs (Voices of Experience).  So, rake out your floor boards, check the cracks in your car seats, and send those CDs to


Mary Lee Hardcastle

2496 Piney Bark Dr.

Virginia Beach, VA23456. 


They will be reused as part of membership kits for new and potential members. This way, prospective members can experience the value of NSA from their very first visit, an unforgettable introduction to our organization.


Mary Lee Hardcastle
Mary Lee is Chairman of Membership for NSA Virginia
Pat Raymond
Pat reports -- My membership with Toastmasters pays frequent unexpected dividends. In the December edition of Toastmaster magazine, an article by Malcolm Kushner yielded these three surprising sites for fun presentation graphics:
  • Einstein writing whatever you'd like him to say on a blackboard and several others (I like the dictionary entry): http://www.hetemeel.com
  • A choice of bumper stickers, soup bowls, and marquees:http://www.redkid.net/generator/
  • Western era WANTED posters, Hollywood signs, plane bannes, & snow globes- extensive selection:http://www.glassgiant.com
Great images for powerpoint and emails!