June 2007
Natural Gardening

Attention all gardeners!  Did you know that you can use essential oils in your garden to rid it of pests and promote better plant and flower growth?  Well you can.  Young Living's line of therapeutic grade essential oils are just the ingredients you need to make the garden flourish.  A special thanks to Audry Miller for compliling this great information.   So the next time you see an aphid, termite or ant - do'nt reach for the poison in a spray can solution, spray on a little essential oil and breath easy.  Enjoy a pest free, fabulous garden this year.

From getting rid of aphids and bugs, or plant fungus and mold, essential oils are proving to be an effective means of controlling garden pests naturally. 


With summer just around the corner, but gardening already in full swing, consider that most people will have young children, grandchildren, or pets running and playing around the yard and garden areas.  We can have peace of mind that no harm will come to them from toxic chemicals and sprays when we use Young Living's essential oils.  Not only that, our plants, flowers, and vegetables will thrive on the homemade sprays with essential oils in them!

The Young Living farm uses Cinnamon, Oregano, and Pine essential oils as insecticide.  Abundance works great as well.  Adding a few drops of Geranium, Frankincense, or Lemongrass to a water-spray will encourage indoor plant growth.  Basil and Lemongrass used in the spray are effective against aphids.  Peppermint works beautiful for getting rid of ants.  One woman even put some Stevia from Young Living in her cut Peonies, and they lasted much longer than the ones without it!  Be sure to read the testimony below of how one person was able to rid their home of termites - using all natural, safe, and effective essential oils!


Testimonies - Consider the testimonies below, and other suggestions for watching your gardens, plants, and greenery thrive this summer! 

Insect repellent for your garden - in a standard size spray bottle, fill
almost full of water and then add enough Thieves Cleaner to color the water.
You will know you put enough Thieves Cleaner in the bottle when the insects
scatter when you spray your vegetables and such. I grow tomatoes and no
worms and no aphids and the grasshoppers leave too. This spray also works
on rose bushes and squash plants. Karen VanSchenck

I have a little secret. It's Thieves! I have recently given out my plant
care tips to a lot of my clients who love to see my assorted plants. Some
have actually brought their plants in for me to nurse back to health. My
brother also has me come in and take care of his plants at his stores. The
truth is I'm really not that diligent when it comes to my plants. They just
look great because I use a lot of Thieves.

I use Thieves straight out of the bottle on houseplants that tend to get
fungus or mold from my kids over watering the plants. I used to use it
watered down, but this proved ineffective against hardy molds in a warm
house in the winter. They flourish beautifully. I also use cinnamon powder
mixed into the soil with some Cinnamon Oil, Thieves or Clove Oil with
Purification around my rose bushes and my other outside plants to get rid of
annoying insects and aphids that eat away at my plants. My roses and
flowers are always hardy and pesticide free.

I recently got a quote for $850 to get rid of my termites and property. I
just put 2 bottles of each of the following oils in a bottle of V6 and the
termites are all dead and gone. I figured that this is costly to buy the
oils but it beats having to pay some exterminator to come and make my soil

To me it was worth the shot. I'm glad I did it because I had the engineer
come back to inspect for them because I was refinancing and wanted another
loan to fix my house and my home is termite and carpenter ant free now.

I used 2 bottles of each Abundance, Thieves, Clove, Cinnamon, Purification,
Lemon and Lemongrass plus a large bottle of V6. I put the whole thing in a
larger bottle and I squirt it all around the perimeter of my house and
doorstep or anywhere termites or carpenter ants would love to hide. I also
keep a bottle hooked up to my hose to spray over the base of the property.
I just have to upkeep it periodically and I'm all good!

I use a lot of Purification on my dogs to keep off all the ticks and fleas.
It works on my cats too. Have a fun, bug-less, pesticide free spring, Nina

I would like to add that this recipe which really works great on aphids and
bugs on plants. 3 drops Spearmint and 3 drops
Orange in two quarts of
water. Mix and spray on plants. Also diffuse in greenhouse. Lemon in the
swamp cooler will keep fungus at bay. Nancy Sanderson


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Debra Raybern
Naturopath, Master Herbalist, Nutritional Consultant, Internationally Certified Aromatherapist
12 Fawn Drive
New Waverly, TX 77358
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