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CPA Action AlertJune 27, 2010
"An Act to Sustain Community Preservation" at a Critical Juncture on Beacon Hill
The Coalition has been meeting with representatives on Beacon Hill in support of Senate Bill 90, the legislation which would stabilize the matching funds for CPA.  There are only a few weeks left in the legislative session to pass the bill.  Now is the time to demonstrate strong statewide support for CPA and SB 90!
We are asking all CPA advocates statewide to take the following steps before July 1st:  
  • Contact House Speaker Robert DeLeo and urge that SB 90 be approved. You can call, email or even do both! Use the talking points below in your email.

  • It is important that the subject line of your email is the same as everyone else's. Use: Please pass SB 90 to sustain CPA.

  • Send a copy of your email to your State Representative and State Senator. Urge them to express their support for SB 90 to the leadership team on Beacon Hill. Contact information for legislators can be found here

  • Consider drafting a letter to the editor for your local paper expressing support for CPA and SB 90.

  • Let us know about your conversations and any feedback you may recieve.
Talking points to demonstrate why SB 90 is a Win-Win:
Since 2000, the Community Preservation Act has created jobs, affordable homes and protected our tourism and farming industries.  Passage of SB 90 would be a welcome piece of good fiscal news to municipalities - with absolutely zero impact on a tight state budget.
My town, (insert name of town), has used CPA funds to (mention a few key projects).
Statewide, CPA has:  
  • Created more than 3,100 units of affordable housing.  This housing serves the Commonwealth's workforce and has produced over 610 construction jobs per year.
  • Protected 11,377 acres of agricultural land and open space, and created more than 500 recreational facilities.  These projects protect important habitat, enhance quality of life and help drive the Commonwealth's tourism and agriculture industries.
  • Preserved or rehabilitated more than 1,600 historic sites and resources.  This work has produced $165 million for local jobs, brought precious historic resources such as town halls back to life, and fed the tourism industry.
Do you have questions?

Call the Coalition at 617-367-8998, email us, or visit the Coalition's Pending CPA Legislation webpage.

As always, thank you for your support!
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