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Give your guests the ultimate suite of connectivity options


Guests travel with Laptops, MP3 players, I-Pod's, Mobile Phones and want to connect-, play- and charge them.
Our suite of Teleadapt Products allow you to give the guest these connectivity options. Let them really plug and play!
From Mediahubs to Ethernet Cable Connection kits to Wireless Desk Bridges, Teleadapt offers "the works".
Browse down to see a sample of the range of products we offer.
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The MediaHub allows guests to connect their portable electronic devices to the in-room TV system (IRES). Available as an ACTIVE unit, which automatically recognizes a device and switches the TV source to offer plug-and-play functionality. The PASSIVE device also extends the TV ports to a more conventient location; here the device can be found by selecting the relevant TV channels.
Let's face it - the hotel guest expects more from your property than what they can get at home, including their own means of personal entertainment. The MediaHub connectivity panel enhances the guest entertainment experience by allowing hotel guests to connect their iPod, laptop, game console, digital camera, HD camcorder or portable DVD player to the in-room TV for enjoying their own music, movies and other media content, all in the comfort of their guestroom.
Enhance the Guest Experience
Each of our MediaHub products meets the technology needs of every guest checking into your property:
+Business travellers are more productive, perfect for using the TV to practice sales presentations or as a dual computer screen
+Leisure travellers can play slideshows from their cameras on the TV
+Family vacationers can hook up their children's game consoles for a "home away from home" experience for the kids
+Movie lovers can enjoy their downloaded movies on the big screen directly from their iPods, laptops or DVD players
+Music lovers can connect their iPods, laptops or MP3 players to enjoy high quality tunes from the TV speakers
Every guest checks in with the need to recharge portables so MediaHub offers more power at their fingertips (USB and outlets)
MediaHub HD can help you attract more tech savvy guests with its wireless Stereo Bluetooth feature, compatible with most iPods and smartphones.


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Wired properties can enhance their HSIA offering with an aesthetically pleasing desktop presentation device from the wired collection of the DeskHub® line.
DeskHub® wired products offer ease of use, protection for the cable and connector as well as a prominent branding space for the property logo and user instructions.
TA 7000
TA-7000 DeskSpool Pro
Stylish Retractable Cable Presentation

· 1.8m(6ft) retractable Ethernet cable
· Redessed rear sockets deters theft
· DeviceSafe cable
· DeskCard for guest usage instructions
· DeskPlate Adhesive for added security
Pull Through Access Point
TA-7300 - Pull-Through™ Pro

· Stylish, low-profile design for a clean look to your Internet access point
· Equipped with 1.8m (6ft) CAT5e cable
· Weighted steel base with non-marking rubber bottom
· Lockable cap, adhesive DeskPlate™ for added security
· Choose cap and base color to fit your décor
· DeskCard and four-color insert for user instructions
About Brantas
Brantas International Technology was established in 2002 and offers a range of in-room technology solutions such as internet billing gateways, call accounting and voicemail solutions, task management and work flow systems, energy management systems, electronic safes, electronic locks, minibars and guest device connectivity products. 
Auckland Office Tel: +64 (0)9 9667662
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