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August 2010

VSS Enterprise Makes First Crewed Flight
On July 15, Scaled Composites reached the significant milestone of having a crew on-board during the flight of VSS Enterprise and captive-carry of VMS Eve. Press Release at Virgin Galactic

Space Policy Showdown Delayed Until September
The debate over the nation's space policy has been delayed until September (at the earliest), due to strong opposition from California's House members toward the NASA Authorization Bill proposed last week. Alan Boyle at Cosmic Log

Russia to Build a Commercial Spaceport
Russia is investing 24.7 million rubles ($800 million US) in a spaceport intended for commercial spaceflight, located in Russia's eastern region bordering China, and plans to have it operational by 2015. Andrew Nusca at Smartplanet

$5 Million for Three New Centennial Challenges
NASA has announced three new Centennial Challenges: nano-sat launching, roving at night, and geological sample returns, with a total prize purse of $5 million on the line. Alan Boyle at CosmicLog

New Private Spacesuit Unveiled
Final Frontier Design, second-place winners of the 2009 NASA Astronaut Glove Challenge, recently unveiled a spacesuit design in Manhattan, NY, and they claim to have an edge over rival spacesuit manufacturers Orbital Outfitters. Jeremy Hsu at

Ecliptic Strikes a Deal With Loral
Pasadena, CA-based Ecliptic Enterprises Corp. recently received final approval for use of their latest RocketCam camera technology on Space Systems/Loral's upcoming satellite mission. Press Release at Ecliptic Enterprises Corp.

NewSpace 2010 a Resounding Success
Couldn't make it to NewSpace 2010 last weekend? See what happened and watch the ground-breaking discussions at

Is Congress Killing NASA?
While the budget for commercial space activities has been cut, it seems to have survived for the time being-but has Congress now asked NASA to do too much with too little? Rand Simberg at Popular Mechanics

Let's Clear the Air about Commercial Space
Mis-interpreted quotes, de-bunked myths, and downright lies about the President's proposed new direction for NASA are discussed while the bottom-line facts are presented by the clear-thinking mavericks at the Commercial Space Federation. Press Release at CSF

Virgin Galactic and TSC Eyes the Skies for Expansion
At NewSpace 2010, Virgin Galactic and The Spaceship Company representative Enrico Palmero discussed the status of both companies, including exciting hardware and flight updates. Jeff Foust at Personal Spaceflight

Elon's Retiring on Mars
SpaceX founder Elon Musk discusses how humanity's future depends on its ability to expand to the red planet, and how his company plans on making the leap to the stars an affordable future. Paul Harris at The Observer

Commercial Spaceflight, We Have a Problem
What will happen to the commercial spaceflight industry if the proposed new NASA budget is not passed? Jeff Foust at Technology Review

World Space Week
World Space Week is held October 4-10 annually, and is the largest space event in the world, exciting students about learning and promoting awareness about space. World Space Week

ISU Symposium Call for Papers
The International Space University has released their call for papers for their annual three-day symposium, which this year addresses the theme of "Maximizing the Return from Extended Operations." Press Release at ISU

NewSpace TEDx Event in NY
The Explorer's Club of NY will be hosting the first of monthly-recurring TEDx events, featuring speakers and TED talks, on September 14 in New York, NY. Event listing at Space Frontier Foundation
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