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March 2010
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NewSpace News: Issue #57

A Long-Overdue Overhaul
While the new NASA budget is digested, proponents face a sea of angry voices as "Old Space" digs their heels in for the fight. Follow these NewSpace advocates as they defend the game-changing new policy:

First to the Moon, Again
Fatal flaws with NASA's old plan would have resulted in unchallenged Chinese lunar footprints. The private sector argues that with the new NASA budget, Americans will leap-frog other national efforts and return to the Moon first. The Economist

Why Space Tourism Matters
Burt Rutan talks about why sending rich tourists into space could be immensely important to the future of space travel. Stephen Class at MIT Technology Review

The Falcon Goes Vertical
SpaceX is getting tantalizingly close to the inaugural launch of their Falcon 9 vehicle, lofting the first privately funded space capsule into orbit. Update at SpaceX

Dreamchaser Lives
Sierra Nevada's Mark Sirangelo reveals his company plans on having an orbital craft in service by 2014, and with the largest sum won by NASA's Commercial Crew Development program, that may actually become reality. Rob Coppinger at Hyperbola

A Peek Under the Shroud of Secrecy
Backed by founder Jeff Bezos, NewSpace rocket builder Blue Origin divulges details on their orbital vehicle. Article at NewSpace Journal

Suborbital Science a Huge Hit
At the recently held Next-Generation Suborbital Researchers Conference, NASA officials announced a $75 million commitment to suborbital science and education flights on-board NewSpace vehicles. John Gedmark at Commercial Spaceflight Federation

The Taurus II Takes Shape
Orbital Sciences Corp. and Aerojet are set to begin testing on the AJ26 rocket engine, the powerhouse behind their new Taurus II orbital vehicle. Press Release at Market Watch

Spaceflight Informed Consent Act
Spaceport America home state of New Mexico has passed legislation similar to that found in Virginia and Florida, requiring that space-goers are fully informed of spaceflight risks prior to flight. Press Release at Spaceport America

Dreams & Nightmares
How can the private space industry help minimize creation of new space debris and clean up the highest risk pieces? Bob Werb at SpaceFront

LaserMotive Goes Full Time
After winning at the 2009 Space Elevator Games, power beaming specialists LaserMotive LLC forges ahead with some exciting plans for the future. Blog at LaserMotive

Space Access Conference
Come learn about the technology, politics, and business of radically cheaper access to space, featuring a cross-section of leading players in the field. April 8-10 in Phoenix, AZ.

Space Investment Summit 8
SIS-8, May 26 in Chicago, will offer exclusive dialogue sessions with prominent investment leaders and an entrepreneurial showcase of pre-qualified space-related business plans.

The Space Show Highlights
James Muncy, Robert Zimmerman, and Brent Sherwood discuss NewSpace with Dr. David Livingston on The Space Show.

62 Mile Club Launches YouTube Channel
New video interviews with Dr. Armin Ellis, Professor Steven Freeland, and Robert Jacobson.

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