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If you have not heard the news by now Sears  has settled  a lawsuit by consumer advocates for not installing anti tip bracket on stoves. The bracket is an "L" shaped piece of steel designed to screw to the wall or floor to prevent the stove from tipping over when the oven door is in the down position and a child or heavy object is placed on the door causing the stove to tip. This can cause pots that are on the top of the stove to fall on top of the person in front of stove injuring and or burning them. Or worse the stove in some cases has falling all the way over trapping small children. Anti tip brackets have been sold with all free standing stove since 1985.As an inspector I have looked for this a a common part of my inspection and commenting on the lack of. They are hard to locate with out moving the stove.  the installation of brackets is now voluntary. If you have small children you should install anti tip brackets.
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Linda asked.  Is there away to increase the flow of air to front living room.
Linda. Yes their is a way. as long as you have access to the duct the provides air to the room, you can install a booster fan in the duct, this will provide more air. A qualified Heating contractor should be able to evaluate and install the blower.  
safety jumped on heaterHOME OWNER HANK PHOTO OF THE MONTH
This home owner chose to jump the  heat exchanger temperature safety switch. This safety keeps the heat exchanger from overheating and from possible damage. This can cause CO to build up in the house. if you heater does not run properly call a qualified heating contractor. this home owner chose a dangerous quick fix.
Stove Safety tips
1.Install ant-tip brackets on any new or existing stoves
2. Turn pot handles away from the front of stove to prevent hot food from being knocked off the stove.
3.Do not sit or stand or place heavy objects on open oven door.
4. Use back burners instead of front burners when possible to protect children and pets
5. Never leave a hot stove unattended.
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