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Instant Technologies Newsletter
April 2009 - Vol 8, Issue 3
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A very busy first quarter here at Instant: Product updates, a new product, and a prestigious award from IBM.

Read on for all the details.....

Instant Queue Manager
Instant Moderated Chat for IBM Lotus Sametime facilitates efficient, centrally-controlled real-time communication between presenters and their audiences in virtual meetings and conferences.

Instant Moderated Chat's intuitive console enables a live moderator to receive, filter, and then select which questions are passed to which presenter. The moderator can deny inappropriate questions and block certain attendees and thereby retain strict control of the meeting's direction.

  • Scaleable to thousands of attendees
  • Meetings can be recorded
  • Easy to deploy and to use
  • Guests can join via a Web client (Firefox, IE, etc)
  • Supports multi-language meetings
  • Very cost-effective

Instant Queue Manager
Instant Queue Manager won the prestigious 'Best in Lotusphere Showcase' award at IBM Lotusphere 2009!

This award validates what our customers have been telling us for years: Instant Queue Manager is the leading solution for immediate, real-time customer service and help desk support.

Instant Queue Manager acts as a 'virtual IM receptionist' to route either internal or external IM requests to agents ready to offer assistance, resulting in increased productivity, improved customer service, and shorter sales cycles.

Instant Archive Viewer
We are pleased to announce that Instant Archive Viewer v3.0 is now available. This major new release includes the necessary support for the new table structures Microsoft introduced in OCS 2007 R2.

V3.0 also offers enhancements and performance improvements to Instant Archive Viewer's core search and discovery features, as well as updates to the PDF generation module and continued simplification of the installation and setup process.

Recorded demo movies are available at our Resources page.

Instant Team Sessions v3.0 is now available. It includes more than twenty new features and functions developed in response to real-world feedback from some of the world's largest government and commercial organizations.

V3.0's new features include an updated user interface; server based alerts; the ability to restore persistent chat rooms and their content (files, bookmarks, etc); the ability to subscribe to RSS feeds of persistent chat archives; enhanced persistent chat room search capabilities; and much more.

You can view a recorded demo of Instant Team Sessions V3 to learn how Lotus Sametime persistent chat will improve cross-functional team collaboration in your organization - all with strict security controls and encryption.

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