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The New Multimedia Technician Program will be launched in fall 2012. The instructors will be Kath Christensen, Kathy Schultz and Ida Ponder.  
The Multimedia Technician Certificate Program will incorporate entrepreneurship courses, multimedia courses, distance education courses, service-learning projects
and new courses designed to expose students to a variety of multimedia tools and techniques. Faculty will be collaborating with local high school districts throughout the region, and working with selected business/industry partners to create student externships and facilitate job placements for graduates.

Sonora Home and Garden Show 
On Saturday, March 17th & Sunday, March 18th Columbia College will host a booth at the Home and Garden Show at the Sonora Fair Grounds to share information about our "new" Multimedia Technician Program that will begin fall 2012. 

"Save the Date" Friday, April 6th, Noon-2:00pm 

Technical Advisory Committee
To wrap up the 2012 spring semester we are inviting our Advisory Committee back to provide the latest news about our progress with launching the Multimedia Technician Program this fall. The meeting will be held in the Manzanita Community Education Room from Noon-2:00. Additional Information and formal invites will be forthcoming.
Multimedia in-house Intern "Pilot" Program 
This spring we are piloting a Multimedia Internship Program. Our  first Multimedia In-house Intern, Kris Osward is helping with campus events and multimedia projects. Kris has been involved with some of the current multimedia classes over the past few semesters. Kris comes to us with Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and video-editing experience. Kris plans to earn several of the Multimedia Attainment Certificates and pursue a career in Multimedia.
We want to thank you for your support and contribution toward a successful Multimedia Technician Program.

Melissa Colon

Multimedia Technician Project Co-Director