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The Stihl Tent Sale in April was a huge hit! Thank you to everyone who came out to New Braunfels Feed & Supply to take advantage of our huge Stihl sale! 


Grasshopper problems? We have Nolo bait in the store to help you organically supress those bugs. Demon WP is also an excellent insecticide that's perfect for crack and crevice and/or spot applications to control the amount of Spiders, Scorpions and more.

Stop by the store, we have a new crop of good quality coastal and alfalfa hay in stock. 

Don't forget to pick up your gift card for Mom for Mother's Day, May 13th!


Thanks for shopping New Braunfels Feed! 
Janet Curry
New Braunfels Feed & Supply
Kentucky Derby Contest - Winner gets 20 bags of Strategy Horse Feed!

The 138th Kentucky Derby is Saturday, May 5th! To celebrate the famous race and extraordinary horses we are having our own Derby Bonnet Contest! To participate, contestants only need to wear their Derby Bonnet into the store for a coupon book from Farnam horse products, full of coupons worth $120! The coupon book is packed with coupons for fly spray, horse s ...
FISH DAY, Come Stock Your Ponds!

New Braunfels Feed & Supply will have another FISH DAY on Wednesday, May 16th from 11:00-Noon. The Arkansas Pond Stocker's Truck will be here with Catfish, Bluegills, and Bass. All available to Re-stock your tanks.
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Alan's Answers: How long does it take for a vaccine to work?

Good question, especially for new dog owners planning on exposing their dogs to other animals. Vaccines do not stimulate immunity immediately after they are administered. Once a vaccine is administered, the antigens must be recognized, responded to and remembered by the immune system. In most animals, disease protection does not begin until five days after vaccination. Full protection from a ...
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Are Sugars, Starches and Grains "Evil" in Horse Diet

horse grazing
Have you ever watched a pendulum swing? It swings way to the right, and then goes back to center. Then it swings way to the left, then returns to center again. In human nutrition, the sugar and starch pendulum appears to be returning to center. In equine nutrition, however, that sugar and starch pendulum seems to be hung up way ...
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Vaccinations and your Dog

dog pic
Like humans, dogs need vaccinations at an early age. That is why it is important to immunize puppies, so that they will be protected and better able to grow into a healthy adult. The who, what, why, when, where and how of vaccinations are complicated and may vary from puppy to puppy. If you have any concerns you should consult ...
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