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Congratulations to our FFA & 4H kids who participated in the San Antonio and Comal County Stock shows in February and March!  We are so proud of you.  Remember, if you won a Grand or Reserve Champion and purchased your feed from us, let us know!  Purina, Cargill and Jacoby Feeds all offer prizes and/or jackets for winners who used their feeds.  


It's time for spring!  Our garden plants (vegetables, tomato, herb and flowers)  and seed are in stock. Now is the time to put out pre-emergent, weed control and fertilizers for your yard. 


Remember to follow us on Facebook for the latest news and updates. New Braunfels Feed is your "go to" place for all our pet, animal and garden needs! 


Janet Curry

New Braunfels Feed & Supply

Alan's Answers

Question for Alan:  When is it time to plant grass seed and fertilize?  

Alan's Answer: Grass seed can be planted in the spring from March 15th through May 15th when the ground temperature has reached 80 and in the fall from August 15th to September 15th with successful results. If you are planting in the spring, I recommend holding off on applying weed control products to the grass until the grass seed has germinated and you have mowed the grass a few times.


Visit our website to see what else Alan has to say about planting grass seed and fertilizing and other questions Alan has answered.   Thanks!   

Stock Your Ponds! 


With the recent rains, it is time to restock your ponds.  We have two dates in March when the fish truck will be visiting New Braunfels Feed and Supply, Thursday March 1st from 1 to 2pm and Thursday March 15th from 1 to 2 pm.  See our website for details.

Chick Days Are Here!

Baby chicks arrive in our store through the end of May.  Chicks are selling out quickly, within two or three days of delivery.  Check our website for details on delivery dates and type of chicks in each delivery. 
Keep your chicks healthy and safe!  Find out the appropriate steps you need to take to raise a healthy flock.  Raising Healthy Chicks.  
Does your flock need a new home? Enter for a chance to win free Purina Layena chicken feed for a year and a new chicken coop!  
Horses: Pregnant & Lactating Mares 

Broodmares have specific nutritional requirements that differ from other classes of horses. There are differences both in the amount of feed mares need and the nutrient concentration needed in that feed. Throughout the year the broodmare goes through three different phases, each with a different nutritional demand. She is either in early gestation, late gestation or lactation. To keep this cycle going consistently requires that the mare receive the proper health care and nutrition.  Read more on our website.  


With hay in short supply across Texas, there are some options for horse owners.  Complete feeds contain adequate roughage for horses and can replace hay entirely or can help extend the hay that you are able to find.


Find out which hay stretcher products are available in South Texas.  Read more here.  

StihlOne Day Stihl Tent Sale - April 28th 
Mark your calendar for April 28th, our
 ONE DAY Stihl Tent Sale.

New Braunfels Feed and Supply will offer a 10% discount on all power equipment. You do not want to miss this sale. Stihl sales reps will be onsite demonstrating Stihl power equipment, including weed eaters, chain saws, blowers, and tillers. 


Our Stihl service dept. can keep your machines running in tip top condition too! 


Built to match the job, the heavy-duty straight shaft

Stihl FS 55R Trimmer 
Built to match the job, the heavy-duty straight shaft FS 55 R STIHL HomeScaper Seriestrimmer is lightweight and compact. With a loop handle design, this string trimmer is great when you need to maneuver the cutting head around obstacles in your landscape. 
Spring brings an increase in bird migration. Now is the time to put out a bird house or feeder. We carry a wide assortment of bird houses, martin houses and humming bird feeders. Stop in and pick one out for your backyard. 
Click the title to learn tips on cleaning your bird feeder and other ways to attract birds to your backyard.
March, 2012
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