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Consultants to Organizations  |  January 2012



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Have you ever wondered what will happen to your organization after you retire? Do you worry that the good things you've done might get lost in the transition?  We have some helpful information below about making sure the knowledge you and others have about your jobs and the organization as a whole stays in place after you've gone. 


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Paula M. Singer 

Paula M. Singer and The Singer Group Team


The Singer Group, Inc.


Passing the Baton
What Will Happen When I'm Gone?
How to Transfer Knowledge Sucessfully

The full webinar on this topic is available here.

What do your organization and Drew Barrymore from 50 First Dates have in common? Both can suffer from acute memory loss brought on by lack of knowledge transfer. Institutional knowledge loss is a problem for organizations who get stuck in certain ways of doing things -  and then forgetting why they do them that way! While Barrymore had a reliable Adam Sandler to remind her of all the important details every day, your organization may not have the same luxury when someone with key knowledge retires. ... Read More

Job Posting:
Director, Evanston (IL) Public Library

For the full job posting, please click here.
The job description is available by clicking here.

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Paula M. Singer and The Singer Group Team


The Singer Group, Inc.


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What Will Happen When I'm Gone?
Job Posting : Director

What's New

We were retained by a public library system in the Northwest to conduct strategic planning in the new year.

The Singer Group is conducting a compensation survey for a Midwest library system and recently conducted performance management refresher training for this same organization.

Paula is conducting leadership development training for a public library system in the Midwest.

The Singer Group will be conducting an annual review of compensation for a Mid-Atlantic environmental services organization this fall.

Paula Singer and Gail Griffith conducted two webinars for InfoPeople. "When the Clock Strikes 50: Planning for Retirement" and "What Will Happen When I'm Gone: Ensuring Knowledge Transfer to Your Successor."  To visit the archives, please follow the links below:

Click Here for When the Clock Strikes 50: Planning For Retirement.

Click Here for What Will Happen When I'm Gone: Ensuring Knowledge Transfer to Your Successor.

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