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This month we continue our discussion on Strategic Planning. In our last issue we encouraged you to begin thinking about where your organization needs to be in the next 5, 10, or 15 years. Here we pick up with how performance management of an organization's employees and stakeholder involvement are key components of successful strategic planning. We also have examples of great programs from across the country, and around the world!



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Strategic Planning: Why You Should be Doing it - NOW! - Part II

This article is published in the September issue of IPMA HR News.  

Performance management and review techniques are also an important aspect of an effective strategic management approach. Performance reviews should be conducted regularly, allowing for immediate feedback on how an employee's work has contributed positively and where it needs improvement. In addition, broader strategic planning reviews should be held several times a year-not bunched up into an annual retreat-so that an organization can stay on top of its planning and modify or update as necessary. ... Read More.

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Paula M. Singer and The Singer Group Team


The Singer Group, Inc.


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Strategic Planning - Part II

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