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Welcome to this month's edition of Reach - resources and news for evolving organizations.


In this issue, we're focusing on Pay for Performance - often a direct outgrowth of last month's topic, Performance Management.  We also share some interesting insights on making sure your organization is not only talking the talk but walking the walk when it comes to your compensation programs and philosophy.


As you know, we are passionate about bringing new thinking to HR and OD and we enjoy sharing insights that will help your organization achieve maximum results.


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Paula M. Singer 

Paula M. Singer and The Singer Group Team


The Singer Group, Inc.


Take Performance Management to the Next Level:
Pay for Performance

You can't drive your organization to success without the help of employees at every level of the org chart. Therefore, many public and private organizations use performance management programs to help employees reach their full potential. Last month we talked about how these strategies can offer organizations key ways to ensure that organizational goals are met. This month we talk about taking your performance management system to the next level - a move that many organizations, particularly in the public sector, are reluctant to make: linking pay to performance. Find out not only how you can implement pay for performance successfully but also why it's critical that you do. ... Read More

What Are You Really Getting For Your Money?

As our article above describes, pay for performance can be an effective way of motivating employees. But as discussed in a blog post by Ann Bares (Compensation Café, 8/10), organizations need to make sure they are not just talking the talk but also walking the walk with their compensation philosophies and programs. If you say you offer merit pay, do you really reward employees based on merit or does everyone, with very few exceptions get the same annual increase? If teamwork is an important core competency in your organization, are you really valuing those employees who willingly volunteer to share their time and resources for the benefit of the group or are you still emphasizing individual results? Are you living your mission and vision statements or are they so many words in a frame in the conference room? Truly successful compensation and rewards programs are living, breathing systems that are communicated continuously to employees at all levels of your organization. What are you doing in terms of compensation that's working really well? What would you love to change?  Tell us about it!  Post your comments on: Post your comments on: Facebook, Twitter or our Blog.

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Paula M. Singer 

Paula M. Singer and The Singer Group Team


The Singer Group, Inc.


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Pay for Performance
Are You Walking Your Walk?

What's New

The Singer Group will be conducting an annual review of compensation for a Mid-Atlantic environmental services organization this fall.


The Singer Group is conducting a strategic planning process for a regional library system in the Mid-Atlantic region.


We are conducting a comprehensive job evaluation and compensation study for a library system in a metropolitan area in the northwest.

The Singer Group at ALA   


We have much to report from the 2011 ALA Conference. 


Here are just a few highlights:


We were honored to once again participate in Consultants Giving Back.  Our thanks to all who booked a consulting session with us and to everyone who generously donated their time and expertise to this important program.




Paula Singer co-presented two sessions: Pay for Performance that Works and Succession Planning and Leadership.


Laura Francisco presented on Negotiations: What Else is on the Table?


All three of our presentations were well received and we appreciated how actively our attendees engaged in the discussion about these critical human resources topics.


We would also like to thank our co-presenters:


Sharan Marshall,
Executive Directorof the Southern MD Regional Library Association


John McGinty,
Director of the Loyola/Notre Dame Library (MD)


Suanne Wymer,
Deputy Director of Tulsa City-County Library (OK)


Nancy Davenport,
Director of Public Services, DC  Public Library

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