Spring Back to the Fields

 On March 20, 2012, at precisely 1:14 A.M. the Sun will cross directly over the Earth's equator. This moment of the vernal or Spring equinox begins our yearly  

Floral Dance...

The Floral Dance!
Floral Dance John Hocking
Find Thyme This Year to Walk with Us
2012 Herb Walk Dates:  22nd March
17th May
12th July
13th September
8th November

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Herb Walk, July 2010 Herb Walk with Ben Fairlight Edwards
Ben Fairlight Edwards:

Keeping it Local 
Scented MC 30g

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Where in the World is Madeleine's Cream?
Herby world
We send Madeleine's Cream all over the world - using recycled packaging whenever possible.

Last month we had orders via our newly-improved website that went to the USA (California, New York and Wyoming), Holland, Scotland, Ireland, and there is even some Madeleine's Cream and Ointment in a lovely village called Amari - in the mountains of Crete...
Drink the Environment Clean - Nikken Sports Bottle
Pimag Water Bottle
If you are buying bottled water to drink on the go, Nikken has an economical and environmental alternative! This is unique because it includes Nikken's PiMag Water Technology, which adjusts the water's pH value and helps offset the oxidising effects of modern diet and environment.    
Each replaceable filter lasts about 250 refills (approx. 3 months), giving you around 152 litres of clear, filtered water at a fraction of the cost of bottled water brands.

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Warre hive at NBKT
As the weather warms up in the next month or two, if you see bees swarming in the Forest Row area, let me know...

Call me on 01342 825 649 or 07711 369 438  or send me an email

We have a beautiful Warr natural beekeeping hive (much like the one above) ready to host a homeless swarm.

I am happy to collect the bees - all you have to do is tell me where they are... please remember that swarming bees are usually very docile, so don't be tempted to swat!   

Or if you spot a swarm anywhere, please contact the experts at the Natural Beekeeping Trust who will be able to help you.

Visit their website for inspiring workshops, courses and bee wisdom. Thank you!


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First Herb Walk of the year with
Ben Fairlight Edwards: discovering wild food and medicine in our fields and hedgerows
Thursday, March 22nd 2012

Wild Garlic, or Ramsons, are already lush and plentiful beside the stream along our path. Delicious new cleavers are under that south-facing hedge, juicy sweet new dandelion leaves (and the occasional flower) and feathery tender new Yarrow...  

young YarrowYarrow
This herb of a thousand names is brilliant for the circulation - FRESHLY picked Yarrow / Millefoil / Old Man's Pepper helps balance blood pressure (DO NOT use medicinal amounts of Yarrow if you are already on Warfarin medication). It also helps the flow of blood and heals the blood vessel walls.
Dandeliondandelion leaves
Try this: make 2 separate salads and/or sandwiches - one with TORN leaves, the other with CUT leaves. After about 3 minutes, your meal of torn leaves should taste better than the cut leaves. Why? Answers on a post-card to...
OR come to our first Transition Herb Day on March 22nd 2012 (details below) to report your findings and learn the answer!
Tough as it is, Cleavers (or Sticky Willy) is not that hardy a plant - and as Jack Frost may still visit, pick any (clean) Cleavers you can find whilst it's on offer(Pick One, Get One Free would be a good name as it is so sticky). If you're not looking forward to Spring because of the Hay Fever it may bring, then fresh Cleavers is especially good at raising your immune system resilience.
Stonehenge Spring Equinox sunrise
Sunrise on the Spring Equinox at Stonehenge
  Herb Walk: Thursday, 22nd March 2012 


Morning 9.30 - 1pm

Afternoon 2 - 5pm


25 for the morning only

38 for all day

Concessions available, contact Madeleine 


Bring your own lunch; drinks and bics provided

Please bring the usual Barefoot essentials:


1 jar (small)

1 plastic bag (freezer/sandwich bag)

1 pair small scissors / penknife

1 small thermos flask (optional - for making a Field Infusion)   


We very much look forward to seeing you there!

- Ben, The Barefoot Herbalist  


Call Madeleine on 01342 826 965 to book

or email herestoyourhealth@hotmail.co.uk

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Speaking of stimulating the brain, instead of relying on coffee to keep you perked up, try chewing a few leaves of fresh rosemary instead - the resins contain a natural stimulant.
The Fractured Countryside - What on Earth is Happening Underground?
Sussex countryside



Hydraulic Fracturing (fracking) company Cuadrilla has planning permission to drill just outside Balcombe in Sussex. The company admits that its fracking process has already caused earthquakes in Lancashire.   


Fracking in the US, South Africa and Australia has caused serious concerns around water pollution - to the extent some US households are able to set their tap water on fire. Air pollution, aquifer depletion and increased lorry traffic are other issues.

France has already declared a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing and there are calls for the same in the UK. Planning has been denied in the Vale of Glamorgan (mainly because of local outrage) but many other sites are planned UK wide, including in the Mendips and in Kent. To view the map, click HERE.

You can watch a documentary by the UK's Ecologist Film Unit on the risks of fracking HERE
Kiss Your Winter Lips and Cracked Fingertips Goodbye!

"...I reach for a cream made with Monarch emergedcalendula that soothes; nettles that promote healing and stellaria, the modest starflower that cools, in a wondrous potion for hard-working hands from madeleines-cream.com..." - Francine Raymond, The Sunday Telegraph


Madeleine's Cream is useful for softening, moisturising, cleansing and soothing all kinds of skin, but for severe cracks and chapping, try Madeleine's Lanolin Ointment - and in our handy smaller sizes (15g and 30g), it's perfect for handbag, man-bag or pocket. 

 Original Madeleine's Lanolin Ointment 15g  

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Thanks to Ben Fairlight Edwards for his enduring Herbal wisdom, to the Natural Beekeeping Trust for continuing their valiant effort to save our bees, to Heidi Herrmann for sharing the pic of her beautiful Warre hive, to Benno White (commercial photographer) for his excellent photos of Madeleine's products, and to everyone who stocks, buys, uses and then tells their friends, family and even complete strangers about Madeleine's Cream & Ointments. Thank you all!