Madeleine in the brambles
Mad about the brambles
Good Things to Put in Jars
There are delectable delights for us in the hedgerows and fields... and there is one more chance to walk with Barefoot Herbalist Ben Sloe berryFairlight Edwards before the end of the year... join our heart-warming Winter Herb Day on Thursday, November 3rd    
Little girl on path - dwnload
"I wish I'd gone to this talk before I made any decisions about my child's health."
- The Observer

What Do You Know About Vaccines and Natural Immunity?

'Comparing Natural Immunity with Vaccines' is a fascinating two-part presentation that will almost certainly change the way you think about vaccination and immunity.

TREVOR GUNN BSc Hons LCH RSHom, Medical Biochemist and Homeopath has spoken all over the world and on Radio and TV. He will be making an appearance at Helios Clinic

97 Camden Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN1 2QR

White blood cell
White blood cell and bacteria

Take this opportunity to have your questions answered - however complex or simple.

Part I: Weds, 26 October 7:30pm-9:30pm


Part II: Weds, 9th Nov 7:30pm-9:30pm

20 per person or 35 per couple (this price covers both Part I & II), concessions also available
To book, ring Madeleine on 01342 826 965 or send an email 
Colored white and red cells
COME TO THE GROVEtree with lights at night

SUNDAY, 27th NOV 7:30pm
Forest Row Village Hall

An evening of music, song and story, heart-wrenching harmonies, classical, acoustic folk, and finally sassy swing and rockabilly to get you dancing into the night
Grove Fam Fest Oct 11
There are seven voices and instruments in the family to delight and inspire, and a story or two from award-winning mum... 

Entry by donation; wine, juice and snacks available in the interval
Madeleine's Cream & Ointments - as featured in the Sunday Telegraph magazine
Madeleine's Lanolin Ointment


FREE GIFT WRAP for all Christmas orders on request
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Herb Day: Good Things in Jars for Christmas! Thursday, November 3rd
Chili, Cinnamon, Rosemary As we head for Deep Winter, it's good to keep warm and cosy - and to keep things moving in our circulation.

Think of Chilli, Ginger, Cinnamon and Rosemary - and you probably feel warm already! Preparations of these and other herbs (including Chestnuts) in alcohol, oil, vinegar, tea and cooking are justly famous for warming the cockles.  
Rosemary house 
Flowering Rosemary

In this session we'll revise how to make a basic cream - and then modify it with tinctures or essential oils to suit friends and family.
Haw (Crataegus oxyacanthoides
Ripe Crataegus berries, all ready for making Hawthorn Brandy 


And, using a traditional method to gauge what qualities our loved ones might lack, we will look at how to remedy that with herbs. Even a simple tailored skin cream can help a person, especially when applied to key points on the body.


Jar of herbs

Thistle do you goodGood news, there will be time to look at other ideas for making herby Christmas presents, and of course we'll go outside weather permitting.   

    Morning 9.30 - 1pm

     Afternoon 2 - 5pm

         Guelder rose BFE

We look forward to seeing you there!


25 for morning or afternoon

40 for all day


Get a discount when you pre-pay! 20 for morning/afternoon, 35 for all day


To book, you can ring Madeleine on 01342 826 965 or send an email to: 

From Ben's Store of Wisdom...
Bittersweet (Solanum dulcamara)
Dog Rose Hips
"Even late in October, the evening sun is still warming hedgerow Sloes, Hips, Haws, Guelder Rose berries, Rosemary flower buds and - beware! - Bittersweet berries.
The first morning frosts have come, so now is the time to pick the Sloes and put them in your vodka (vodka is more neutral tasting than gin - and likely better for you). Try a jar with some sugar - and one without: if the Sloes are sweet enough to start with, the resulting Christmas toddy will be cheery enough!
Sloe closer
Sloes are ready now
You can do the same with many other hedgerow berries but if you're not sure what they are - don't pick them. If you'd like help identifying any herbs or berries bring them along to our Winter Herb Day."
- Ben Fairlight Edwards, Barefoot Herbalist
Do you love your feathered visitors AND the environment? How can we look after both? Robin close up
What if the massive bird-food market is getting GM into the country via the back gate?  What if the seed we feed our feathered friends is full of pesticides? Bird house

We are committed to providing a fully organic alternative to the products generally available - visit
Madeleine's Bird Garden to order yours today...
Madeleine's Homeopathic Travel Kit
Travel kit interior
Take me with you...

The kit contains several remedies that may help with illnesses, pains and upsets commonly experienced during all kinds of travel.
We think it's unique among homeopathic travel kits because it features practical combination remedies and a simple guide which clearly shows what to take and how often.

What better gift for a traveller?
Only 60 - buy it HERE 
Price includes pre-travel phone consultation with registered homeopath Madeleine Grove LCH RSHom 
Ring 01342 826 965 for more information

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Thanks as always to the luminous Ben Fairlight Edwards for sharing his wealth of herbal wisdom with us
 and for providing a few gorgeous photos of herbs as well! Many, many thanks go to the incredibly talented Jackie Arditti, whose wonderful photos from the Sept Herb Walk also grace this issue.