Summer in the Fields
The summer abundance of healing flowers has arrived...
Elderflower is glorious in the hedgerows, offering itself especially to our respiratory system. The structure of the flower-heads mirrors the structure of the lung - it shows us an inverted bronchial tree.
Elder in flower
The flowers, and later the berries, are perfect for any problems to do with the lungs: hay fever, colds, flu, bronchitis, asthma. Elderflower is rich in flavonoids (which look after the circulation of the whole body), and has masses of Vitamin C as well as antiviral and antioxidant properties. Put a flower head in your morning smoothie, or gather a few to soak in cold water with some muscovado sugar and lemons (juice + the rest of the fruit) to make the most exquisite summer drink....
Another key element to our health is the water we drink and wash in. We use a Nikken water system at home which I believe is by far the best - take a look at their summer offer below.
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This summer, replenish your body with the purest water available

PiMag system
PiMag system
In the heat of summer you need to keep your body's vital organs, bones and tissues replenished. The energized pi water produced by PiMag technology is so pure - fresher than any water you've ever tasted - and is instantly absorbed by your body.
Pi water is water restored to its full beneficial potential, like the water that fell to earth centuries ago, washed over pollution-free rocks, gravel and sand.
Nikken's special blend of materials and natural minerals reproduce the environment where pi water was first discovered in Japan.

Save 20% on Nikken's innovative PiMag water products by purchasing as a pack!

  Offer runs from
1June - 31July

Water Pack

PiMag Ultra Shower

PiMag Optimiser

PiMag Water System

RRP incl VAT 339.00

Save over 90!

Maxi Water Pack

PiMag Ultra Shower

PiMag Optimiser

PiMag Maxi

incl VAT 427.00

Save over 100!

For more information or to place an order,
 click HERE

'Flower Riot' Herb Walk, Thurs 22 July
Join us for the latest in our series of Herb Walks. Ben Fairlight, The Barefoot Herbalist, will take us on a fascinating tour of the hedgerows, fields and woodland just a short walk from the centre of Forest Row.
July's natural offerings can be overwhelming, so we'll focus our attention via a systematic approach.
There will be a new progressive programme of learning with our plants that will take us through the Autumn & Winter and on to next Summer. 
The process remains the same: gentle building of our confidence with strong applied practical sessions and simple theoretical background (notes/handouts provided). The overall plan: In the morning session, we'll discuss one body 'system' (e.g. digestive, respiratory), together with finding and working with some related herbs. In the afternoon there will be simple field botany with case histories and further practice in finding/making remedies.

Please note new session times, giving equal weight to morning and afternoon.

Herbs still in flower are likely to include: Elder, Meadowsweet, Hops, Betony, Woundwort, Guelder Rose, Couch Grass, Dandelion, Archangels, Herb Robert, Sow-Thistle  - to name but a few.
meet Herb Robert
Herb Robert 3

Morning 9.30 - 12.30pm
Mini Lecture (20 mins): The Digestive Tract 
  We'll then get into the fields to find and taste some common herbs associated with the digestive system. We'll make a field tea to help link us to the place and discuss further herbs that can stimulate, re-balance, relax and even slow down the digestion...  
...and we might try to tempt you with some butter-fried Sow-Thistle stems for lunch!
Afternoon 1.30 - 5.30pm
Identifying Useful Plants: A New Look at Leaves
Dandelion looks like Ragwort, doesn't it? So, how to tell the difference? The answer is very simple - when you start looking closely at leaves, a whole new world is opened to you. A load of green leaves will never be the same! What's more, being able to identify a dandelion could feed you for months - and sort out your digestion (as well as improving your resistance to illness and allergy). A very practical session. Yum! 
tasty Dandelion
   Newcomers are very welcome
 20 for morning or afternoon
35 for all day
Places are limited so let Madeleine know ASAP if you will join us for the day
Call 01342 826 965 or
Please bring your own lunch - drinks and biscuits provided  
Please also bring, if you can:
  1. 1 small jar
  2. 1 plastic bag (freezer/sandwich bag)
  3. 1 pair of small scissors
  4. 1 small thermos flask (optional but useful - one shared between 3 people is enough)
Next stop, Holly Wood
Director's chair
Flower Film Stars
Our last Herb Walk was filmed by Tor Bridges as part of the documentary about Forest Row's Transition Town initiative. 
I'm especially looking forward to watching the bit where we're all grazing on the Hawthorn hedge, nibbling the delicious fresh leaf-tips... 
And news of another workshop with Ben the barefoot herbalist:
Couch grass 24th July 2010, Emerson College, Forest Row, East Sussex
The Four+ Elements of Being in This Place
Welcome to a fun, hands-on day with two fabulous teachers of their craft, General Practitioner and Anthroposophical Doctor Jeff Green, and retired Medical Herbalist Ben Fairlight Edwards
Cost 80