Issue No. 10
June 2011
All about BBQs!

Summer is almost here and that means it's BBQ season.

Father's Day is on June 19th and is always a good time for a BBQ!


We've got a video showing you how to make the perfect BBQ pork ribs, a list of must-have BBQ tools and ten BBQ sauces you can make at home.


You'll also find a recipe for strawberry spinach salad. Made with Ontario strawberries, it's delicious.


If there are any kitchen tools or techniques you'd like to read about, please don't hesitate to send me an email


Chadd McArthur
Chef for All Seasons 

The Perfect BBQ Pork Ribs
Ribs are a BBQ staple - the Globe and Mail recently posted a video about making the perfect ribs.
Stephen Alexander of Cumbrae Meats does the demonstration.
There are two types of ribs available - back and side. Back ribs have more meat and are more tender than side ribs, but often more expensive as well. Side ribs, also called spare ribs, tend to be slightly fattier and less tender (but flavourful!), so they require a little more cooking time.
Click here for the video
Must-Have BBQ Tools
In order to have a good BBQ, you need the right tools. Here are four essentials to help you get great results.
Grilling basket: great for grilling vegetables, shrimp, and whole fish, these baskets prevent smaller foods from falling into the coals.
Meat Thermometer: Unless you can tell how well the meat is cooked without cutting into it, a meat thermometer is a great tool. Just by inserting it into the meat, you can gauge the temperature to cook everyone's steak perfectly. It's great for chicken as well.

BBQ Timer: Having a BBQ timer is essential because if you've got guests, you can be easily distracted. And who wants to keep running into the house to turn off the oven timer?

Long handled utensils: Whether you're buying a basting brush, tongs, fork or spatula, make sure they have long handles. That BBQ is hot!

Strawberry Spinach Salad  


Here's a recipe that combines two locally grown ingredients: spinach and luscious Ontario strawberries.


It's a fairly simple recipe, but the raspberry vinegar in the dressing makes it something special!  


Click here for the recipe

Ontario Culinary Adventure Guide


Southern Ontario is a gold mine when it comes to culinary events.


CityBites has published their first issue of the Ontario Culinary Adventure Guide!


It's got page upon page of great information and places to visit, whether it's sampling the food along Ossington Avenue, the wineries in Jordan, Ontario and even where to dine in Stratford.  

It's a perfect guide if you're looking for a day trip or two this summer to explore the food scene in southern Ontario.


Click here for the guide

10 make at home BBQ Sauces



Many of us buy bottled BBQ sauces because they're so convenient. However, we're increasingly trying to cut down on processed foods and learn exactly what we're eating. We found a resource for ten great BBQ sauces that you can make at home.  


It's great because you can customize each to your own taste.


Click here for the recipes 

Cooking Classes and Interactive Parties  


Is there a particular technique you've always wanted to master, or perhaps just want to expand your repertoire.
Chef For All Seasons offers cooking classes and interactive parties that can be hosted in your home!  
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