Issue No. 3
November 2010
November: All About Wild Game!
Fall is hunting season, which marks the beginning of wild game season, whether it's truly wild or farmed.

If you and your guests enjoy sampling foods out of the ordinary, please let me know - I'm happy to put together a custom menu for you!

Chadd McArthur
Chef For All Seasons

Wild Game: A Primer
Bison Carpaccio

Game connoisseurs enjoy meats such as bison, elk, caribou and venison for a number of reasons.

One reason is that game meat can be healthier. It's lower in fat than beef, and grass fed bison have a higher level of heart-healthy Omega 3 fats. Elk has the lowest fat and calorie count of any of the red meats and can be substituted for beef in most recipes.

Another reason is flavour - elk meat tends to be sweet and tender, but it also depends on how it's prepared.

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Rosemary Wild Boar and Apple Brochettes

Some people say that Wild Boar is closer to beef than pork, but the meat and flavour vary depending on the age of the animal and the method of preparation.

Wild Boar is leaner and more flavorful than regular pork. It is darker in color and has a distinctive flavor with a hint of its wild heritage.

Wild Boar should be cooked to medium rare to medium allowing the meat to retain its moisture and distinctive flavor. Remember, because it is leaner than domestic pork, cooking times are reduced.

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Game Birds

Game birds such as pheasant, quail, wild turkey and emu are also popular.

Ostrich meat in particular is becoming more popular - with an 80% protein content, it's lower in fat than beef, but just as flavourful. One issue is that due to the lower fat content, it cooks more quickly.

Pheasant meat is comparable to chicken, but because they are largely free range, they have a nicer flavour. However, pheasant meat can be a little tougher than chicken.

Cumbrae's has a simple recipe for Supreme of Pheasant: click here
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Wild Game Primer
Wild Bear and Apple Brochettes
Game Birds
Featured Links
Here are some delicacies from around the world.

1. Camel Humps (Arab/Western Chinese)
2. Snake meat (Singapore)
3. Fried Grasshoppers (Africa)
4. Iguana (South America)
5. Crocodile (Australia)
6. Tarantula (Cambodia)
7. Bat Paste (Thailand)
8. Balut (duck embryo, Phillipines)
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