Issue No. 1
August 2010
Welcome to our first monthly newsletter!
Things are heating up at Chef for All Seasons. Not only is the Chef for All Seasons newsletter making its debut, but the website is also receiving a major facelift.

A new logo and a new overall look will be unveiled very soon. The new website promises to deliver more information for both new and existing customers.

Pages will be frequently updated with all of the happenings here at Chef for All Seasons.

You can expect informative cooking tips, how-to's, articles related to cooking, and a portal to valuable resources.
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Chadd McArthur
Chef For All Seasons

Pass the Sauce

It may be nearing the end of the summer, but there is still plenty of time for fun on the patio. Nothing says summer like a good barbeque in the back yard.

There's just something alluring about the fire, the smoky flavours, and the simplicity of cooking over a fire.  But is it really so simple? It can be. If you have mastered the grilling technique, all that's left to do is to choose quality ingredients.

If you haven't mastered the technique, you can call upon the help of Chef for All Seasons. The Chef always uses quality cuts of meat and high-end ingredients for a premium flavour profile. Chef for All Seasons' homemade signature BBQ sauce is bold, luxurious and is always a crowd-pleaser.

Although we can't share the recipe of the secret sauce, there is no shortage of flavourful rubs, marinades, mop sauces, and barbeque sauces available in your local supermarket. In case the idea of store-bought sauces is not for you, create your own using some ideas taken from
Did you say BBQ...cake?

You've heard of steak. You've heard of cake. But you've probably never heard of a steak cake.

With a definite a baking craze happening, it's no surprise that new businesses for these delicious creations are popping up everywhere.

Newmarket-based Cocoa Cakery has taken BBQ to the cake level, creating BBQ-inspired cakes and cupcakes.

These creations will just as likely cause confusion as it will cause you to crave a piece of cake.

Click here to visit the Cocoa Cakery on the web or email Christina for more information.
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Pass the Sauce
BBQ Cake
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Top 5 Brain Health Foods
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Glencolton Farms - Learn about raw milk and be a part of Cow Share Canada
Top 5 Brain Health Foods:
  1. Wild Salmon
  2. Cacao Beans
  3. Matcha
  4. Blueberries and Acai Berries (tie)
  5. Coffee Beans
Resource: Click here
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Chef For All Seasons was featured in En Route's 2009 Dining Guide.

Click here for the story and scroll down to page 7.
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