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As Spring arrives, we are reminded of the abundance and opportunity that we are fortunate to experience here in Canada. Simple things, like energy at the flick of a switch, is something we may take for granted, while it is something many people may never have access to.


Access to energy transforms people, communities and nations. The back-breaking work of women and children is minimized by providing simple, labour-saving devices to assist in daily life. Women are free to work towards providing family income, and children are able to attend school and have light to study by at night. Sustainable energy powers people, opportunity, the planet, and the future.


Thank you all for your continued support and making this a reality for our partners and the communities with whom we work.  We look forward to meeting our Calgary supporters at our AGM in May (check out our events page for more details). Hope to see you there! 


The Light Up The World Team 

Regional Office UpdateLight Up Parionaccocha


So far in 2012, the Regional Office team has visited the provinces of Loreto, Apurimac, Cajamarca and Huancavelica. They have been busy developing projects, installing solar home systems, networking with key stakeholders, and building upon relationships with local partners.   


In January, the team did a thorough evaluation of important community buildings in the Tigre district of Loreto.  Tigre is another district in the Peruvian Amazon, which struggles to provide energy to its residents.  LUTW is helping formulate appropriate renewable energy interventions for the region.  In early March, we partnered with Asociacion Civil San Javier del Peru... [Read More] 


Project Profile
Light Up Parionaccocha 
Light Up ParionaccochaParionaccocha, a community of 30 homes at 4,550m above sea level, was our first project in Huancavelica. The community is located in the Andes mountain region of Peru. There is a history of mining (the Spanish extracted mercury in order to process silver in the 16th century), but the region struggles due to a lack of development, economic activity, and political instability.


LUTW held a technical workshop for local partner San Javier, and training for 6 residents of Parionaccocha and the district of Santa Barbara (who will serve as local technicians).  Over the course of 6 days, LUTW, San Javier, and the newly trained technicians installed thirty solar home systems...[Read More]
Light Up Parionaccocha
Partner Profile
Asociacion Civil San Javier del Peru

In Peru, wealth and resources are unevenly distributed, and rural areas are often neglected. Through our partnership with the Asociacion Civil San Javier del Peru (a Peruvian NGO), we demonstrate the potential for renewable energy to promote self sufficiency, and community development.

Our work with San Javier, who have a long standing relationships with beneficiary communities, helps to build resilient projects, that assess risk, and respond to the needs of the community. San Javier promotes the development of Andean culture, linguistic resources in Quechua, knowledge and traditional techniques. The organization actively supports research, the improvement of local production, and social development projects through their strong history with communities in the region. Their program activities are aimed at the most vulnerable communities in the Huancavelica Region.




EPS Students


Sunridge Mall: Earth Week

April 21: Sunridge Mall, Calgary


Celebrate Earth Week with LUTW. Visit us at our booth, and enjoy Earth Week activities.  Sunridge Mall has generously agreed to donate $1.00 for each "Colouring Contest" submission, where young artists show their concern for the environment!


We're excited to see eco-minded creativity!



May 14-15: TELUS Convention Centre, Calgary


The Vision 2012 joint convention of CSEG, CSPG, and CWLS are once again supporting LUTW with proceeds from their silent auction. 

Bidding for the silent auction opens Monday, May 14 with items available for viewing on the exhibit floor. Thanks to all the volunteers that make this happen!


AGM and Reception 

May 31: Lougheed House, Calgary



Make sure you join us at our AGM and reception to learn about LUTW's programs and partners. We will have an exciting speaker, food, drinks and displays to help gain a deeper insight into our projects and the communities we serve. We hope to see you there!

All the best,
The Light Up The World Team
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Regional Field Office Answers Fan Questions 

Regional Office leads Roderick Macintosh and Ada Yee answered LUTW fan questions from Facebook and Twitter.
Check out the interview on our Facebook page, and learn what the dynamic duo are doing!
LUTW Volunteers:
University of Calgary Club 
On April 5, the LUTW Club at the University of Calgary participated in Philanthropy Week at MacEwan Hall. 
Club member Bernice Fonseka shared her thoughts about the event: 
"Just talking about the importance of light reignited club members' motivation, especially with final exams quickly approaching.  It has reminded them every little bit counts; that every attempt at fundraising - be it bake sale or bottle drive - really does matter."  
SCiP Interns 

(Our interactive hut at Market Collective!) 
Market Collective Booth

Our interns have been busy! They organized our February 4-5 booth at Market Collective.

Visitors experienced "life without light" with an interactive, life-sized replica of a hut in the developing world (complete with a stove from Tanzania!). ACAD artists Madison Hillman and Teresa Tam also joined us, and generously agreed to donate a portion of their sales to LUTW. Thanks again to Madison and Teresa!

Our booth was a hit! Visitors enjoyed the interactive experience, and learning about LUTW.

Facebook Fun  

Social Media Coordinator Sarah Pynoo organized a Facebook contest. When visitors "liked" our page, they entered to win a solar charger. We got more traffic to our page, and spread the word about LUTW!