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 LUTW Fall Newsletter: September 2011  

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Delivering Solar to a Distribution-cursed Market
Rural populations in developing regions such as Africa enjoy some of the world's sunniest days - but they also experience the darkest nights. Lacking electricity, over a billion people in these regions are forced to rely on kerosene lamps that emit no more light than a cigarette lighter, or on batteries that can supply power to a hut but require frequent refilling journeys to diesel-powered charging stations.

Now solar solutions offer a more economical and healthier option - read more about the challenges (and the benefits) of bringing solar to the developing world.
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2011 2nd Quarter Project Updates

Costa Rica 

This past quarter we have been working on the design for 162 solar PV home systems and four school systems that will be installed throughout the Talamanca region of Costa Rica in late 2011 and into 2012. System designs will be finalized and sent to Costa Rica in the next quarter.   


In August, we worked with our project partner, Kuyacc Ayni, completing solar PV home installations in the high plains community of Santa Rosa. Read the Project Profile for more details.


In September we conducted project evaluations in Chayansa and Pallccapampca and found systems were working well. Four local technicians who were trained at the time of installation took part in a workshop to enhance their understanding of the technology.  


Papua New Guinea
We are currently seeking more funding to assist our partner in Papua New Guinea, ATprojects, with the resources to keep installing solar PV lighting systems in the remote aid posts. Donate today to help us continue to improve health care services in Papua New Guinea in memory of Captain Nichola Goddard.

In addition to our ongoing projects, we provided assistance to eight organizations and supplied two with solar lighting equipment at a subsidized rate. As a result projects will be implemented in the following counties:
- Ethiopia
- Tanzania
- Pakistan
- Burundi
- Guyana
- Canada

Education Program Update
We have formed a partnership with Trickster Theatre and their Kids Go Global initiative - working together to make the world a smaller place.

A group of students from Texas Tech University made a trip to Peru in August to better understand the impact of light on the developing world. Through their efforts 230 people in the community of Santa Rosa now have access to electric light in their homes. 
Shopper's Guide to Pesticides in Produce
If you like the idea of buying organic produce, but cannot afford to buy everything organic, The Shopper's Guide to Pesticides in Produce, published annually by the Environmental Working Group, provides a clear guide to pesticide contamination on your favourite foods that fill your shopping cart, fridge and stomach.

The Dirty Dozen list itemizes fruit and vegetables with the highest pesticide residuals. Ingesting The Clean Fifteen (foods with the lowest pesticide residuals) can reduce your pesticide intake by a whopping 92%!

For a complete listing of the Dirty Dozen and the Clean Fifteen, click here.

Hard to believe summer has come to an end and we are entering a new season; how time flies when we are having fun (and being incredibly productive). We have much to celebrate as our Peru team marks their first year in that country as well as having received the Peruvian NGO status. Our projects in the region continue to build momentum with three projects completed and three more to be done by year-end!

As we progress in our objective to bring renewable energy and sustainable light to the world we have the extreme good fortune to work with supporters whose passion and commitment to the cause is nothing short of wonderful: check out the LUTW UofC Club profile for just one example.

Working with educational institutes like Texas Tech University is also a gigantic leap forward in our mission to educate the world on the importance of light in the developing world; check out the project profile on the Texas Tech student expedition to Peru.

Enjoy the season and the newsletter, be well and we hope to see all our Calgary residents at the One Year in Peru Celebration (details forthcoming on our website but check our Upcoming Events in this newsletter for a quick overview).


Best regards,


Linda Tyler
Communications & Finance 
Project Profile: Texas Tech in Peru
In August a group of ten students from the Energy Commerce program at Texas Tech University, Terry McInturff (the Director of Academics) and a guest from the US Dept of Energy participated in the 2011 World Energy Project in Peru.

The students were able to participate in the program through sponsorship and their own fundraising efforts in order to support a community development project in Santa Rosa, Apurimac.

Group Photo Before the group arrived in the community, eight local technicians participated in the basic technical training; the following day, the Texas Tech group received their own training. Over the course of the installation 38 homes and one community building each received a 15W domestic solar photovoltaic system, two LED lights, one CFL and a voltage convertor.  The installations themselves were educational, challenging, exhausting and engaging - but they did manage to fit in some futbol with the locals!

The group was introduced to life in Peru, energy issues, developHouse and Panelment efforts across the country and a climate much colder than Texas! The group coped with extreme altitudes, 12 hour bus rides, gastronomic adventures, guinea pigs, hiking, amazing vistas and a cultural experience only Machu Picchu could offer - all in the name of light. 

Through the tireless efforts of Terry McInturff, the World Energy Project is flourishing and LUTW is proud to be a key part of that experience.
LUTW Club Launched at University of Calgary
This September, the University of Calgary added a new club to  its ranks - one devoted to fundraising in support of LUTW and its mission to bring sustainable lighting to communities that are off the power grid.

The club is comprised of almost thirty first year students who initially discovered LUTW through a highly respected high school chemistry teacher. Amidst the mayhem of adjusting to post-secondary life, they havFund Raising Bottle Drivee begun to plan a variety of small fundraisers in and around the university. On October 24th, club members will be presenting their finest culinary skills in a student-organized bake sale. For those familiar with campus, some delectable goodies will be available in Science B from 8am to 2pm - or until the food runs out!

One of the most enthusiastic members, Megan Bach, describes why she has chosen to be a part of the effort - "We are all in university, so we all know the value of education. The best part of this is knowing that I can help give kids across thSystem Constructione world the chance to study and pursue a future just by providing them with light. Light is such a valuable resource and I never really appreciated it until recently."

The students are proud to have brought a LUTW club to the University of Calgary. While the kids are from a variety of different faculties and professional interests, they are all looking forward to raising money and awareness through potential event ideas that include a movie screening and LED keychain sale campaign.  
Regional Office Update
On October 1st the Regional Office celebrates their first anniversary in Peru. It was a strategic move with risks, challenges and cost - but the hard work and papercuts incurred by LUTW staff, volunteers, board members, partners and supporters are giving back dividends in the form of successful proposals, promising relationships, excellent regional contacts and knowledge.  There is still much to do but the foundation is solid and sound!

LUTW is making progress gathering information about communities in the high plains of Apurimac and Loreto in the Amazon Basin while continuing to evaluate potential partners in other states.

We are learning the logistics of working in the Amazon of Peru - interesting and difficult but we're excited about the potential impact. There are not many organizations working in the jungle because of geography, lack of logistical support, remoteness and proportion of population but it makes sense as a target region for LUTW and we will do our best to develop sustainable projects there.
Donor Profile: Fondation Ensemble 
Fondation Ensemble LUTW would like to recognize Fondation Ensemble, a private foundation based in France, for supporting our work in Peru. The foundation supports innovative projects that fight poverty and favour the emergence of local skills while working towards long-term environmental protection. On behalf of our beneficiaries in Peru-thank you Fondation Ensemble!
Upcoming Events
MONDAY, October 24th - 8:00 am to 2:00 pm
University of Calgary, Science B

On October 24th, LUTW UofC Club members will be presenting their finest culinary skills in a student-organized bake sale. For those familiar with campus, some delectable goodies will be available in Science B from 8am to 2pm - or until the food runs out!

Light Up The Neighborhood (LUTN)
SATURDAY, November 5th 10:00 - 2:00 pm
Endeavor Arts 200, 1209 1st St. SW Calgary  

Endeavor Art's first Make:Art initiative will be a joint effort with LUTW, Victoria Park BRZ and Protospace Calgary where we will come together on a Light Up The Neighborhood (LUTN) project for the holiday season. Come join us in bringing light to our community: participate in a fun, friendly and creative space by creating and then exhibiting an LED Holiday display.

THURSDAY, December 1st  5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Endeavor Arts 200, 1209 1st St. SW Calgary  

Come and celebrate our first year in Peru with music, food, drinks and a silent auction featuring Peruvian and Andes folk art. We also hope to bring one of our project participants forward to speak about their adventures on a project.

If these activities were not enough, professional photographer Brett Gilmour will be onsite shooting head-shot photographs for $25.00/each; the proceeds going to support LUTW projects in Peru. These photographs would work wonderfully for your online professional image.

In partnership with Endeavor Arts, Protospace Calgary, The Victoria Park BRZ and Brett Gilmour Photography we will not only be celebrating LUTW Peru but also our local community, sustainability and technology: the results of the LUTN workshop on November 5th will hopefully be in proud display on our neighborhood streets.

Did you know that with the financial support from donors like you, we are able to carry out evaluations in communities at strategic times after solar PV systems have been installed? 


We use the evaluations to test and re-train local technicians to ensure they retained the skills they learned when the systems were first installed. Ensuring they understand how to work with, and service the technology, is a key difference between sustainable projects and ones that fail shortly after installation. These evaluations are critical to the long-term project success as they provide an opportunity for ongoing dialogue with the community. 

With your support LUTW and our partners are able to assist families in rural communities. On behalf of our partners and beneficiaries we thank you!


The LUTW Team
Light Up the World