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LUTW Spring Newsletter: April 2011

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Is Radiation Harmless?
What is your take on the nuclear debate? Here is what some people are writing in response to the recent disaster in Japan.

From NPR to Fox, the media appear to be accepting the nuclear power industry's argument that the radiation streaming out of the Fukushima Daiichi Plant into the air and water and migrating around the world is at levels that "pose no significant impact on human health." Read Francesca Rheannon's take on the nuclear disaster in Japan.
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2010 4th Quarter Project Updates

We have completed our first project since opening our Peruvian office, in the village of Chayansa: 40 solar PV systems were installed in the village, bringing 140 people the first electric light to their homes.

We sent an additional 80 solar photovoltaic (PV) systems to Papua New Guinea. These systems will be installed by our project partner, ATprojects and other project partners. Thus far, solar PV systems have been installed in nearly 250 health centres, from which health care services are provided to nearly 600,000 people.

In Ecuador, we worked with Fundacion Natura to train local technicians and install 19 - 80 Watt solar PV systems in the remote Amazonian village of Chimius.   

In Guatemala, we supported the Light The Village Project through the installation of 80 solar PV systems in March in various villages located in the municipality of Todos Santos, Huehuetenango.

In Costa Rica, one of our project partners, ACEM, completed the distribution of 104 portable lighting systems in the Talamanca region. The fair trade co-operative, APPTA, continued to install solar PV systems in the in the same region.

Our staff continue developing plans with partner organizations for renewable energy projects to take place in April, May and June in Peru, Ecuador, and Costa Rica.

Subsidy Program Update
Solar lighting equipment was provided to organizations at subsidized costs in the following countries for non-profit renewable energy programs:
- Ethiopia
- Guatemala
- Tanzania
- Nigeria

Over the last quarter we provided project support to 16 organizations in 15 countries in order to help them develop their own plans for renewable energy projects.  We share our project experience so that we can help others to learn how to deliver high quality renewable energy projects that have the greatest possible impact on the beneficiary community.

Education Program Update
In February, our Program Director, Christoph conducted a seminar on the Socioeconomic impact of renewable energy and lighting for Lighting Design students at Parsons The New School for Design.

On March 21st we presented to the Electrical Contractor's Association of Ontario (ECAO) Industry Conference held in Guanacaste Costa Rica: we would like to thank the ECAO for the invitation.

We also did a presentation for a group of students at Prairie Waters Elementary in Chestermere. 
Greening the Way
Read about how these 10 consumer product companies and retailers are leading the way in environmental sustainability.

A wonderful convergence of forces is creating a consumer mindset in which corporate sustainability will soon become, if it isn't already, synonymous with innovation-especially green innovation.
Blue Sky Thinking for Sustainability

Why would someone want to give away over $30 million dollars? Two of the main reasons David Harding decided to fund the Winton Programme for the Physics of Sustainability were, first, he wants to provide the "freedom to discover," the ability to invest in what scientists call "blue sky thinking," and, second, he sees fundamental science is the key to creating the low carbon, low impact technologies of the future.


Read more about it here 


Middle East and North African citizenry call for radical change and allied forces pummel Libya with shells. New Zealand struggles to rally from the February earthquake and Japan reels from the triple devastation of earthquake, tsunami and nuclear reactor failure and we watch in horror; our hearts breaking for the innocent victims.


For all of us watching the catastrophic events taking place around the world, we are reminded of how small our world is. Japan may be across a vast ocean but radiation from their east coast has already been identified on the west coast of North America. The likelihood is it will be years before we truly understand the impact of this disaster. IF there is any good news in the Japan scenario, it could be a building impetus to drive change for our energy solutions and usage.

Panel Adjustment


So, here at LUTW, we continue our projects with radical hope that the message of renewable and sustainable energy will cause an epidemic of positive change. For us, if the momentum with which 2011 has started continues, we will be in for a productive and important year as far as project implementations go. 


And so with the melting of the snow here in Calgary we move to a new season with optimism, open hearts and best wishes for our family and friends both near and far.


Linda Tyler

Finance & Communications
Featured Beneficiary: Augustin Pablo Pablo
Augustine Pablo Family
Augustin and his family are farmers living in the remote village of Twitzcox in northern Guatemala. His family benefited from the Light The Village Project, which saw a solar photovoltaic (PV) home lighting system installed in his home. Augustin recently told Christoph Schultz, our Program Director, that his family has benefited tremendously from the solar system that lights his home for about four hours a night and charges his mobile phone. He said that with the system he is able to make clothing late into the evening, further increasing his family's earnings.
Regional Office Update
Since the last update, LUTW trained local partners and community members and we worked together to install solar PV systems in the community of Chayansa high in the Andes mountains of Peru. 

The initial enthusSupervising Pigiasm about the solar home systems only grew during the installation period and successive feedback from the community has been incredibly positive and encouraging.  We are preparing to return to Chayansa at the end of April for the first monitoring visit and to gather more data to quantify some of the changes occurring in the community. 

Our second project - Light up Pallccapampa - is located in a remote area in the Andes of Peru similar to the conditions of Chayansa.  After training the local technical team, we will be installing solar PV home systems in approximately 35 homes during May.  Kuyacc Ayni is our key partner of this project and funding has been provided by the energy4everyone Foundation. 

The province of Apurimac, where Chayansa and Pallccapampa are located, is one of the poorest in Peru and with very little infrastructure (there are no paved roads between towns).  By gaining more experience and concentrating a number of projects in the region, we hope to create a base of communities to further promote and catalyze the benefits of our solar home system and training approach.  Concurrently, we are making big strides in developing relationships and potential project areas in the Amazon.  There is definitely no shortage of projects prospects in Peru!
Partner Profile: HOPEthiopia 

This spring we HOPEthiopiatrained three volunteers and supplied seven solar PV lighting systems to our friends from HOPEthiopia. HOPEthiopia is a Calgary based organisation that is committed to the restoration of both the people and the land of Ethiopia.  They are implementing four project initiatives: a community, agriculture, reforestation, and a peace garden project.  Their first phase will focus primarily on the community project, which will see the creation of a housing complex for 200 children (ranging from infants to young adults) and 50 retired citizens.

Homes will be built in clusters of about six-25 homes of eight children each, and 10 homes of five senior citizens each. Electrical power will be provided to each home by means of solar renewable energy, and water will be available in a central community area which is easily accessible to all homes.

This organisation does an incredible amount of good work and we are proud to assist them in their mission to  assist the orphans of Ethiopia. You can check out this You Tube video of the light installation.  

Donor Profile
Govt of ABLUTW would like to acknowledge the support of the Government of Alberta through their Community Initiatives Program (CIP). The program's  International Development Grant provides financial assistance to small and medium sized Alberta based non-government organizations to meet Alberta's commitment to give people in developing countries the tools to eventually meet their own needs. The purpose of the international development grants are to match or supplement the donations the citizens of Alberta make to humanitarian projects of their choosing. The Shuar Renewable Energy Project was funded in part by this grant. Thank you Alberta!
Educational Connections

Texas Tech University

TT StudentsWe are preparing for a Field Study visit that Energy Commerce students from Texas Tech will be making to Peru in August of this year. Students will be given the opportunity of learning about energy and community development changes from the unique perspective of a renewable energy project that will take place in Santiago Belen Anta in the high plains of Peru. This is the second Field Study trip to be made by students from Texas Tech University.


Parsons the New School for Design 

We are also preparing for a Field Study visit that Lighting Design students from Parsons will be making to Peru in July of this year. This is the first Field Study trip that will be made by students from Parsons.


Haskayne School of Business

We were honored to be selected to participate in a Change Management project for the MBA program. Our group was phenomenal and we benefited from excellent and constructive feedback.


SAIT Polytechnic

EPS Students

We benefited from some SAIT Volunteers who assisted us in November and December by installing solar lighting systems and running renewable energy workshops for the E.P. Scarlett high school students.

Mount Royal University

This spring semester a group of Communications students from MRU held an awareness building campaign at the University and brought the LUTW message to a whole new audience.

We partner with leading educational institutions with expertise in the energy and lighting industries to provide post-secondary students with a hands-on opportunity to participate directly in the implementation of our projects. If you have any question on how you can participate, please contact Christoph Schultz. 

Upcoming Events

Wild Alberta Expo
The 20th Wild Alberta Expo will be held in conjunction with the Climb and Run for Wilderness on the 16th of April. The expo is a great opportunity to educate and create awareness of our environment and the opportunities citizens have to learn, participate, and take action. Come and join us there!

Mayor's Environment Expo 

We will have a booth again at this annual  exposition aimed at school age children. The expo will be held June 7-9th 9:00am - 3:00pm.  



CSEG will be supporting us once again with the proceeds of this year's silent auction, taking place May 9 & 10, 2011.


Bidding opens Monday, May 9th with items available for viewing in the pre-function area outside of the exhibition hall.  Bidding will continue on May 10th with the close of the auction taking place during the Tuesday night reception at the Hyatt Regency Hotel.


LUTW Sustainability Luncheon and AGM 

We will be holding our second annual Sustainability Luncheon and AGM on the 24th of June.  This year's speaker and location will be confirmed in the upcoming weeks: check our Events page for updates.    

Did you know that because of the financial support from donors like you, 700 families in rural Costa Rica are saving about $90,000 USD a year on lighting. Even more importantly, rural areas in Costa Rica are now home to more than 20 technicians that have received numerous training and are ensuring that families are able to continue benefiting from solar technology.

LUTW and our partners are unable to support families in rural communities without your support. On behalf of our partners and the communities with whom we work, thank you!

The LUTW Team
Light Up the World