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July 18, 2010
Week of 7/19/10
View and download this week's watchlists for Orange and Seminole Counties here.  
NOTE: Trials may or may not begin on the date indicated.  
Cases of media interest this week are:
Orange County
Monday, 7/19 @ 8:30am in 12A
Allen Robert Burns JrAllen Robert Burns, Jr. ~ 2010-CF-000853-A-O
Status Hearing
Sexual Battery
Defendant is a bondsman who allegedly threatened to revoke a client's bond unless she had sex with him
Monday, 7/19 @ 8:30am in 12A
Rosalind Watts-KinslerRosalind Watts-Kinsler~ 2009-CF-018387-A-O
Defendant allegedly armed herself with a sword and confronted her boyfriend at a friend's home. The friend pointed a gun at the defendant who hit his hand & accidentally shot her (the defendant's) boyfriend, killing him.
Wednesday, 7/21 @ 8:30am in 7D
Darin Thomas ChristopherDarin Thomas Christopher ~ 2010-CF-002622-A-O
Motion to Withdraw Plea
Battery on Person 65+ yrs old; Cruelty to Animals; Battery DV; ROWOV (2cts)
Defendant  allegedly hit his girlfriend's dog several times in head & jaw, told her he would rip its ear off & make her eat it, and then threatened to kill her. Dog's jaw was broken & 2 teeth knocked out. Def pled 7/8/10 to Animal Cruelty & ROWOV & was sentenced to 13m DOC + 1y probation.
Seminole County 

Wednesday, 7/21 @ 8:30am in 5C
Adesh BaldathAdesh Baldath ~ 2009-CF-002092-A
Docket Sounding
Poss of obscene material depicting child in sexual act (100Cts)
Def admitted to possessing the images when warrant was served during a routine undercover investigation 
Wednesday, 7/21 @ 8:30am in 5C
William R Davis IIIWilliam Davis III ~ 2009-CF-005140-A
Docket Sounding
1st Degree Murder; Kidnapping
Defendant allegedly abducted victim Fabiana Malave from car dealership where she worked, took her back to his home in Orlando, sexually assaulted & murdered her, and drove back to Seminole Co with her body where he was apprehended
Wednesday, 7/21 @ 8:30am in 5C
James HatawayJames Hataway ~ 2009CF002737A
Docket Sounding
Attempted 1st Deg Murder; Burglary of Conveyance w/Battery; False Imprisonment; Robbery
Defendant allegedly tried to strangle a woman who gave him a ride home from a party in 8/08. Defendant is a suspect in the disappearance of Tracy Ocasio.
About CourtWatch
CourtWatch Florida is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit that was founded in 2007 by a subcommittee of the Orange County Domestic Violence Task Force.
Our mission is to empower the community to positively impact the judicial system's handling of domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse cases.
We monitor criminal and injunction hearings in Orange and Seminole Counties in an effort to assure that the justice system holds perpetrators of these crimes accountable for their actions while not re-victimizing their victims in the process.
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        Sarah Demmer
CourtWatch is looking for someone who can design a database in Microsoft Access 2007, import our current data from Microsofe Excel (approximately 10,000 records on two separate spreadhseets), and train us on using the program.
Please email Laura if you're available to tackle this project in August.
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