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December 8, 2011  




Welcome to the PRRAC Update!  Every other Thursday, PRRAC sends out a brief digest of news, recent publications, and other points of interest related to our work in housing, education, and health. We welcome feedback and encourage you to forward to others. To join the PRRAC email list, click here.


Advancing environmental justice in HUD programs

Last month, PRRAC helped prepare coalition comments on HUD's draft Environmental Justice Strategy - part of an effort by the Obama Administration to coordinate environmental justice efforts across federal agencies.  We also supported separate comments on the HUD EJ Strategy by Public Advocates (on strengthening Title VI enforcement) and by the Empire Justice Center (on dealing more forcefully with racial disparities in child lead poisoning).


Commentary on the Administration's school integration guidance  

PRRAC, the Leadership Conference, and the National Coalition on School Diversity applauded last Friday's long-awaited Department of Education/Department of Justice "guidance" on the importance of school diversity, and the many available methods available to promote it.   One of the best commentaries to come out in response to the guidance was this piece by Sam Fulwood III of the Center for American Progress - "Race and Beyond:  We Need Diversity in Education ."


Civil rights history: "George Romney, Richard Nixon, and the Fair Housing Act of 1968"

By Florence Wagman Roisman:  "Dr. Robert Weaver, who was Secretary of HUD when Title VIII was being considered by Congress and then when it was enacted, certainly understood Title VIII as addressed to achieving suburban integration for Black families.  Perhaps more remarkably, this also was the understanding of the next HUD Secretary and the next President--George Romney and Richard Nixon. More...  


"Beyond Public/Private: Understanding Corporate Power"    

Reflections on legal history, corporate personhood, and Occupy Wall Street - article by john powell and Stephen Menendian in the new Poverty & Race.   


Other news and resources


"More Unequal and More Separate: Growth in the Residential Segregation of Families by Income, 1970-2009," by Sean F. Reardon, Kendra Bischoff


National Council of La Raza: "Monthly Latino Employment Report : Young Latinos in the Workforce"


"Analysis of current Latino segregation trends in the top 100 Metro areas," by Molly Scott, the Urban Institute


Asian and Pacific Islanders Health Forum: "The Impact of Health Care Reform on Health Coverage for Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders"


The Human Rights Institute (HRI) is an annual three-day long fellowship program sponsored by the Urban Justice Center in New York City. The 2012 Institute will take place March 28-30, 2012. The deadline for general applications (without a scholarship request) is January 16, 2012



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