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This week is the 2nd Quarter 2010 review and 3rd Quarter preview. 

If you go back and rewatch my April video (2nd Quarter Preview) I said I thought the 2nd quarter would be difficult, volatile, and down.  I hit the nail on the head.

I also said to watch out for bonds (still good advice), but believed inflation would start to creep up.  The official inflation rate hasn't, and there's even talk about deflation, but this is something that I'll continue to watch and discuss with you.

Looking to the future,
I believe the economy is very sick and will continue to get sicker.  However, I hold an opinion contrary to most pundits out there in that I feel we saw an over correction in the 2nd quarter for the underlying news and that 3rd quarter will be up. 

The economy and investment markets do not always correlate together, and while the underlying value of the markets are weak, the mood of pessimism has exacerbated this beyond what we're seeing in the present.  2011 isn't looking good and I'm by no means blindly bullish, but for at least the 3rd quarter I think things will be up.

Listen to my 3rd quarter preview video for more analysis and 3rd quarter action items.

Click on the link to hear me talk
Year to Date Market Review

2nd Q Dow
Unmanaged indexes
Nasdaq -7.0%
S&P 500 -7.6%
DJIA - 6.3%
Barclays Aggregate Bond +  5.26%

2nd quarter was pretty tough, even if the first 6 weeks were a nice upswing.

23 Doomsayers

DoomsayerIn case you think I'm crazy, or just want to look at a different point of view, here are 23 doomsayers about the market going forward.

Let me be clear.  Overall I think the markets will be weak and the economy even weaker.  However, the extent of the doomsday talk is beyond what I believe is reasonable.

Click on the link for 23 doomsayer articles.


Why Our Massive Debt Mountain Will Kill Us in the End

This is great video talking about government spenDebtding and deficit.

I like how he talks about short term benefits a
nd costs along with long term benefits and costs.

We're on the path of some long term danger if we don't have a credible plan in the next year or 2 to address our deficit problem.

Click on the link for a great video.

Business Cards

I ran across this business card that comedian Steve Martin hands out.  Steve Martin

I think it's pretty funny and perhaps I should get some just like it.

Hopefully it'd be true.

GWM jpg
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