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What a tremendous year Team Heaton had in 2011 ! Our safety program continued reaching "new heights" by achieving  perfect performance for the second straight year. No accidents, no injuries, no lost time ! Each and every employee of Heaton Erecting, Inc. dedicated themselves to our goals and program throughout the year and accomplished this together -truly exhibiting the team philosophy of our core values. Our certified operators remain in a class by themselves. As nationally recognized award program statistics show, less than 5% of all operators nationwide have achieved the status of having over 15,000 manhours of accident free duty. Team Heaton has 75% of its operators at or above 10,000 manhours accident free!

Heaton Erecting, Inc. is committed to the team approach of providing the best customer service in our industry. We consider our customers to be integral members of our team, and our success is dependent on the mutual success of our customers. Our employees are dedicated to the founding principles of our corporate recognition program - Safety, Teamwork , and Performance. During these difficult economic times, this attitude and commitment to excellence has never been more important. As owners and contractors are looking for ways to reduce costs and operate more efficiently, please remember that our excellent safety program and superior customer service will result in a greater return to your bottom line.  We look forward to partnering with you for your next crane, rigging, or specialized lift project.

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On April 1, 2012, our annual safety awards were presented to honor and recognize the achievements of "Team Heaton" for the year 2011.  Our program was created  sixteen years ago to track the safety performance of our employees, and provide a means of recognition on an individual and company wide basis. Our award criteria is very stringent and therefore winners each year have attained a high level of safety excellence. Many of our employees have been accident free for several years, as evidenced by the award levels. To provide a perspective of this accomplishment, an employee must work a minimum of five years without ANY incidents to qualify for the 10,000 hour award. We are very proud to announce the annual award winners for 2011. Please extend your congratulations to them as you see them on your jobsites or projects.




  Congratulations to James "Red" Crumpler, our 2011 Safety Employee of the Year. Red has been employed by HEI since 1979. He began his career at Heaton as a truck driver and has served our company faithfully for over thirty years. James lives and breathes Team Heaton. For several years, James has been our shop foreman, responsible for all of the necessary supplies and materials that keep HEI running on a daily basis. If you have had a mechanical unit delivered and stored in our yard, you have most likely worked with James to ensure its safe delivery and handling. James is a valuable member of our team and exemplifies the strong fundamentals of our safety program in his leadership and dedication to Team Heaton.

We are proud to honor James Crumpler for his contributions and commitment to our safety program.

 2011 team heaton




Wayne Woods
11,073 hrs


Ariel Quintero
Danon Carter
Chris Perry


Eddie Caines


Eddie Caines (5,263 hrs)
Tracy Nash (5,123 hrs)


Richard Britt (11,301 hrs)
Ben Katiuzhinsky (12,160 hrs)
Alvin Hancock (10,639 hrs)
Dusty Tuggle (11,554 hrs)
Scott Elliott (12,481 hrs)
Glen Frost (10,675 hrs)

  10,000 + HOURS

Kenneth Cochran (12,940 hrs)


Jeff Haire (16,218 hrs)
Trevor Merritt  (16,437 hrs)

15,000 + HOURS
James Crumpler (17,604 hrs)
Bret Brady (18,145 hrs)
Michael Glass (17,494 hrs)

25,000 + HOURS

Roger Stanley (27,225 hrs)
Bobby Merkison (34,579 hrs)


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