The new OSHA Crane and Derrick Standard for construction, Subpart CC, 1926.1400, has been released and enforcement of the standards will begin on November 8, 2010. The new standards are very performance driven, requiring specific actions by any entity that is working near or around a crane. The standards target all employers who use cranes in their operations, not just the crane provider. Specific training, communication, documentation, and site preparation are some of the key requirements of the standard. OSHA has made it clear that compliance will be required of all contractors on a site and any violations will result in all being held non-compliant.


This is a very important issue in our operations as well as those of our customers. Our employees have been thoroughly trained in the new provisions of the standards. Our certified operators are aware of the requirements and have the necessary training and documentation to perform their duties in compliance with the new standard. It is imperative that our customers demonstrate to us that they are also compliant. Several of the "Hot Issues" such as working around electrical lines, site conditions, and signal person/flagger will require that our customers and fellow contractors on a site provide us with documentation of their compliance with the standards.


Specifically, OSHA requires proof of training/compliance/documentation in the following circumstances:

1.   Ground conditions (pits, tanks, underground utilities,etc,)

2.   Multiple cranes on a jobsite working in close proximity

3.   Power line clearance (major changes to distance limits)

4.   Pre planning meetings

5.   Training for ALL employees working around power lines

6.   Operators must be certified (all HEI operators are certified)

7.   Signal Person / Flaggers must be trained / qualified

8.   Requirement for Qualified Riggers

9.   Multiple crane lift pre-planning required

10.Tower crane pre & post inspection required

This list is not all inclusive but highlights some of the major changes in the regulations.


Our management team has spent many hours reviewing and understanding the new standard, and our employees have received hours of training. We are well prepared to be a leader in our industry in demonstrating our understanding of and compliance with these regulations. As a commitment to our customers, we are also readily available to address your concerns about the new requirements as they relate to your specific jobsite conditions. In the coming months, there will be a need to effectively communicate with each other to make sure we are mutually complying with our individual and joint responsibilities. For example, if we provide a crane and operator only to your jobsite, we will need to obtain proof of the signalperson's training and qualification to direct our crane. HEI has several employees who are certified signalpersons and we can also provide that service to you if needed.


Team Heaton remains committed to providing the best customer service to our industry and we will continue to ensure that it is provided in the safest manner possible. We are available to meet with you at any time to discuss these new requirements and to ensure our mutual compliance. Our safety team has many resources that we can provide to your company if needed.

OCTOBER   2010
Heaton Erecting, Inc.

Heaton Erecting was recognized as a leader in safety by the Georgia Branch AGC at their recent annual convention. HEI won First Place in the Associate Member 50,000-100,000 hours category. Congratulations to Team Heaton for their dedication and commitment to our safety program!

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