APRIL                                                                           2009
Welcome to  the spring edition of our newsletter, The Whipline. We are very pleased to provide our customers and friends the latest news about our employees and our company. We just celebrated our annual STP Safety Awards banquet where we recognized many of our employees with distinguished service awards. Heaton Erecting, Inc. is committed to the team approach of providing the best customer service in our industry. We consider our customers to be  integral members of our team, and our success is dependent on the mutual success of our customers. Our corporate employee recognition program - S T P- is founded on these principles of Safety, Teamwork, and Performance. We are very proud of our employees who have contributed to the success of HEI, our customers, and our industry by their dedication to these principles.

We hope you will remember "Team Heaton" for your next crane, rigging, or specialized lift project.

On March 22, 2009, Heaton Erecting, Inc. held its annual employee safety awards banquet. Over 70 employees and guests were in attendance to honor and recognize the achievements of "Team Heaton" for the year 2008. The STP award program was created thirteen years ago to track the safety performance of Heaton employees. Safety records are tabulated annually, and employees are eligible to receive awards at several different levels. In addition to individual awards, all Team Heaton members are eligible for an annual safety bonus check which is presented at the banquet.
Safety awards for the year 2008 were presented at the banquet to 98% of Heaton's employees. This was one of the largest numbers of award winners in the history of our program.  This is a significant accomplishment since our award criteria is very stringent. To qualify for an accident free year, employees cannot have any accident or injury that results in property damage above $500 or requires medical treatment.  Most of the employees honored were accident free for multiple years, and 2008 was the first year in our program that 10 employees were honored with over 7,500 hours of accident free employment. To provide a perspective of this accomplishment, an employee must work five years without any incidents to qualify for the 10,000 hour award level. Our top award winner, Bobby Merkison, has over 14 years of continuous service to Heaton without any accidents. 

Carol Heaton, President of Heaton Erecting, presented the Safety Employee of the Year award at the annual STP banquet on March 22, 2009. The award for 2008 was presented to Jeff Haire, our Equipment Superintendent. Jeff is responsible for the overall supervision of our operators and cranes. He has been an employee of HEI for  16 years. Jeff is also a second generation employee. His father, Rabbit Haire, was the first crane operator employed by Heaton Erecting in 1966. His lifelong dedication to the industry is evident in his professionalism and expertise. Under Jeff's leadership, Heaton Erecting experienced its most successful year of our safety program. We were involved in several high-risk projects during the year, and completed all of our work without any lost time injuries or accidents. Congratulations, Jeff, on your outstanding contribution and commitment to the principles of safety!

We are pleased to be the crane provider to Bass Precast Erectors at their Clairmont Lodge jobsite in Atlanta. Our 230 Ton Link-Belt crawler crane, equipped with 180 ft. of main boom, is erecting 470 double "T" panels, each with an average weight of 32,500 lbs. The structure will become a six story parking deck to support the Clairmont Lodge Condominiums, a project of the Fairfield Development Group. Our CCO operator for this project is Wayne Woods.

Award winners and categories were:

           1st YEAR
             Chad Leffel
             Chris Lynch
              Bart Brady
          Howard McClung
            Eddie Caines
            Matt Tatum

           2nd Year
             Sarge Cochran
              Richard Britt
              Scott Elliott
               Tracy Nash
                Jeff Moore
             Julia Messervy
            Ben Katiuzhinsky          
Sarge Cochran    Glen Frost
Dusty Tuggle    Scott Elliott

7500 HOUR
Jeff Haire      (8,599 hours)
James Crumpler  (10,903 hours)
Trevor Merritt      (10,111 hours)
 Gene Mullinax      (10,213 hours) 
Michael Glass       (10,468 hours)
 Bret Brady          (10,326 hours)

10,000 - 14,999 HR  
Coy Youngblood    (12,658 hours)
15,000 HR TROPHY
Ken Taliaferro      (17,216 hours)
20,000 HR TROPHY
Roger Stanley   (21,357 hours)
25,000 + HR
Bobby Merkison   (28,123 hours)

Jeff Haire
Safety Employee of the Year
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