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February 2011  


All "U" Need Pest Control, Inc. is a leader in environmentally responsible Pest Prevention, Termite Control and Lawn Care Services for your home or business.


Craig and Kim Carlson began All "U" Need Pest Control in 2003 to ensure their customers receive the most All U Need Teamprofessional up-to-date pest control and lawn treatment available. 


All "U" Need Pest Control is licensed and insured.  Our Pest Control experts are professionally trained and educated to take great care in protecting your home, office, employees, family and pets with environmentally responsible pest prevention techniques.   


Call us today to see how we can rid your home or office of unwanted pests. 




Kim Carlson


(239) 424-8742



TermitesTermites cause more damage each year than hurricanes.


Termites cause 5 million dollars worth of damage every year! Is your home or office next? 


There are 2,100 species of termites. The African termite Dampwood Termitequeen can live up to 50 years and lay up to 30,000 eggs a day.   


Imagine if you didn't have your home professionally treated by All "U" Need Pest Control?  How much damage would just 30,000 termites do to your dwelling?



The types of Termite you may find:   

Drywood Termites 

Dampwood Termites 

Subterranean Termites    


Do you already have Termites?  Click here for clues. 


A professional inspection by All "U" Need Pest Control may be required to find where the termites are living and eating your property.





Cockroach photo

Kitchen grout is full of dirt, grease and food particles which make a great food source for bugs such as the Cockroach to feed on at night.


Scrubbing - not mopping - your grout regularly in the open area and behind appliances will help to reduce the bugs traveling through your kitchen while you sleep.  


Some bugs release an odor once food is found so others can feed there.   


Don't let your kitchen be a feeding ground for bugs.  Have your home professionally treated by All "U" Need Pest Control.




Moldy shower tile

Showers are known for growing mold and mildew. 


The mold, mildew and dampness attract bugs looking for food and water from the outside walls. 


Sealing all cracks inside the shower and the outside wall, and keeping the shower clean may keep bugs from showering with you in the morning.



Mulch photo

Do not use mulch in your yard near your home. 


The mulch attracks bugs and they will enter your home through cracks and seals. 


Alternatives such as small stones would be best to use.



Florida has caterpillars that release poison when touched.   


Poison glands are connected to their spines.  It can cause itching, burning or severe reactions needing medical attention.


The major Venomous Caterpillars are:

 Puss Caterpillar

Puss Caterpillar

Feeds on broadleaf trees & shrubs.  Likes oaks & citrus 

Saddleback Caterpillar

Saddleback Caterpillar

Feeds on hibiscus, palms & many plants 

Hag Caterpillar

Hag Caterpillar

Found on forest trees & ornamental shrubs 

Lo Moth Caterpillar

Lo Moth caterpillar

Feeds on ixora, roses & many plants  





The Brazilian Wandering Spider is a North American Wolf Spider and has highly toxic venom.

They like to hide and travel in clusters of bananas to your local grocery store. 


Their venom is currently being used by scientists to create an erectile dysfunction treatment for humans.


Drugstore Beetle

The Drugstore Beetle is also known as the Bread Beetle or Biscuit Beetle.


They feed on pharmacological products, dry dog food, dried flowers, potpourri, dried foods, spices, hair, leather, and books.


Females can lay up to 75 eggs at once and she lays them in food.  The larvae will cause major damage.


Drugstore Beetles can bore into furniture, tin foil and sheets of lead.


Protect your food and medicine from Drugstore Beetle by having your home treated by All "U" Need Pest Control. 




Protect your Chocolate this  

Valentine's Day.



Here are a few bugs that will fight for your chocolate:


Pantry Beetles

Grain Weevils

Spider Beetles

Meal Worms

Carpet Beetles




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