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Our next class will be held on Monday, September 17th from 6:30 - 9:30 PM at the Courtyard by Marriott University in Fort Worth. This three hour session is an excellent introduction to the art and science of face reading. Each participant receives an individual face reading and a lesson on how to begin reading faces.

Our Certification Work-
shop will be held at the same Marriott property as the class mentioned above. It begins on Friday, October 26th and concludes on Sunday the 28th.  Participants will leave the session able to read any face. The workshop is limited to 12 people in order to maximize individual participation.

For more details about each of these events, please go to the website. You may also register on line. 
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September 2012 Newsletter 

As promised in the August newsletter, we are going to look at the other side of the interview process. Let's consider the task of the hiring manager in finding the right person for the job. First, a few desired requirements will be a way of sifting through resumes to eliminate as many as possible -- age, sex, zip code and education are a few of the items that will often eliminate candidates. The job seekers whose resumes are left in the short stack may have a phone interview. If the person sounds okay, a face to face interview is scheduled.

Usually there will be a job description outlining responsibilities for the position. But what about the qualities that would enhance the person's ability to do the job? If you, as the hiring manager, would list the qualities that you would like the person to have, you can then list the facial features that correspond to each quality. During the interview, one can then better determine the person's fitness for the job based on experience and also ask better questions about the qualities revealed by their face.
Let's consider a few faces. I will list several of their qualities and see if you can find the facial feature that corresponds to it before you read my summary of that person's face.
Job Candidate Joe
Smart..........Gives 110%.........Loyal
Money motivated....Good listener
If you want to hire someone who does things his own way and can act with a great deal of independence, then Joe may be the man for the job. His ears stick out which reveals that he is independent and a self starter. His ears are also big which are often found on folks who exhibit kindness and who are careful listeners. Small nostrils
belong to someone who has experienced scarcity at some point in their life. Joe's nostrils telegraph that he may have concerns about  having enough money. Therefore, he is financially motivated and he will work hard to make more money.
The size of his forehead says he likes distinctions and is good with logic, theory, planning and/or academics. The size of his chin indicates he is not afraid of competition. He feels that if he is given a level playing field, he can be just as good as anyone. When we divide his face into thirds, the middle part is the smallest which means that he will give 110% effort to his work and will gain the respect of others in his field.
Those flat bottom eyelids reveal the wariness of a person who divides the world into "us" and "them" and does not easily trust "them". However, if you gain his trust and come over to the "us" side, he will be one of the most loyal, faithful employees you could ever want to hire.
Job Candidate Wendy
Meets deadlines....Sees the possibilities...
Does her homework...Good at marketing Holds on to her opinion...Self-reliant and self sufficient...turns thoughts to actions
Wendy has close set cheeks indicating that she gets bursts of energy that enable her to rally coworkers to meet deadlines and get the job done. She may become the "go to person" when there is a crisis to be solved or a deadline to meet. Her angled eyebrows indicate that she has leadership qualities. She does her homework because she wants to get it right and those " don't jack with me eyebrows" make others reluctant to cross her when she voices her opinion.
Her two front teeth hang lower than the other front teeth which is a sign of stubbornness. She is not a "flip flopper" and will hold onto her own opinion until proven wrong. If you want Wendy to change her mind you will have to show her proof, otherwise, she will not budge. Her thin nose reveals the fact that she is self sufficient. Wendy is a person who likes to make things happen and relies on herself rather than others to accomplish her goals.

Finally, her ears pinned very close to her head is the mark of a conformist in that her values will often conform with the values of the majority. She is good at anticipating what most people want or think they need. Because she knows what she wants, Wendy can market products well to the public. Her most endearing quality resides in her ability to turn her thoughts into actions and manifest her ideas. This attribute is seen in the way her forehead and nose meet in a flat plane. This feature, indicating Wendy's ability to accomplish her goals, can also be seen on many NFL "goal oriented" quarterbacks.

Job Candidate Jose
Goal oriented....Innate self will....Healer
Supportive....Team player.....Persuasive
Intense focus
Jose has a straight chin which indicates that he goes all out for the goals that he sets for himself and the causes he believes in.  If he personally believes in what your company does, he will excel in endorsing it to others. The fact that he has a bottom lip twice the size of his top lip means that he can also be quite persuasive when talking to other people.


The space between his eyebrows and the bump that is found there are found on people who have innate self will. Jose, with his determination, would excel in accomplishing whatever he sets out to do. The lack of upper eyelids showing indicates Jose is extremely focused and can tune out distractions when he is working.


Finally, the low bridge on his nose indicates that he is a team player and needs to have interface with coworkers while doing his job. He can act independently but would not enjoy a job where he worked alone all of the time. The lines in his cheeks are support lines.  So while working with the team, Jose is encouraging and supporting others in their efforts.
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