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August 2012 Newsletter

Learning to read faces is a tool that gives us the ability to be better connected with every person we meet. Without a bond of human connection it is easy to begin treating others as mere objects. Unfortunately we have recently seen, with the senseless rampage in Aurora, Colorado, how deadly a disconnected person can be. We all grieve for the people involved and ask ourselves what can be done to prevent these tragedies? Perhaps the best place to start is to become more connected to others in our own lives. 

Face Reading is one tool that aids in connection but what are some of its other applications? In a time when unemployment is high, the need for a job can be a matter of survival. I am devoting this newsletter to those seeking a position and am offering interview tips to help you connect with the interviewer. While it may seem absurd to someone who knows nothing about Face Reading, you can actually improve your chances in the interview by understanding some of  the personality traits of your interviewer as revealed by their eyebrows.

However, all of the tips in this newsletter, if followed, can enhance your marketability especially if the shape of the interviewers eyebrows is not easily determined. Going in for an interview creates a sales dynamic in the relationship. As the seller, you do not have any power in the process until an offer is made. Once you have an offer then you have some power to take to the bargaining table. This concept is difficult for our egos to absorb but can be a huge asset in winning the offer.

And for those of you currently employed, these tips will help you when presenting ideas to your boss, peers, or anyone you meet in your daily life. Even your waitress in a restaurant will become more attentive and friendly when she feels appreciated and understood.
Straight Eyebrows

An interviewer with straight eyebrows appreciates the facts. Giving the person specific accomplishments from the past that have quantifiable results will definitely impress this person and make you far more memorable. There is a three step method for citing your past work accomplishments in your interview. First, give the situation as you found it. (Never make yourself part of the problem.) Second, tell what you did about it in very few words. Then third, give the results. These results are the most impressive part of your accomplishments and anytime the results can be quantified, they become much more memorable.


Remember, a face to face interview will only be granted to the candidates that have the qualifications to do the job. But in order to set yourself apart from the other qualified candidates you have to become memorable. Saying "I work hard and I do a good job" is far too vague. Your resume should also state your successes but don't assume your resume is ever completely read and understood. You must become your own walking, talking resume.

Curved Eyebrows

  Of course we all know that employers hire people whom they like. The personal impression you make may be even more important to an interviewer with curved eyebrows which reveal a person whose mental focus is people oriented. Consequently they will respond well to compliments, but the compliments must be sincere. Before the interview, research the company to find its strong points. You then may be able to say things like, "Your company has a great reputation". You may also be complimentary about the decor of the office or the friendliness of the receptionist. In fact, getting the receptionist on your side can be a huge plus. Many jobs are won or lost in the reception area of the office.


People with curved eyebrows learn best from real world applications. Once again, following the three step format given above to site your accomplishments is like handing the interviewer a snapshot photo of how effective you are at work. If you are asked for references, be sure to contact the people to let them know they may be called. Inform them about the position you are seeking so that they can vouch for your qualification with specifics.

All managers, regardless the shape of their eyebrows, will tend to hire more from emotion than logic after they have determined who is qualified. Joining a company is like joining a club. If you are given an interview then it has already been determined that you can do the job. Your task is to also build a chemistry with your potential boss. Being competent plus likable is the winning combination.

Angles Eyebrows

An interviewer with angled eyebrows likes to stay mentally in control. Allow the person to be completely in charge and therefore run the show. Act as if you are a guest in their  home. A good guest allows the host to set the agenda for the visit. This interviewer will likely have a set way of interviewing and it is your task to go with the flow. By allowing the interviewer to call the shots you are giving these angled eyebrow folks a feeling of comfort and ease in being around you. A host enjoys good company and will look forward to inviting them again. When a guest is demanding and inflexible, odds are they will not be invited back any time soon.


Even if you are naturally a "take charge" kind of person, your deference won't come across as being a lightweight. Rather, you will be sending the message that you are easy to get along with and competent to do the job. The hiring manager is looking for someone they can MANAGE. And most of all, don't forget to smile. 

Joe the Leatherman

My good friend, Joe DeLord, is more commonly known as Joe the Leatherman. He resides in Mexico and makes his living by creating handmade leather crafts to sell to the tourist and locals. A true free spirit he found his way to the Gaylord Resort in Grapevine, Texas to attend our very first Certification Workshop. We have kept in touch over the years and Joe recently wrote of a great event where face reading provided a connection and energy that took his sales through the roof and opened the door to an ongoing venue for his wares.


After suffering through a dismal show where almost no one bought any of his leather jewelry, Joe and his niece Breanne ( who was visiting from the States) decided to go to the ZZ Tops concert. He had no money or tickets but he knew there would be a good size crowd. Hoping to make some sales they loaded up all their wares and went to the show.


Of course, when they arrived at the theater they were blocked from entering the arena. But Joe was determined and finally convinced the guard that he needed to see the director on an "important matter".


While waiting at the office for the director to appear, Joe began to read the faces of the office workers. Joe was so right on target with his readings that not only were the people he was reading impressed but everyone who was listening were soon smiling and laughing and having  fun at hearing these incredibly accurate readings of their co-workers.


When the director walked in and saw everyone having such a good time he asked, "What's going on ?" Joe then proceeded to read the director's face. Some of the lines Joe read on the director were the survivor lines on his upper lip. The fact that Joe could instantly see and understand the personal depth of this man, shaped by previous life traumas, made an impact. The director then gave Joe and his niece free tickets to the concert and permission to sell his leather goods to the audience.


The end of the story is even better. Joe and Breanne not only enjoyed the free ZZ Tops concert but they also made over $1500 dollars in sales. To show his appreciation Joe gladly  gave a percentage of  his earnings to the director. The director was so pleased with the contribution that Joe had added to his event that he told Joe he could come back and sell his goods at the next big show which is Austin City Limits. All in all, it was a win - win for Joe and the theater and it was an evening packed with joy, emotion and even financial success. Joe gives all the credit for this success in being able to read faces to make those vital connections.


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Joe the Leatherman
Flash Card Feedback
Flash Card Feedback
We are enjoying the positive feedback about the flash cards. One friend of mine was confined to bed as she recuperated from a fall. She said that surrounding herself with the flash cards and studying the meaning of  each feature made even the experience of confinement enjoyable.

My financial advisor  keeps her flash cards in her top desk drawer.  Before she meets with a client she checks the meaning of some of their features. She says this has given her a better understanding of the person she is about to meet and also a better way to communicate with them.

My friend's 5 year old daughter can't read many words so she will ask me what a feature means when she shows me one of the flash cards. She decided, based on my feedback, that it would be best not to buy a pet from a person with angled eyebrows since she noticed all the villains in the cartoons she watches have angled eyebrows

Let us know how you use your flash cards. If you have not bought them yet, then do it today at