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July 2012 Newsletter

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The content of this newsletter is attributed to Teresa Ferguson. Teresa took the Spring Certification Workshop and has been practicing face reading, not only on living family members but also on those who have gone before her. Teresa's childhood memories of grandparents and great grandparents have taken on new meaning as she has discovered the depth of her ancestors as revealed by their faces. Interestingly, as I worked with Teresa in her face reading discovery of James and Martha, the understanding of their life struggles somehow brought peace. Please don't miss her article included in this Newsletter.
  James Avery (great-grandfather)

Teresa first noticed his deep-set eyes with low, continuous eyebrows: They suggest his mind raced and he had difficulty relaxing. His straight eyebrows indicate he had a logical approach and needed facts and proof. He saw all related aspects quickly and easily and paid attention to detail (even eyebrows). His low eyebrows combined with his low ears indicate he pushed himself. He was impatient ("wants it now") and was a perfectionist.


Teresa next determined he had a small middle area with a small nose - He was a hard worker and gave 110%. His challenge was in receiving the financial reward he deserved for his efforts. He would be well-respected as a hard working tenant farmer. He survived great poverty and therefore knew the value of money as he searched for more ways to make money. (bulb on the end of his nose.)


Thin lips indicate that he was reserved and careful in speech, expressed himself only when certain. His low bottom ears support this read - he had a careful approach and delayed closure to be right. He preferred wisdom over speed.


His straight chin indicates he went all out for his goals, values, ideals and principles. He also had a big chin, so he was not afraid of competition but high pressured sales would never work on him. He was probably also hard to live with since, in his mind, his way was the only right way and he wanted things perfect and immediately too.


His bottom lids are rounded - especially on the left side which means he was open, receptive and took in all the information before making a decision.


Teresa noticed his emotional disappointment lines continued past the corners of his mouth into compassion lines. These lines show that he weathered grief, loss, pain and heartaches in his experience of life's disappointments and setbacks. He definitely knew the meaning of  hardship. 

  Martha Avery (great-grandmother)

Teresa began this reading by noting Martha's intense eye puffs hanging down over her eyes, especially on her left side. This means she constantly took care of everything and everybody else with little regard for her own needs. She may have reached a kind of breaking point after a life of complete service and dedication to others.


Teresa noticed that her bottom lids are straight in this photo, which might just mean she was shy and didn't like having her picture taken. However, she may have had naturally flat bottom lids as a way of protecting herself by maintaining an emotional distance. She may have been suspicious, fearful, mistrusting, or anxious.


Her turned down eyes, (especially on her right) reveal that in her external world view her life experiences had taught her to be prepared for the worst and to not get her hopes up too high. 


Martha has a small nose and very small nostrils. She may have received little outside emotional and financial support and pulled herself up by her own bootstraps. She was self-reliant and self-sufficient. I pointed out to Teresa that Martha's resistance to other people helping her may have added to her eye puffs. Her small nose shows that not only did she "keep her nose to the grindstone" but she also felt that she had to do everything herself.


Her eyebrows are straight and winged meaning her approach was direct and factual. She mentally evaluated the facts without letting her emotions effect her judgment. The winged aspect shows she preferred the beginning of projects as she saw the possibilities but the follow through was a challenge. She had high eyebrows which means that she had a wait and see approach. She needed time to put new information on her mental framework to evaluate how she internally felt about it before acting.


Teresa thought that Martha had low-bottom ears but I cautioned her about this feature since Martha has her chin tilted up and that makes her ears appear lower than they really are. Pictures can sometimes be deceiving because of the angle of the shot.


Now Martha's compassion lines, especially on her personal side, show that she has gone through her own pain, loss and heartbreak, especially in her personal life. Her obstinate chin also supports this read and means that she didn't expect life to be gentle or kind and she hardened herself to perpetually meet difficulties. She could be tough and obstinate when challenged. She braced herself for adversity.

My Family Archive
by Teresa Ferguson


As an archivist of privately held family collections, I became interested in face reading as a way to add information to collections. While Mac and Ann promote face reading as a tool to connect with the people we encounter every day, I wanted to connect with family members I never had the opportunity to know. It occurred to me that my customers also might like to know something about the family members whose letters and belongings they preserve.  


With that in mind, I decided to attend the Amazing Face Reading Certification Workshop last spring and have since been reading my family's photographs to sharpen my newly learned skills. My grand-parents' and great-grandparents' faces have given me insight to questions I have long wondered about. For example, my grandmother was mentally ill and took her own life when I was a little girl. Even so, I champion her as the most courageous woman I ever knew based on the story of how she prevented my mother from being abused by a step-father. 


My grandmother already knew the hardships she would face as a single mother, but when she discovered the danger my mother was in, she did not turn a blind eye; she kicked the guy out.  I have always admired her for choosing to protect my mother, but where did she find such courage considering the complexities of her life?  I discovered through reading my grandmother's face that she was an abused child and the reading of her mother's photo revealed that her mother did not protect her. 


It all makes sense now. Who could better understand the effect of abuse and the toll it takes than someone who experienced it herself? Martha knew how it felt when those who should have protected her ignored the situation. These discoveries are like missing puzzle pieces that at long last complete the picture and somehow give me peace.

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