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April 2012 Newsletter

In previous Newsletters we have focused on a specific personality trait and then discussed the physical facial feature that corresponds to that trait. In this Newsletter we will discuss when a constellation of features all point to the same trait. When this occurs the significance of the trait is amplified.

One way to think about the impact of having a constellation of features all pointing to the same trait is to imagine that the trait being indicated was a word that had been bolded for emphasis. If the bolded word was then underlined, it would add even more emphasis. If the word is followed by an exclamation point we would certainly get the message from the writer about the importance of this word's meaning.
In this newsletter we will consider the traits of Strength and Determination and show the constellation of features that point to those qualities. Our subjects are professional quarterback, Tim Tebow and race car driver, Danica Patrick. Each of them have several features that all point to these qualities. Needless to say, the more features on a face that point to the same thing, the stronger that trait shows up in a person's day to day living.
  Tim Tebow 

timTim Tebow's face is a perfect example of someone who has a constellation of features that indicate strength and determination. First, let's look at the features that indicates an "iron will". The wide space between his eyebrows is one indicator of determination. That quality is enhanced by the self-will pad or bump between his eyebrows. This feature indicates that he is the type of person that once he makes up his mind, it would take dynamite to change it. Next, he possesses the classic Greek or Roman general's nose in the way his forehead and nose are joined in almost a straight line.


Coincidentally, almost every successful NFL quarterback has this feature. It reveals a person who can take an idea or goal and manifests it into action. If this were not enough, his large nostrils reveal an overt self-confidence and belief that, despite all odds, for him, anything is possible. Any one of these features taken alone would indicate a person with enormous "will". Taken together they reveal a person with an indomitable strength of "will" who always chooses to "go for it".


From a face reading standpoint, when we look for strength, his wide, bulging jaws are indicators of tenacity and would also predict that he is undaunted in the tasks that he assigns to himself. His big chin, which he further enhances with a beard, reveals an internal attitude that if given a level playing field, he is equal to, if not better than, anyone else. When the jaws and chin are taken together, from a face reading perspective, they mark him as a fearless competitor and formidable adversary who would thrive on competition.


Obviously, he shares similar facial features with other individuals who have these same personality traits. It is not surprising that chin size has a direct correlation with testosterone levels at various stages of development. That is why you will probably never see a professional NFL linebacker with a small chin.  

Danica Patrick 

Danica Danica Patrick, as you may know, is a famous race car driver and the only notable woman in her field. In reading her face, her bulging jaws are indicative of her strength and determination. Her jaws would predict that when she commits to something, she is going to go through with it.


Danica is noted for her tremendous determination and natural "grit". That quality is revealed by her chin. While Danica's chin is somewhat smaller than TimTebow's, it sticks out and proportionally to the size of her face would still be read as a strong chin. Additionally, the wide space between her eyebrows would predict that she has tremendous innate self-will and commitment to the task. 


There is no doubt that Danica's choice of sport requires mental determination and nerves of steel. Her face says she is definitely up to the task. 

Face to Face


In a recent article in USA Today (Tuesday, March 27, 2012) a 29 year old tech executive says, "For me, I feel like technology is creating a lot of weak ties. I have a very large network of acquaintances, I have people I connect with through work and social events. I can reach a lot more people now, but strong ties? Strong ties are very few for me. I feel like the technology has made us a little lazier in keeping up with and working on strong relationships. What's that going to do to us? It's a little scary."


Most of us can probably say the same thing about our "circle of friends". With the advent of modern technology, we certainly connect with a lot more people. We all have some interactions with others that seem to signal connection, but at what level?  Most people today would admit that they spend more time on their Kindle, Nook, iPad, Notebook, Smartphone, or in front of a TV or computer than they do in face to face interactions with other human beings.


At the very core of human perception... at its most fundamental level...our neural receptors respond to energy vibrations. Those vibrations are enhanced and strengthened as they travel toward our brain which analyzes the data and turns them into our sense of sight, sound, touch, smell or hearing to name just a few. But the most basic of all human perceptions is still the subtle energy itself. We may call it "vibes" or the feeling in the room or what makes a mother wake up from a sound sleep and know that her baby is in trouble before it has let out a sound. It is the energy that has always bound us together.


The challenge with our modern technology is that while it gives us access to an almost unlimited amount of data, there are now fewer direct exchanges of this primitive and binding life force energy. Only time will tell us what, if any, long term effect this change in the way we connect with each other will have on our culture.


We do know that the human mind is amazingly fluid. It evolves to meet the challenges of the environment. When we focus on a task, our neural connections for that task are strengthened. When ignored or not used these neural pathways become weakened. When we first learned to ride a bicycle the neural pathways for the task were weak and it seemed difficult. But as with all things, the more we did it the easier it got. On the other hand, it is easy to remember a phone number that we use all of the time but if we don't use it for a while we may forget it. The neural pathways that allowed us to recall the number have been weakened.


Our fascination and focus with electronic gadgets, mobile data devises and computers have certainly increased those neurtral pathways and increased our ability and speed in using them. However, the neural pathways used in our face to face interactions may have been weakened from lack of use. Will there come a time when a direct face to face interaction, where we actually look the other person in the eye, will be as stressful and out of our comfort zone as a first date?


Learning to read faces not only increases the comfort zone but it also makes face to face interactions with other human beings exciting and enjoyable. At a minimum, it exposes us to personal interactions that give us the opportunity to experience that vital exchange of life-force energy. Thank you for your time today and, may the Force be with you!


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Certification Workshop
Certification Workshop 
During the last weekend of this month we are pleased to present another certification workshop. We are very excited  about this event as the room setting and materials have been upgraded.

The most important aspect of the event is the experience of total immersion into Face Reading. Since it is limited to a small group, each participant will have the opportunity to apply the teachings and become a certified face reader.

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