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March 2012 Newsletter

A few weeks ago I announced that my book, Amazing Face Reading, was now available as an EBook through Xlibris. Many of you responded by ordering the book although there were some challenges. I apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused you. Here is the direct link for ordering the EBook that will make it much easier for you.  Click here

The February Newsletter was about intuition, a function that is attributed to our right brain. This newsletter will consider functions related to the left brain which, as you may know, is the logical, practical, analytical side of our brain. As we move through the world, we must have some sense of time, attention to detail and the ability to think symbolically. Exercising our left brain occurs when we read, study, text, talk, drive a car and a myriad of other functions that help our life move in a chronological manner. 

This newsletter is focused on spotting people who have a left brain approach to life. Low, straight, even eyebrows belong to such a person. They have a quick, analytical, fact based approach and see all the related aspects of a situation or problem quickly and easily. A person with all three of these features has an innate left brain view-point.
Other features like deep mental development lines crossed with mental pressure lines reveal a person who has worked hard to develop their gift of left brain intelligence in response to their environment. The diagonal/vertical lines indicate points at which they felt themselves under intense mental stress or pressure.
Low, straight & even eyebrows 

keithPeople with low eyebrows have a very fast mind that processes data quickly. They may sometimes interrupt because they can anticipate what the other person is going to say. They often will have  several immediate thoughts they don't want to forget and they may offer these thoughts before the other person has finished their sentence. If these low eyebrow people also have straight eyebrows, it means that they are analytical, focused on the facts and see the abstract connections. Now add the dimension of even eyebrows which reveals that have an uncanny ability to conceptualize projects from stem to stern. They understand completely how every aspect relates to every other aspect.


Keith Olbermann is an excellent example of a person with a left brain approach. He can take information, synthesize it quickly and make a point. His journalism career began as a sports analysts and more recently he is reporting on world events and politics. His journalism style is reflected in his eyebrows. He is quick to give the facts and easily relates them to current events. Simply stated, his ability to analyze current events and present them in a logical fashion shows his innate left brain intelligence and a quick mind.  


Mental development & pressure lines 

 leeLines running horizontally across anyone's forehead did not magically appear there. Each is earned by working the left brain and stretching one's intellectual capacity. Three or more of these lines might indicate a mental effort equal to earning a graduate degree. The lines that appear vertical or diagonal and crisscross these mental development lines result from a person putting themselves in a kind of mental pressure cooker. They have experienced working under pressure. It may have been meeting pressing deadlines, cramming for important exams, preparing a presentation on short notice, or wrestling with complex situations or complicated problems over an extended period of time.


Lee Iacocca is our example of a man who not only worked at developing and stretching his intellect but also put himself through intense mental pressure on more than one occasion. Iacocca is famous for turning failing businesses around and making them profitable. The left brain mental development and the mental pressure he faced in those stressful situations is evident in the crisscross lines on his forehead. 

Face Reading & Epigenetics

"He looks just like his dad," is an expression we have all heard and which no one finds surprising. Of course he looks like his dad. We know from common experience that physical appearance is a function of genetics. In fact, the construction of every single cell in our body, including every line that appears on our face, is the result of a set of genetic instructions. But how do we explain the changes that occur in our appearance over time?


It would be easy to assume that the change of our facial appearance is just a part of the aging process. But then why do some people seem to change more than others and why do some changes in appearance seem to correlate with the occurrence of dramatic life events? Welcome to the fascinating world of epigenetics, an emerging new branch of science.


It is true that our genetic code is set at birth. However, nature has found a way to incorporate successful life experiences, especially those that aided in our survival and pass them on to our offspring. While we can't grow a new set of genes, our lived experience can determine if the genes we do have are switched "off" or "on". Even that orientation can be inherited.


The orientation of the gene will also affect physical appearance.

As a child, my orientation was very right brain. I felt connected and at one with every aspect of nature and saw no reason why I couldn't fly if I tried hard enough. My parents had different ideas for my future and encouraged me to become an attorney, like my grandfather. Those years spent in that extremely focused left brain world left their mark and I developed mental development and mental pressure lines as discussed above.


The stresses in my life experience modified my natural orientation causing me to develop a more left brain approach. None of my other siblings who went into different occupations developed those lines. Have you ever thought how your

life experiences have changed your face? 

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Low, straight & even eyebrows
Mental development & Mental pressure lines
Face Reading & Epigenetics
Certification Workshop
Certification Workshop 
Our next Workshop for Certification as a Face Reader will be held on the weekend of April 27 - 29. It begins on Friday evening with a 3 hour session, continues on Saturday all day and concludes on Sunday with a morning session.

The Workshop will be held at The Courtyard by Marriott at University Drive in Fort Worth and participants who stay at the property will receive a discounted room rate when they call Marriott directly 800-321-2211 and identify themselves as participants in our program.

If you are interested and want more information, please call Ann at 682-365-5298 or e-mail Ann: