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February 2012 Newsletter

When I first heard of face reading my original question was, "How can this be possible?" "How could a facial feature reveal anything about personality?" While this question is still at the edge of our present scientific knowledge, a possible answer lies in our genetic makeup.
The same genes responsible for a specific personality trait also manifest themselves in a typical physical appearance. For example, there may be no scientific proof at this time that the genes responsible for making someone physically rugged or tough are also responsible for giving the person a big chin. However, from our common wisdom we have a hard time thinking of a professional football linebacker with a small chin. 

The problem becomes infinitely more complex when we realize there are many different kinds of toughness, each with its own genetic and physical manefestation.The same is true for almost every character trait including intelligence, nurturing, expressiveness, sensitivity and intuition to name just a few. This newsletter is concerned with spotting some of the various facial cues that indicate manifestations of intuition.
      Access Hairs eli 


The hairs standing up at the start of the right eyebrow indicate a natural intuition about one's external environment, physical situations and surroundings.

Of course good genes also help explain why Eli Manning, the quarterback for the New York Giants (above) is taking his team to the Super Bowl for a second time. After all, his father Archie and brother Peyton are both famous football players, but a closer look at his eyebrows may explain which genes help make him a champion.


The access hairs at the start of his right eyebrow reveal a natural ability to tap into internal pattern recognition which we might call "gut instincts". Experience is always a valuable teacher, but the natural ability to quickly access patterns at the subconscious level is a genetic gift. Having an intuitive awareness of his physical surroundings, the positions of the players and the situation on the field, allow him to make choices almost instantly without over thinking his decision.


Access hairs on the person's left eyebrow reveals an ability to recognize patterns in personal interactions.These folks are often a quick judge of character. Within a few minutes after meeting someone they will already have a gut feeling about that person.


Before we leave Eli, did you notice the light colored hollow spot in the inside corner of his right eye? These corner indents indicate another type of intuition where the person may get a flash of the future or how present circumstances may turn out. (see below) 


Corner Indents

Another indicator of the expression of intuitive genes can occasionally be seen as corner indents.They appear at the inner most corner of  the eye often as a lighter area that almost seems hollow. 


People who have these corner indents sometimes receive intuitive flashes of things to come because they recognize, on a subconscious level, the underlying patterns.They may not bring the flash to full consciousness until it actually comes to pass. You may hear them say "I just knew that would happen."


General Dwight D. Eisenhower, pictured here, had corner indents. His gift of foresight helped put the United States on the right track after World War II. His vision included seeing the need for a national highway system and having a global foreign policy. His foresight was included in his farewell address. He warned the country about the possible consequences of creating a vast and unchecked military industrial complex. In hindsight, this vision makes him now seem almost prophetic.


Inner Ear Ridges

georgiaThe prominence of the inner ear ridge or "antihelix"  is associated with a person's focus on their internal or intuitive world.


Georgia O'Keeffe, pictured here, had very large and distinct inner ear ridges. She was recognized as a famous modern artist long before women were allowed to study art. Her career began in New York City but eventually she moved to Northern New Mexico. Many of her paintings reflected her life and the nature she found there.


Georgia is an excellent example of a person who lived much more in her right brain and moved through life in a very intuitive and creative fashion. However, her excellent outer ear cup or "helix" shows that she clearly had balance. It gave her the drive and focus to translate her feelings into renowned works of art. 


Genes of Insight and Intuition 

catThe same gene that makes this cat white gives it a very high probability of also being deaf. Face Reading works because, like the cat, the genes that express as personality or character traits are typically associated with genes that express certain physical qualities. In this article we explored three examples of features that are associated with intuition, each with a different physical manifestation. When in doubt about whether a particular feature indicates that the person has a high capacity for insight or intuition, look for some of the other intuitive indicators. If the subject has all three, it is a pretty safe bet that they not only have a strong intuitive sense, but like Eli Manning, they use it.


The gene story is much more complex than simply having or not having certain genes. The genes may be switched on or off by our life circumstances and experiences. Consequently, even identical twins with almost identical genes at birth, after a lifetime of different experiences, are no longer identical. This exciting new area of gene inquiry is called Epigenetics and it helps explain some of the forces that drive evolution and create infinite variations in nature.


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E-book Update
E-book Update 
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We are also in the process of making flash cards available. There will be 3 separate decks of cards that will be easy to use. One side of the card has a picture of the feature while the other side of the card gives the meaning. I will keep you posted as to when they are available.