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December 2011 Newsletter

In physiognomy, the science of face reading, our physiology affects our psychology. If you have any doubts about the importance of learning what your nose means, just close your mouth and hold your nose.  Within a very short time, you will be reminded of how critical your "air scoop" is to your existence.
A nose also gives a lot of information about personality. In earlier newsletters, we considered the size of the nose and the nostrils and their meaning for face reading. Now we are going to present other attributes of the nose. What does it mean if a nose tips up or down? Also, someone touching their nose when speaking or being spoken to, suggests an Interactive Signal that we have not yet discussed. 
  Nose Tip Angle

When you look at a person's nose in profile, you might notice that the tip of their nose may be either up or down. The point of reference for up and down is angle between the tip of the nose and where the nose attaches to the upper lip. It is important that this observation is made when the person has their chin level with the floor.  Otherwise, the reading can be incorrect. In general, the nose tip angle indicates a person's willingness to believe in others. Details follow:


Nose Tip Angles Up -- People who have this feature enjoy a good time and have a curious mind. They generally believe in others and are often willing to suspend their disbelief to hear another person out. Even if someone claims to have been abducted by aliens, the person with the nose tip angled up would often be willing to listen to their story before walking away. 


Nose Tip Angles Down -- A person with their nose tip angled down does not extend trust quickly or easily. They give acceptance only after someone has proof positive. They are like the people from the Show Me State "Yeah, I'll believe you but you have to show me first."


The more the nose tip angles down, the less willing they are to extend trust. The extreme is a very turned down and pointed nose tip which is how a cartoonist would draw a witch or the devil. It signifies a total mistrust of others and a possible ruthlessness, selfishness, or even dishonesty. We all remember Pinocchio's nose problems when he lied.


 Touching the Nose

When our hand goes to our nose it may be to pinch, pull, scratch or rub. We may also find ourselves at times running our finger under our nose. Maybe we just need to wipe our nose but the action could mean more and be classified as an Interactive Signal. Let's consider who is speaking when the nose is being touched.


Non Speaker Touches Their Nose -- Our nose is where we store the fear of being controlled by others. If you ask a friend to help you do something and before they answer they touch or rub their nose, even if their answer is "yes", your friend may first have said with this signal that he or she is feeling pressured or cornered. They may not want do what you asked. Their mouth said "yes" but their gesture said,"no". This feeling of being controlled may be where we get the expression of "being led by the nose".


Speaker Touches Their Nose -- When someone has spoken and then touches their nose, it may indicate a lack of faith or belief in what they just said. It could mean they don't believe what they said or they are regretting that they even said it.You can respond to this gesture with a  reality check. "Really? Are you  sure? Can you explain what you mean? or with some other phrase that will give them an opportunity to reconsider or take back what they've just stated. 


The Nose Knows


Positioned as the most central focal point on the face, it is not surprising that our nose has a tremendous significance in facial communications. Our language is filled with references to noses as expressions with deeper meanings. For example, the phrase, "keeping your nose to the grindstone" indicates someone who is a hard worker. In face reading, part of the definition for a small nose is a person is one who has the ability to get even boring, difficult tasks done.


The expression "on the nose" means correct, exactly right or perfect. We see people playing Charades touch the tip of their nose and point to the person with whom they are playing to express "that's right, you got it". "It's as plain as the nose on your face", in our language means that something is obvious and beyond dispute. Have you ever wondered why it is the nose that signals correctness or veracity to the point of being obvious and beyond dispute.  On the other hand, when we are having our errors pointed out to us we may complain, "you don't have to rub my nose in it."


People "turn up their noses" ,"wrinkle them in disgust", "poke their nose in where they don't belong", "become nosy neighbors", "have a nose for business", and even "look down their noses in judgment. " We hear people say, "I don't like the smell of this," or "That team really stinks" or "They experienced the sweet smell of success. You can probably think of even more references to the nose as a facial communication. None of this should be surprising. Face reading has always been our first method to evaluate and understand another person even before humans used spoken words. What is interesting is how this primal system of communication evolved to become a part of our everyday language. 


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