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November 2011 Newsletter

This month we will continue Interactive Signals and consider what we might be communicating with our hands, especially when they touch our face, neck or head. Gestures such as rubbing the back of our neck, scratching our head and pinching between our eyes all send a message. Remember, any movement with our hands does not make an absolute determination of meaning but they warrant our attention and awareness  to the context of the signal. We may be sending or receiving a lot more information than the words that come out of our mouth.
Scratching Our Head

scratching head There is always the chance that someone has dandruff or itchy scalp but what else could be going on when someone reaches up and scratches the top of their head? The underlying scientific reason for why we would unconsciously scratch our head is speculative. However, in Eastern philosophy the top of the head is thought to contain the energy center called the crown chakra. We could speculate that when this energy is blocked  our natural energy flow is also blocked. Could this lack of flow be a cause of confusion in our decision making? Are we unconsciously attempting to unblock it?


Regardless of the underlying reason, the natural gesture when we are confused is to unconsciously scratch or rub the top of our head. If you are trying to explain something to someone and you notice them scratching their head, it is a signal to ask if they understand what you are communicating. "You look like you may be having a problem with what I just said." If there is confusion, you can then give an example or repeat the information. The next expression you may notice is one of gratitude that you understood what was going on with them without them telling you a word. 


Pressing Between Eyebrows

pinching The area between the eyebrows is the area of self will. If we are trying to remember something that we have forgotten, we might press or tap this area in an effort through self-will to focus, concentrate and recall the information. Children might be seen taking a pencil and tapping the area between the eyes to help them recall an answer for their test. If you do this gesture or you see someone else doing it, chances are they may be feeling blocked at the moment. The problem could be physical, mental or emotional, or the person may even have a headache.


When we are sensitive to this signal we can allow the person their time of concentration, and may even be able to respond with kindness and understanding. "You look like you need a minute, is there any way I can help?" Taking an understanding approach will give the other person a space to focus and concentrate. Once again, how can we lose when we provide a space of acceptance and understanding?

Rubbing the Back of the Neck

back of neck Have you ever heard the expression, "That was a pain in the neck." What did the person mean? Most often, if we use this expression, we are talking about something that was difficult and we are tired of dealing with it. We often find ourselves rubbing the back of our neck when something has come up that we just don't want to think about right now. We tend to store repressed thoughts and feelings in this area. " I really need to fill out all those forms that insurance company sent me", we might say as we rub the back of our neck. Translation: "I really don't want to think about it right now, even though I know I should." 


Where might we go from here? Normally when we bring an unconscious feeling into the light it helps to resolve it.  A possible response to a person rubbing the back of their neck might be, "You look like you really don't want to think about that right now. " Your acknowledgment may help them come to grips with their feelings and help them unlock their repressed thoughts.


A Common Face Reading Ancestor? 


chimp3  For years I have been telling people that we are all face readers and that it is an innate ability. New research has shown that humans have an uncanny ability to look at the expressionless faces of a tribe of chimpanzees and almost 70% of the time pick out the one who is socially dominant*.(as shown left).The scientist went on to surmise that we have this ability because over seven million years ago humans and chimps shared a common ancestor that developed the ability to discern personality from facial features. Rather than being something culturally learned the scientific conclusion is that we are all hardwired to read faces.


*ScienceNews February 12th, 2011; Vol.179 #4;Article

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Scratching Our Head
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A Common Face Reading Ancestor?
Workshop Feedback
Workshop Feedback 
Our Fall Worship was attended by seven excellent students who became Certified Face Readers. During the session they were able to not only absorb the information but were able to practice it. One participant said, " In all, I felt that this class helped me to see the "humanity" in all people and feel a deeper apprecia- tion for the wealth of experiences that makes each face unique!"  Another said "I enjoyed the,

class and have spent a great deal of time practicing the art. Mac was correct when he said you will never look at another face the same way again."


We plan to give the next workshop in the Spring. Meanwhile we will be giving our 3 hour evening session every month except December.  Classes are held at the Main Event in Fort Worth. You may sign up for the November 17th class by calling Ann at 682-365-5298.